Project Description

With Sound Healer Extraordinaire and Spiritual Mentor
Madhu Anziani

Healed from Paralysis – The Transformative Power of the Voice

I will be presenting my story of miraculous healing from quadriplegia. Through sound and energy healing I was able to stand and walk just months after shattering two neck vertebrae. While I was in the hospital recovering I had the deep experience of chanting mantra and experiencing firsthand the physical, mental, and emotional transformation that arise from the focused utterance of these ancient sounds.

For the last 12 years my experience of vibration and healing has evolved into a greater understanding that indigenous earth honoring traditions offer the foundational principles for humanity to become fully healed and whole again. I serve as a sanctioned teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peruvian healing arts. I will speak to how AYNI or sacred reciprocity is the foundation for personal, relational, and planetary balance. I will offer some spoken word invocations in the Quechua language to call forth the awakened heart of humanity to remember our shared sacred purpose in life, to live in harmony with all our relatives.
I will also speak about the importance of including our ancestors in all our endeavors in this life. We cannot truly be healed or whole unless we have a living relationship with our ancestors. After becoming initiated as a diviner in the West African Dagara tradition, the voices of the ancestors have become very close to my heart and music.

I will share a few vocal soundscapes which I create using the BOSS RC-505 Loop Station. This has become my specialty over the past 12 years, offering layered sounds of the ancient-future using solely my voice, chanting in various languages including Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hebrew, and Quechua.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

The Path of Liberation Through Vibration

A Private Session with Madhu Anziani

Special Offer: The Path of Liberation Through Vibration


2 Payment Option Available

This one hour session will give you an idea of what it is like to work directly with me as a spiritual mentor and sound healing guide. We can begin with practices that will help you open your voice. Or we can work on clearing obstacles that are obstructing living your life’s purpose by using Dagara stick divination.

Or learn sounds to heal and balance the organs. Or discover rituals to perform that will bring greater harmony into your world.

About Madhu Anziani

Madhu Anziani is a sound healer extraordinaire and spiritual mentor who learned from the first-hand experience of being paralyzed as a quadriplegic. Using sound and energy healing Madhu completely recovered. His story is featured in the book Energy Medicine by Jill Blakeway. Madhu’s voice is otherwordly. He has studied Jazz and World Music and is certified in Sound, Voice, and Music Healing from CIIS. As a mentor he offers a curriculum of techniques and guidance for opening the healing power of the voice. He teaches from a cross-cultural lens, blending Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Hebrew chanting with Wisdom Healing Chi Gong and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Ancestral Peruvian Healing Arts. He is also initiated as a diviner in the West African Dagara tradition.

Special Offer: The Path of Liberation Through Vibration


2 Payment Option Available