With Teacher of Sacred Geometry
Jonathan Quintin

Sunday, November 14

12:00 pm PT / 1:00 pm MT / 2:00 pm CT / 3:00 pm ET / 8:00pm GMT

Sacred Geometry & Universal Order: Shape Matters

A profound order pervades the universe. It stands independent of chaos, space, time and even creation itself. However, it is invisible and exists in a state of potential. Yet its complexities can be captured in a circle and sphere, and revealed through geometry as elegant shapes, patterns and forms. The patterns describe continuous, timeless, universal actions that are otherwise invisible and can only be known to us through geometry. Many universal principles are portrayed, such as equilibrium, fractalization, resonance, optimization, synthesis, symbiosis, etc.

Each shape is a mathematical program, containing numerous properties and dynamics such as inter-angular relationships, vectors, vertices, radials, meridians, perimeters, ratios, proportions, root powers and truncations. Each shape is also a fractal that can potentially create an endless number of smaller shapes and patterns, all perfectly connected and aligned to a higher order. Alternately, they can project outward, in a perfectly ordered and unending progression.

Sacred Geometry & Universal Order is a visual presentation that demonstrates how geo-harmonic shapes, patterns and forms can help attune our consciousness to the harmony of universal order. We are naturally attracted to these geometries because we contain the same mathematical properties in us.
Through the power of visualization and conscious awareness, we can integrate the essence of these realms into our mental and emotional patterns and introduce healthy working systems into our reality. The more we understand universal law the more we can apply the harmony that is apparent in nature as a more powerful force in our own lives.

“Because our world is constructed from geometric relations like the Golden Ratio or the Fibonacci series, by thinking about geometry often enough you can organize and harmonize your life with the structure of the world.” – Buckminster Fuller

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About Jonathan Quintin

Jonathan Quintin was born and raised in provincial New Zealand but has spent much of his life overseas. His interest in sacred geometry began as a child enthralled with the patterns in nature.
His international travels were focused on visiting ancient sites around the world. He lived in the Middle East for several years working for the United Nations. During that period, he was stationed throughout Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt… providing many opportunities to visit ancient monuments relics.
He was greatly influenced by how much the ancient civilizations were aware of universal law and natural order, which they expressed through their respective architectures, artwork and in the teachings of their mystery schools.
Sacred geometry was an important element in many of these schools. Often the goal was for the student to transition from the state of maya (illusion) to the state of samadhi (enlightenment), a process sometimes referred to as “the journey home”
For the past 35 years, Jonathan has been teaching sacred geometry as a tool to higher consciousness.