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Randy Masters,PhD

Sunday, November 14

4:00pm PT / 5:00pm MT / 6:00pm CT / 7:00pm ET / 11:00pm GMT

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Sacred Numbers of Creation

Balancing Energy Fields and Expanding Consciousness with Sacred Numbers

Many special numbers have been used in the Earth Grid and in sacred Temples and Sites all around the world since ancient times.The Numbers represent important ratios of harmony and they also resonate specific Qualities besides quantities and measurements. The use of these numbers ,regardless of units of measurement ,help create Quantum Resonances with specific celestial bodies, Dieties, and create and help create, sustain and empower aspects of reality to sing with Creation. We can use these numbers in many empowering ways for well being and the advancing of consciousness.

Many sacred sites and locations are separated by miles that incorporate certain sacred numbers like Pi and Phi so you get 161.8 miles for example or 314.2 miles and harmonics of those numbers like 309.4 =1/2 of 100 x Phi or 157.1 which = 1/2 of 100 x Pi .Even the Longitudes and Latitudes have special math numbers and extensions via Earth Grid Mapping.

Sacred texts have letter and numerical correspondences in various languages that is part of a manuscript decoding called Alpha Numerics or Gematria. Some of the Ancient sacred Manuscripts have up to 77 layers of embedded codes! Within a number, the placement of each digit has a significant meaning ,so 528 is different from 825 and 285. Archangels have the sacred “nick numbers” like 314 for Metatron or 311 for Raphael or 153 for Mary Magdalene ,as she is commonly called. Then we get 153 times Pi for the Height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Same numbers ,but for different meanings and uses. We can tune instruments to these numbers to help summon special correspondences and effects. 911 was done on 911 for a special ritual effect and not 912. This harmonic math and numerical study goes way beyond pop numerology. Many myths have literally done a number on different numbers and have given them unfortunate and incorrect associations .How one uses these numbers in their daily lives can add much additional impact and intention . Come along for a sacred journey with a number of benefits in a journey with the Celestial Numerical/Harmonic and numerical music of Creation.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

Personal Session with Randy Masters

Sound, Music, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry, Color/Light, Tuning Forks

Special Offer: One Hour Personal Session


2 Payment Option Available

Randy has deep professional background ,training and years of experience is a wide variety of fields and modalities. He is considered an expert in many fields and the inter-connectedness of those fields including music,international music , composition,sound healing, sacred geometry, light and Color and esoteric spiritual studies . Randy has been a special consultant to both students and professions since the 1970;s.

Personal Sessions with Randy Masters include a consultation by phone, Skype or Zoom. You may record the consultation on your own equipment for further review. 60 Minutes.

PLUS the purchase of a personal session with Randy also includes a 20 minute visual presentation The Conscious Harmonic Universe.

20 minute online video

We live in a holofractal and musical universe. We are part of the universe’s synergistic symphony. What if everything we do embraces this harmonic truth? Randy Masters, PhD, Professor of Music describes his lifelong research into how the Universe Harmonics really work. Mathematics is a language of symbols. Music is a language of harmonic relationships. Cymatics is a language of sonic energy patterns. FACT: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates and used the entire brain is Music.

Randy Masters has spent his lifetime exploring the mysteries of science, spirituality, and the arts. Combining his knowledge of music, mathematics, physics, and art, Randy has developed a beautiful collection of jewelry and tools to enhance the connection between life on the planet and existence in the stars. Join Randy and Discover…the mystery of sacred geometry and sacred harmonic relationships as they appear in nature and how their integration in design enhances our being.

Experience…the universal celebration of life with expansion, alignment, beauty, and joy.

Hear… the universal song in nature…in art…in music…in the stars, and in your heart.

About Randy Masters, PhD

Randy Masters,PhD, Has Degrees in Music/Film and Divinity. He has been teaching Sound Healing ,Music and Sacred Geometry for over 30 years. Randy has been teaching continuously since 1968 including 17 years in major universities .He has composed music for feature movies and has several record albums with his former internationally recognized group Solar Plexus ,as well as Recording with Hedzoleh Soundz from Ghana ,W.Africa ,Lou Harrison and other luminaries. His company ,resonant Living has been making custom tuning forks and wind chimes for over 30 years as well as sacred geometry jewelry. Randy also teaches Gemstone Balancing classes .He has taught Sound Healing for the Globe Institute and David Gibson for over 30 years. He is a sought after expert in Harmonic Design and Sacred Numbers. Randy has received many awards in Music from ASCAP and from the NEA.

Special Offer: One Hour Personal Session


2 Payment Option Available

Global Healing Sound Bath

Featuring Charles Peoples III:

Sound Healer

Charles Peoples III is an international Performing Artist and Sound Healer. He uses Sound, Self-Hypnosis, and Coaching to help spiritual people release negative blocks and consistently find joy and alignment. Having shared the stage with thought leaders such as Iyanla Vanzant, his mission is to help you awaken to the love, light, and brilliance that already exists within you. You can follow what’s next for Charles, including his upcoming chanting album, on his website: https://www.HealThroughSound.com

She works with people individually in 3 and 6-month programs and offers online group Immersions to take people deeper into the Wonder and Healing power of Sacred Sound.