With Embodiment of Divine Motherly Love
“Amma” Her Holiness Sri Karunamayi Devi

Sunday, November 14

10:00am PT / 11:00am MT / 12:00pm CT / 1:00pm ET / 5:00pm GMT

Sound Healing for Harmony of the Mind, Body and Soul

This presentation by Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi will be very unique as, during a large part of it, Amma will give a demonstration, chanting in Her Own Divine Voice, several Indian sounds, mantras and verses. They are not just highly effective and therapeutic but will put us in a state of blissful consciousness. These obviously will have physiological effects because the vibrations are not merely heard but also felt, and will thus lower heart rate variability, relax brain wave patterns and reduce respiratory rates. The frequencies and vibrations of Amma’s singing will bring the body, which is out of tune and in disharmony, back into balance and so experience its cosmic unity. The chants of Her Holiness are celestial and enable us to discover the fullness of our being with greater illumination.

Her Holiness will also highlight the use of therapeutic sound frequencies for the treatment of physical, mental and spiritual conditions, in the larger context of holistic healing techniques for the human body in order to synchronize brain wave frequencies that create inner peace and cure a number of diseases. Insights will be drawn from the methods used in ancient Indian culture of thousands of years that have been scientifically proven to have great efficacy for the mind, body and soul. These techniques are a priceless and timeless legacy which are prevailing till now and will transcend into eternity.

Amma will describe how sound, a very powerful healing tool, works on blocked or dysfunctional energy systems of the human anatomy, and can unlock our memories – be they on the muscular, cellular, or emotional level. The discussion will elaborate on how every cell in the human body resonates with certain rhythmic cycles, as do internal organs with their own cycles and vibration frequencies. Thus, all our bodily systems react to sound vibration, as do our spiritual, mental, and emotional states. We will be instructed how to carefully use sound healing to expedite traditional methods of modern science. Amma will also distinguish between curing and healing, so that we move from mere “cure”, or merely “physically fixing” something, to healing which means wholeness, a union of the mind, body and spirit.

Come join this memorable and deeply inspiring experience that will transform us into a profound understanding of healing leading to Self-Realization

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About “Amma” Her Holiness Sri Karunamayi Devi


Her Holiness Sri Karunamayi is revered across the globe as an embodiment of Divine Motherly Love because of the compassion and affection showered abundantly on all people, animals, plants – in fact, all of creation.

“Amma,” or Mother, as affectionately called, is internationally revered as a living saint, a humanitarian, peace leader & spiritual teacher of a global scale. Uniting science & spirituality, Amma is widely sought after and speaks in venues across the world, including at the United Nations, sharing a visionary message of eliminating human suffering, and promoting global unity, sustainability and a higher spiritual awareness in the new millennium. Her Holiness does so through Her Divine voice and words, healing touch, knowledge and insights which take us on our path to Self-Realization and Divinity.

Amma travels extensively in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and India, fulfilling the mission of providing solace and spiritual guidance to cope with the harsh realities of human existence and gain higher spiritual attainment.

Her Holiness has large scale projects in the Andhra District of Southern India, offering K to 12 education and beyond; primary health care; specialized medical/surgical services; rehabilitation of the physically and mentally challenged; water purification installations; housing construction for displaced families; poverty reduction; organic farming; and green economy to fight climate change. Services also run in the US, and some countries of Africa and Asia. Amma is deeply committed to UN’s Agenda 2030 to ensure peace, justice and human dignity for all, and to preserve Mother Earth. All developmental programs are run under the auspices of the SMVA Trust, of which Amma is the founder and inspiration to dedicate their own lives.

Her Holiness is, particularly, focused on gender equality and empowerment, and supports all endeavors to end violence against women and children, and human trafficking. Amma is the voice of the voiceless and is a passionate advocate for peace and security, human rights and sustainable development– the four pillars of the United Nations; and bestows Divine benediction on all organizations and individuals committed to human betterment and fulfillment.