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Nancy Hopps

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Dirty Socks, COVID Stress, & Cosmic Bliss!

Practical, Everyday Applications of Sound Healing for You, Your Clients or Your Patients

Sound healing absolutely fascinates me. Forty years ago, I began my professional career in the exciting field of MindBody medicine. I was fortunate to ride the crest of the wave that helped bring the concepts of this “new” holistic healing modality into more mainstream awareness. For the past twenty years or so, I’ve felt a similar sort of excitement and gratitude regarding my work in the pioneering field of Sound Healing – the next big wave in integrative medicine.

In this presentation, we’ll explore how to really APPLY sound healing in everyday life, from the mundane to the esoteric. I’ll explain, and together we’ll practice, how to use sound to release and transmute frustration and anger when (for example) your partner leaves their dirty socks on the floor – again! We’ll practice simple techniques of how to use sound healing vibrations to release fear and anxiety, help strengthen your immune system, and maintain or restore balance in your physical body. We’ll experience the power of sound – via our own voices – and via the high frequency vibrations of my 25+ alchemical crystal singing bowls, bamboo nose flute and over-toning – to take us to a place of bliss, peace and remembering. Remembering who we really are…attuning to the I AM that I AM.

I believe we’re all here, in these human forms, to learn what it means “to love” – as an active, moment-to-moment choice. Now more than ever, it’s essential that we individually and collectively address and heal anything not aligned with the higher vibrational frequencies of Love.

My work, and my life, revolves around this deep commitment. At this time in our human history, it is essential we all do whatever we can to help create this paradigm shift. It’s my joy – and an important part of my own spiritual evolution – to assist others in this joyful awakening process.

Sound Healing Special Offers

Special Offer Includes:

New Year, New Paradigm – Co-Creating 2022 From a Vibration of Love

December 29th

Register now to access a digital Sound Activation that you can enjoy on December 29 and beyond. Join Nancy for this powerful hour-long experience at your convenience, with her heartfelt blessings for the New Year!

Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning, Guided Meditation and Activations for the New Year

Special Offer: New Year, New Paradigm - Co-Creating 2022 From a Vibration of Love


2 Payment Option Available

Benefits of the session may include:

  • Activation to higher frequency levels of awareness

  • Deep, soul level relaxation

  • Releasing, and transmuting stuck energy on emotional/physical/mental/spiritual levels of being

  • Fortifying your immune system

  • Renewing a sense of trust and well-being

  • Regaining a sense of centered calm during times of uncertainty and stress

  • Remembering who you really are.

  • Opening to deep Guidance (on a particular issue, or in general)

  • Experiencing a profound sense of awe, gratitude and bliss

  • Planting seeds for personal, collective and planetary Highest Good

  • Being the change you wish to see in the world

2020. 2021. Whew.! What lies ahead in 2022?

We are at a pivotal time in human history. It’s a time of major crises on our planet. Yet within every crisis lies great opportunity. A profound paradigm shift, a shift in collective consciousness, IS possible. But it is up to each of us to be an active part of co-creating this crucial paradigm shift. Now.

I offer this online sound healing event because it’s one of the ways I feel I can be of the highest service. The transformational power of my more than 2 dozen alchemical crystal singing bowls, along with our shared, focused intention (and the sacred sounds of the bamboo nose flute and vocal toning/overtoning) will be a powerful vibrational force to help usher in this new year on a level of consciousness in which solutions CAN be found to our present dilemmas. I will also be leading guided meditations for personal and planetary healing, so we may move courageously, lovingly into what lies ahead with a sense of renewed passion and purpose, a deepened sense of surrender and trust.

I passionately believe we have a responsibility, as awakening beings, to do what we can to help facilitate this shift in consciousness. Sound/intention/prayer are powerful tools of transformation.

Though my first preference is to all be gathered in a shared physical space, I have found, during this time of COVID restrictions, that this work actually translates quite well over the internet. It’s all about intention, love…and good recording equipment. To that end, I will be pre-recording the offering so I can best share the powerful frequencies of my alchemical crystal singing bowls with you. I will send you the link before the first of the year, so you may use it in the time and space that works best for you, either in private to help facilitate you own intentions for the new year, or perhaps sharing it in a safe group environment.

Here’s what a couple folks had to say about their sound healing experiences with me:

“I did a …crystal bowl sound healing session with Nancy and it was the most profound experience I’ve had in my life. Her gentle, flowing and intuitive approach helped me to relax and connect with the deepest parts of myself. I experienced spatial sound and felt the vibrational frequencies beyond our physical reality. Nancy is a multitalented healer and her capacity to embody fully sound healing is exceptional. Her feminine, loving, warmhearted personality is a gift to this world. –Lauri Poldre, Estonia

“This is the first time that a crystal bowls presentation really “touched me” – I’ve been to many different events, and they just never really did anything for me. But this – your event – was extremely powerful….something about the way you play them, your voice…just even to watch you…..it was very sacred. It was an amazing experience…….I’m still vibrating from it – literally! –C.T. Eugene, OR

If you’re ready to BE the change that’s oh-so-needed in the world, please sign up now to join me for this powerfully transformative, uplifting hour together:  “NEW YEAR, NEW PARADIGM: Co-creating 2022 from a vibration of Love.”

About Nancy Hopps

NANCY HOPPS is an internationally recognized healing and performing artist. Her award-winning Relax Into Healing recordings and presentations have profoundly benefited thousands of listeners worldwide. As a sound healer, the frequencies of her alchemical crystal singing bowls, bamboo nose flute, overtoning and guided meditations create a truly transcendent experience. Nancy integrates many healing modalities into her life and work, but “the greatest of these is Love.” (NancyHopps.com)

Special Offer: New Year, New Paradigm - Co-Creating 2022 From a Vibration of Love


2 Payment Option Available