With Certified Sound Therapist
Lisa Lippincott

Tips on Sound Healing Playing

What completes a good sound bath? Timing, transitions, different mallets, environment? Anyone can play gong, and do a sound healing. But it is important to know what the body likes and dislikes during a session. If you get your client into a meditative state, they have the power to heal themselves. The body will choose the frequencies for healing when the mind is out of the way.

Ask yourself; what do you want your clients to get out of your sound healing??

We will talk about these subjects and the below topics in depth.

  • Sound meditation is a mental practice engaging your attention to sound. Sound acts as an auditory stimulus that overrides the activity in the brain and synchronizes the brain’s activity to the frequencies and rhythmic patterning being heard.
  • When used with live sound, the experience is not just with the ears, it is a full-body sensory experience in which the body comes into direct contact with vibrations.
  • It is sound that makes this type of meditation practice unique. The sound waves travel as energy from the sound source to the listener, who may then experience a shift in awareness, increased alertness, an ease in mental activity and reduced discursive thinking patterns.
  • Sound meditation has a biochemical effect, reducing stress hormones and creates a feeling of contentment and relaxation.
  • Why do we need silence? Do we actually want to incorporate this more fully? Breath.
  • Q&A: Specific Question answered for you. (if time permits)

Gongster’s Sound treatment is a personal journey that touches the delicate Strings of our soul.
-It awakens spanless creative powers in us…It changes us, our lives and the lives of people around us.
-When we are in harmony, our health returns, our light shines, we become centered, and awake. Raising our consciousness here on earth and dimensions beyond.

“I believe the way I play the Gong, (without bashing or crashing), is as or more beneficial to our health. When we play the gong, there is no remembrance of a melody that can trigger emotions. There are always different structures of vibrations and frequencies interacting together with the participants, the room, and environment’s frequencies and vibrations. Never the same. The way Gongster plays is a concept of silence, build and release and melodious techniques that enable the mind to feel safe to choose theta brain waves, allowing the body to easily go into a meditative state. The vibrations blanket the body stimulating and massaging molecular structures allowing the body to absorb frequencies. Frequencies are nutritious, they can repair energy needed for cell health. Toxins are released and create a body that is returned to harmonious and natural states…” Lisa Gongster

I look forward to talking to you!

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About Lisa Lippincott

Lisa Gongster is a Certified Sound Therapist. She intuitively knows how to move and create sound waves, overtones, and theta waves for the best meditative experience out there. She is a 500 hour Yoga Teacher. Certified in music theory, cranial-sacral therapy, and studied The Four Directions; Toltec and Q’ero Shamanism.

Lisa Gongster is a former commercial pilot turned sound healer. After becoming ill from aero-toxins, she sought out vibration intuitively after 2 years of being bedridden. She found that the gong, decreased her stress, cured her migraines, vertigo, chronic fatigue, took away pain of fibromyalgia, Gongster sought out scientific answers for her sound discovery at Globe Sound Healing in S.F where she received a degree in 2011.

Gongster currently building the Scottsdale Sound Sanctuary on an acre of land in Scottsdale AZ. where you can have spiritual (yoga, sound) retreats. There is a Studio and Retreat House and even a sound pool in Arizona.

Relax, reset, feel, be and belong in a sound journey that detoxes, awakens and rejuvenates the body.