With Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher, Multi-dimensional Channel, Sound Healer and Ascension Way-shower
Judy Satori

Harmonizing the ‘One Note’ of the Soul

Going Beyond Healing to Physical Regeneration Alchemy

Judy’s presentation will tell the story of our ‘Song of the Soul’, the energy symphony of sound and light that we are and have always been since we began our soul journey as an individuated soul-spark of divine creation.

Every person’s ‘song’ is unique to them and every one of us has a core soul tone or ‘note’, a cacophony of sound, tones, overtones, cadences and chords that is our connection point with Source and the transition point of our merging into Oneness.

From the time that we came into physical life and began a long cycle of soul in physical form we have absorbed into our Soul DNA, the akashic records of the soul, the off-pitch discordant energy frequencies of karmic trauma. It is this karmic miasmic energy that disturbs the purity of the ‘song’ of who we REALLY are and disrupts the energy functioning and integrated integrity of the body. This leads to dis-ease and a lack of physical and emotional wellness.

Over a long period of time, the energy ‘fabric’ of who we are, our soul’s ‘perfectly pitched note, expressed holographically through body and mind, has become distorted.

Judy will explain the process of harmonization of the ‘one note’ of the Soul and align this sacred tone of soul with the heart, through the power of divine love, working in the quantum field. She will transmit Ultralight energy frequencies to restore coherence of body and mind and then move beyond healing into physical regeneration alchemy.

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About Judy Satori

Judy Satori is an internationally recognised spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional channel, sound healer and Ascension way-shower. Originally she was a physiotherapist and later qualified in advanced auric healing. Judy verbally transmits energy words of ‘new creation’, divinely designed to expand human capacity and ability. Her work, with a new species of Ascension upgrade energy called ‘Ultralight’, creates permanent alchemical change at the level of the cells and the DNA template, positively transforming people physically and emotionally and opening them to their gifts of Spirit. Much of her work of 25 years is housed in an online Ascension Library, where she offers hundreds of audio and video programs to help people transform their lives for the better and express their unique potential.

Special Offer: Ascension Library


2 Payment Option Available