With Transpersonal Sound Healing Therapist
Silvina Vergara

Sound Therapy teaches you how to become increasingly more aware and in present time. You will learn how to cope with stress disrupting your physical, mental and emotional well-being. You will gain insights and tools to release emotionally disturbing thoughts that contribute to mental and physical distress including anxiety, emotional pain, stuck emotions, fear, sadness, and perceptions of physical pain, among other feelings and emotions.

You will master ways to utilize your voice as a ‘Sacred Laser’ in order to transform and heal old patterns. By learning how to regulate your emotions utilizing Sound Healing techniques, you will become more aware and heart-centered in dealing with personal relationships and life events. Implementing these techniques in your day-to-day life aids in generating appreciation, emanating increased vibration of love, equanimity and wisdom.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Techniques for Emotional Self-Regulation

One hour personal session with Silvina Vergara

Special Offer: One Hour Personal Session


2 Payment Option Available

Deep Inner Work Through Sound

The sessions are designed to reawaken your natural Creative Potential and personal expression, connecting to your intuition and body’s innate wisdom. Releasing hindering beliefs, old patterns and emotions. Each Sound session is conducted in a safe space, gently guided for each individual to discover the source of certain issues.

With a combination of Sacred Sounds, intuitive Transpersonal work, to direct the healing frequencies to the buried sources of emotional or physical pain, releasing, transforming and shifting your emotional state. In these sessions, we include personal growth, goals and spiritual awareness. Practice Alchemical meditation focusing on the endocrine glands and the Cerebral Spinal fluid that has a vital role in the elevation of consciousness by providing information to the brain.

We will also be accessing different frequencies in the body, and allowing a pathway for transformation at the cellular level. This unlocks our internal wisdom stored deep in our DNA Embracing the light and shadow within, shifting and evolving, we all can contribute to lighting up Humanity.

Silvina Vergara channels melodies that transport and guide participants on a “Healing Journey by Transmission,” utilizing sound as a vehicle to communicate.

What to expect in a private session

  • A combination of various healing modalities
  • Activation and transmission with Sound
  • Intuitive Energy work
  • Clear emotional distress
  • Identifying and understand any obstacles that interfere with wellbeing.
  • Emotional balance
  • Breathwork

Silvina offers a safe, nurturing supportive environment in which clients have the opportunity to explore self-awareness and to heal anything that challenges their personal growth. She treats clients in accordance with her inner guidance and their own individual needs.

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Access to your own essence and create balance

  • Regain a sense of compassion for oneself

  • Connect to your own intuition and body’s innate wisdom

  • Release old patterns and emotions

  • Managing stress

  • Gaining clarity

  • Regulate your emotions

About Silvina Vergara

Silvina specializes in Sound Healing Therapy, has passionately dedicated her life to the healing arts as a conscious guide educator, to develop human potential. She has created programs in self-awareness for teenagers and children, she has been teaching at The Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and facilitating seminars in both North and South America. She has been trained by world-renowned Sound Healer and Shaman, Tom Kenyon.

She holds a certification in Sound Healing and has completed training in Sahuka, a synthesis on Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism.
Currently studying Buddhist Psychology.

With more than 25 years of experience, she conducts sound healing classes and seminars, utilizing sound, breathing techniques, movement and shamanic work to help facilitate emotional, physical and mental release, which reawakens the body’s innate wisdom and deep sense of awareness. This, therefore, is creating a profound state of being to access the subtle energy fields of consciousness and transformation.

She also worked as a facilitator in sound Healing for San Francisco General Hospital, in a special program for cancer patients, for 16 years. Other remarkable career achievements are her work as a recording artist and performer featuring the unique qualities of her profound soothing voice whether she’s singing or channeling melodies that flow through her while carrying healing frequencies.

Special Offer: One Hour Personal Session


2 Payment Option Available