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Jamie Lu

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How Your Soul Song Awakens Immunity, Worthiness and Resiliency

When I sit down with my crystal bowls, my awareness immediately expands to more dimensions of understanding. I’m carried to places beyond the veil where the work of Healing and Transformation can be done. At the same time, I am with my client energetically tracking the wound in their throat, stomach, liver — whatever organ or part of their body that is connected to the realm we are taken to. Typically lost fragments of the person, entangled dramas, trapped emotions and hidden belief systems play out to be cleared and liberated. This process radically shifts the persons’ ability to receive in the infinite power that Heals All Things, opening the doors to beautiful and often times miraculous shifts in the person’s life.

In sessions, I can see the root cause of my client’s stress and how it connects to the story of the world and beyond that, the greater story of our multidimensional existence. Our connection with existence is an important one to understand for healing to work.

Because we are in relationship with existence, our means to holistically fortify ourselves energetically, spiritually and physically can sometimes feel frustrating or impossible. Many people I am meeting today express a strong desire to do the things they want to do, feel confident in themselves, have immunity from things like viruses, diseases, and outside pollutants. They want greater capacity to manifest the life they desire and feel completely free from the harmful effects of psychic attacks, shaming and projections from others.

All of this is possible when we understand our connection to existence and how we can relate to it with Wholeness and Presence. Every chime, sound and expression that comes through me in the sessions assist in this inner relational shift. Fortification happens when we learn where we leak our energies, where we compromise ourselves, and where we feel most vulnerable and bring the Light of Healing there. This is how one raises their frequency and embodies a strong level of presence that can open the doors to miraculous worlds, clearer psychic awareness and a high level of creation that we can all operate from.

We will talk about common Worthiness issues facing people today and the fears that are entrapping people in doing things they don’t want to do. What viruses actually are and the illusionary control consciousness behind them, and how we can cross the divide into Infinite Consciousness with the help of the Soul Songs and Star Languages.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

The Frequency of You Masterclass

Liberate your Body, Mind and Spirit from the illusions of unworthiness, fear and doubt. Find out how you can identify energy leaks, heal auric vulnerabilities, release distractions and fortify yourself with the frequency of YOU.

Special Offer: The Frequency of You Masterclass


2 Payment Option Available

Soul Songs, Sacred Sounds and Star Languages that come straight from the Heart of Source take us on a journey of revelation and remembrance of our Essential Truth and Infinite Power. In this masterclass, we open the subconscious realms to meet your Creator Frequency, elevate your worthiness, bring understanding to where strong psychic boundaries are needed at this time in Earth’s Ascension and increase your capacity to receive in the goodness of Life, even in the face of adversity and worldwide chaos.

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Learn how to identify energy leaks, heal auric vulnerabilities, release guilt and unworthiness from your body for good.

  • Receive exclusive access to 3 recorded Soul Song Transmissions from Jamie Lu increasing your worthiness quotient, fortifying your frequential health and stepping up your energetic boundaries.

  • Fortify yourself with the Frequency of Source.

  • Inside these classes are wisdom teachings relevant to the Collective Awakening happening now.

  • Get the opportunity to work 1-1 in session space with Jamie Lu.

About Jamie Lu

Jamie Lu is an Intuitive Sound Shaman, world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24. She left a successful career in technology to pursue a sudden calling that lead to her gifts in healing the body, clearing the mind and re-uniting the spirit with Infinite Love and Wisdom. Her knowledge of Sound Alchemy comes from past life mastery and connection to Infinite Consciousness, Angelics and Guardian Alliances. She mentors and guides others in her Mentorship programs and individual sessions. Jamie Lu is involved in Earth Guardian Councils around the globe and is on the board of the Sound Medical Association.

Special Offer: The Frequency of You Masterclass


2 Payment Option Available