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Grace Galzagorry

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Grace Of The Feminine Christ Embodying Love Programs with Grace Galzagorry

Grace offers a profoundly Feminine and transformative opportunity in her unique means of teaching and healing group sessions. Beyond a more traditional paradigm of information dissemination or education (mind-centered), Grace enters into a “whole-body agreement” (heart and body-centered) with each individual student and with the vibrational field created by the group as a whole — aka “the Group Soul.” Deep on-going cellular healing work and immersion in the Ancient Mother Womb throughout the class will alchemically lift the deepest individual & collective core trauma to restore the flow of your innate Divine blueprint as Love. Her “heart-body centered vibrational field and transmission” thus “teaches” far more than her words. She joins with Ascended Feminine Christ deities for each class transmitting and initiating crystalline love for each individual, the group and Mother Earth. Miraculous transformation and healing of deep-seated obstacles to love (or multidimensional healing) occurs on many levels restoring wholeness within individuals and heart based connection (Oneness) in the group.

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Offer 1: Winter Solstice – Christmas Celebration of LOVE: Feminine Christ Healing Circle

Offer 1: Winter Solstice - Christmas Celebration of LOVE: Feminine Christ Healing Circle


This sacred gathering harnesses the powerful momentum of the Winter Solstice and the sacred Christmas Light  to heal deep, painful disconnection from the Sacred Mother Womb held in our bodies as well as in the collective, ancestral and Earth body. Current and past life trauma – primal abandonment, absence of nurturance, gestational disruptions, rape, incest and sexual trauma – ruptured our primal cord to the sustenance, power and nurturance of the Great Mother (in our lower chakras) and led to profound disconnection with the body and thus disease. In this Zoom gathering, the high vibrational vortex of crystalline love combined  with current Feminine Christ teachings facilitates deep alchemical DNA healing and many report mystical profound transformation and shifts in health. The event concludes with a restorative, soothing immersion into the pure vibrational waters of the Sacred Womb of the Ancient Mother.

Offer 2: Healing Sexual Trauma Healing Guided Meditation

Offer 2: Healing Sexual Trauma Healing Guided Meditation


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Held in a vortex of crystalline love, this powerful, guided meditation lifts & heals some of the deepest sacral chakra trauma, particularly past & current life sexual violations and trauma. With an open heart & willingness to receive, the pure vibrational embrace of the Feminine Christ magically transforms the numbness and dissociation often associated with these violations.

Offer 3: Embodying Christ Consciousness

Balancing the Masculine-Feminine within to heal the body and embrace Union

Three 3 hour Zoom classes

Offer 3: Embodying Christ Consciousness


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Are you afraid to trust love and negotiate intimacy, including sexual intimacy in relationship?
Are you feeling disconnected, distant and frozen in your own body?
​Are you frustrated in your attempts to understand your body or confused by its messages?

Embodying the sacred balance of the foundational Divine Feminine and Masculine portals within liberates the human body to return to its Divine blueprint or Cosmic Union.

The unresolved trauma blocking divine embodiment and causing many health issues is often deeply embedded in lineage, collective and ancestral patterns and belief systems, raising resistance, avoidance and dissociation in our path to their resolution. Clearing this level of trauma can be expedited exponentially through a high vibration group healing field, heart commitment and focused intention.

The energetic trauma healing, class teachings and home exercises will assist in integrating, supporting and assimilating the behavior change necessary to embody Union. Countless changes in physical and psychological functionality arise from the miraculous restoration of the sacred dance of embodied union between the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies.

What People Have To Say About Grace

I have spent the past almost 50 years studying with spiritual teachers of many persuasions and I can honestly say Grace’s methodology and teachings are unprecedented.  The work with Grace is all inner-focused, encompassing helpful practices to evolve to higher levels of awareness combined with profound DNA trauma healing that removes obstacles to loving and embodying my Self more deeply. Through Grace’s guidance and healing, I have been able to see and shift the myriad ways I sabotaged and sublimated myself . I am eternally grateful to have found such a conscious, gentle and loving teacher to help bring me home.”


Being with Grace one feels the presence of the Divine –through the fullness of her love and tenderness, the power of her Presence and the depth of her knowing.   When she teaches, her field of love permeates everyone and the healing begins immediately.  My digestive issues and my sinuses and painful joints have been healed. Emotionally, I have experienced a dramatic taming of an angry ego storm to a current level of deep calm and peace, Grace’s deep healing and firm guidance have taught me perhaps my greatest lessons– to love myself, trust Love and surrender. Along the way I have experienced immense heart openings, radiant womb awakening, a greatly increased capacity to give and receive love and am opening into Crystalline Consciousness.


I am in so much love and gratitude with Grace.

 In our last zoom class, I felt the river of love stream through my body, with amazing cellular nourishment pouring into my cells…

The river of love… I was lying in it. I got that all I had to do from now on is receive! Nothing else to do! I felt for the first time the love as elixir healing me as it started to touch my cells on the inside, running through my whole body. The classes take me a while to assimilate throughout my body but each class transforms and heals me so deeply as I learn to love myself and receive the love. Physically, I really felt the love highlight the part of my left breast tumor, all around its center, crystalline light flooding it!

I am so grateful!


About Grace Galzagorry

Following the call of her Soul, Grace Galzagorry, RN MS NP, left a 25-year career as a nurse practitioner and UCSF professor to pursue a deep inward journey of the heart. A sudden and severe chronic illness challenged Grace’s every reserve of strength and unveiled a Feminine Christ Path, centered around self-love and the resolution of past life trauma. As Grace merged into a more profound and deeper Union, her healing work organically expanded beyond the healing of individual trauma to the healing of groups, lineages, the larger human collective, and presently, to the healing of planetary trauma. In profound Union with all Life, Grace also serves to heal many animal and plant species, the elementals, and the sacred waters and lands of our beloved planet. Through her multidimensional being and healing capacities, Grace is regularly called to mitigate outcomes from many of the natural disasters currently occurring on the planet.

In planetary and collective fields, her vibrational field permeates the deepest and most repressed DNA traumatic memories: the demise of Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, the Feline race, and all Christ-era violations. As an Ancient Creator Feminine Christ, she served in the creation of this planet and returns to support Mother Earth in each of Her pivotal evolutionary shifts. At Grace’s crystalline transition and birth, she awakened to a remembrance of her sacred contract, which is to anchor an ascension portal on Earth for humanity in communion with three other Feminine Christ Ascended Masters: Hathor, Mary Magdalene, and White Buffalo Woman. Together, the Feminine Christ group serves the awakening and healing of the Ancient Mother Womb of the Earth where they hold an alchemical restoration space for many to transition into crystalline consciousness. Through Grace’s embodied vortex of Universal Love, many receive miraculous womb and trauma healing.

Offer 1: Winter Solstice - Christmas Celebration of LOVE: Feminine Christ Healing Circle


Offer 2: Healing Sexual Trauma Healing Guided Meditation


Offer 3: Embodying Christ Consciousness

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