With Director of Somatic Stretch International Training Program
Meredith Sands Keator

Accelerated Healing Through a Geometric Lens

This hour-long presentation will cover how the neural frequencies of the body create geometric patterning – as all frequencies do – offering deeper insight into our own innate, healing abilities.

Looking beyond muscles (and even fascia!), we journey into the inner realm of organs and emotional response to illustrate how common ailments such as neck, shoulder, back, and leg pain can manifest from the interior.

Understanding geometry – and the fractal nature of your own anatomy – can give you a powerful edge in ameliorating your own aches and pains, while helping prevent, and even heal older injuries.

Geometric patterning is found throughout the universe and all of Nature, including the manner in which our own bodies respond in the effort to maintain balance and health for as long as possible.

Learn how Eastern and Western medical principles can agree with one another once we view them simultaneously through a geometric lens, and discover an interior world of fractals that can enhance your own healing capacities.

If possible, find a space where you can sit on the floor comfortably and join the stretch component of the program!

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About the new Meridian Program: We will be learning…

  • Learn about the fusion of Eastern and Western medical models and how this unification can help you heal

  • Discover the world of fractals, geometry and light as ancient and contemporary wisdoms weave together, expressing a vision of the future of medicine and how this can help you today.

  • Work with gentle stretch exercises that give you tools to access this understanding in your own body to help accelerate your natural, innate healing abilities.

To learn more about the Meridian Mastery Program link here, and the Fractal Anatomy and Geometry of Healing online program as well.

Both programs stand alone and also inform one another in foundational ways. You will have the option of purchasing either Level one, or Level One and Two of the Fractal Anatomy program in the check out section of the Meridian Mastery Program in order to receive the additional 20% discount.

The Fractal Anatomy Program is available immediately online once purchase is made, and the Meridian Mastery Program is open for enrollment for the live class with Meredith beginning in February 2022.

These programs are beneficial for anyone wanting to learn more about their own bodies, healing and the fusion of Eastern and Western perspectives in healing, as well as a powerful dive for therapists of all kinds to accelerate their inner vision and increase treatment results.

About Meredith Sands Keator

Meredith Sands Keator was raised in a family lineage of stretch and healing originating through her Finnish heritage and is the Director of their Somatic Stretch® International Training Program. She was trained extensively in Shiatsu and Acupuncture, and over the past 25 years has developed an extensive understanding of human anatomy and its relationship to frequency, and geometry.

Teaching therapists of all modalities in her method of Neural Resonance Therapy® based on this approach, and the general public through Somatic Stretch®, she offers a refreshing new depth to health and healing through the incorporation of geometry and anatomy that coincides with our recent findings in physics, and the fractal nature of the universe.

Special Offer: The Meridian Mastery Program