With Internationally Known Inter-Species Communicator and Soul Healer
Laurie Reyon

Come join us for a transformative Journey into your own Inner Illumination and Awakening. 2024 is the year where the Golden Dragons are emerging from the inner core of Gaia. As humanity has continued to raise their vibration, it is appropriate that we can now connect to the wisdom of “Dragon Consciousness.

May 18th

1pm PT | 2pm MT | 3pm CT | 4pm ET | 9pm GMT

The Golden Dolphins are Representatives of the Avatars.

They are partnering with the Dragons and are celebrating this time of Great Change!  Together, they extend a heartfelt invitation to YOU to join with them as we remember Who they Really are!  The Golden Dragons and Dolphins are here to take us into the depths of our Souls and teach us that together we can embrace the transcendental wisdom that lives within each of us.  The wisdom that is emerging is Universal and ties us all together through the vibration of Great Love.

The Golden Dolphins

In 2024 the Golden Dolphin Avatars are speaking out and asking us to see “The  Bigger Picture.”  The Spiritual Overview for our planet shows us that we are in the midst of many powerful shifts.  The Golden Dolphins offer us the opportunity to hear their wisdom and receive their healing as we take a quantum leap forward.  They can assist us in awakening to deeper levels of truth, and assist us in claiming our abilities and gifts.  The goal is to be able to continue to expand your individual consciousness while offering yourself a greater path of Service to humanity and Mother Earth.  In this workshop the Golden Dolphins will guide us into understanding the Avatar Consciousness and way of living.  They will offer everyone a deep core level DNA healing and alignment. 

The Golden Dragons want you to embrace your inquisitive nature and open to know them. They are here to Celebrate and support your Spiritual journey.  The Golden Dragons represent Spiritual consciousness.  They are advanced Spiritual Teachers that can transcend form, existing both in form and in formlessness.  Their essence is a revelation of the True Self. They tell us that they are the ultimate aspiration for Spiritual seekers wanting liberation and a life of true freedom.

Dragons are Ascended Ancient Wisdom Keepers and hold many of the Codes of Divinity and Creation which will assist us in establishing Unity Consciousness on our planet.  They are Ascended Beings and tell me that it is time for many Light Workers to make a conscious intention and effort to connect with them. 

There are 22 Golden Dragons within the Earth that are awakening now.  In this Workshop we will introduce them to you.  The Mother Golden Dragon Sarajeska will take us on a guided journey into Hollow Earth into the Dragon Sacred Healing Chamber. 

The Golden Dragons and Dolphins are our Elders from 22 different Galaxies.  They are seeking to connect with humans that want to work with them to further the expansion of Christ Consciousness, offering support for all of humanity.

The Golden Dragons are partnering with the Golden Dolphins.  Together, they are working the Dragon Ley Lines, aligning the Crystalline Unity Grid of Divine Love, and further activating and expanding the Merkaba field of Mother Earth.

The Golden Dolphins are teaching us how to hold and expand the frequency of our Divinity, our Purity, and our Innocence.  They encourage us to hold more LIGHT each day as we work together to expand the Light of God/Goddess upon this sacred earth.

The Golden Dragons and Dolphins are New Earth Guides.  They attract the many beautiful Souls that are still awakening and remembering their magnificence and Light.  In this Workshop we will communicate with them.  They will assist us in connecting to our own Soul and Star Families of Light as we honor our Soul agreements to this Sacred Earth.

Come meet Sarajeska, Argyle, Shazah, Arahsca, Shehlam, Phelangah, Kalazalaga and 15 more…………

Do you want to Expand Your Consciousness and Spiritual Journey?

Do you want more Freedom and Independence in Your Life?

Do you want to clear any negative or dissonant energy from your Life?

Do you want to raise Your Vibration and heal your Physical Form?

Are you ready to acknowledge Your own Mastery?

Do you want to raise Your Vibration and heal your Physical Form?
It is time to actively work to align your physical body to its new role. In the new
world, your Spirit integrates into your body to a much larger degree than you
previously experienced. This merger has a natural physical healing effect in many
areas as the physical body amplifies heart energy into every cell of your body. This
will ignite your Spirit preparing you for the road ahead. We are to find peace and
gratitude in our new given strength. New Source codes will continue to prepare us,
and we will gain greater Spiritual confidence. It is about forming a new relationship
with your physical body so that the
path ahead becomes easier.
The Golden Dolphins teach that it is through sharing the energy of
New Earth, through our own experiences, vibration and frequency
that we can expand our state of consciousness.
They assist us as Epigeneticists in feeling more magic and Love,
thereby calibrating our dormant DNA and
clearing any toxins or blocks within.
The Dolphins are the Masters of Conscious Creation, demonstrating
how to expand and embody more Light through intention.

Message from Caulkie – Speaker for the Golden Dolphin Avatars:

Let us tap into the new and powerful New Earth energies together that will assist you in expanding your frequency into the fifth dimension and beyond. With the help of the Golden Dolphin Avatars, the Whales, and the Golden Dragons, we can now offer a personalized healing experience.  In this Workshop we will guide you into a Quantum Healing, and a Galactic DNA attunement. This can bring you greater health and further the activation of your gifts of communication.

Message from Master Seth:

Beloved Ones, you are all embodying more Soul Light. We are all becoming our Higher Selves, right here on Earth. It is just amazing and beautiful that we can do it together as awakened Souls, accessing the opportunity to come together as One Heart and One Love. We are emulating the traits of the Dolphins, Whales and Dragons, to share, to care, to heal, and to expand our Light and share with others.

Benefits of Working with the Golden Dolphins & Golden Dragons:

  • Collapse and dissolve old timelines, emotional blocks, false beliefs and judgments as you exit the Old Earth.    
  • Balance and stabilize your frequency to the vibration of New Earth.
  • Merge with and integrate more deeply your Soul Light and Galactic Aspects    
  • Live, Create and Express all from your Loving Heart
  • Trust that you can access the Quantum Field and draw to you all you need in each Now moment.
  • Release Fear, Grief and Pain
  • Experience a deep sense of Well-Being and Vibrant Health
  • Re-Write, Recode and Expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love
  • Become a confident New Earth Guide and Quantum Healer for others.


Are you ready to CREATE a PARTNERSHIP with the Ancient Golden Dragons and the Golden Avatar Dolphins?


2024 is the year that they tell me they are available to share their Consciousness, Wisdom, and Healing with all who are ready and willing.


This workshop is designed to follow the Dragons and Whales class we taught in March.  More and more information is being made available through Channeling and Experience with these Master Souls. You are invited to come and join us for an amazing and original workshop, if you are so guided.  We will experience the combined energy and healing the Golden Dragons and Dolphins offer us!


This is a New Realm where the Ancient Professors of this planet, and beyond, are coming together to teach class! 


Everything that has previously been denied or blocked, now becomes achievable!  The great power of Love and Light these Ancient Way-Showers bring us will reveal what has been previously hidden, and will accelerate our manifestation of the New Earth!


Laurie Reyon


Note:  The Dragons tell me that they have partnered in many lifetimes with Master Puddah – Seth.  Together joined in love we will blossom, expand, and create a New World.


Replay is available for all participants.



About Laurie Reyon

Reyon is an internationally known Inter-Species Communicator and Soul Healer. Reyon’s gift allows her to speak to the animals and the Angels and translate their messages to humanity. She recognizes the Cetaceans as the ancients Beings and Master Healers on this planet. Reyon works in sacred partnership with Master Cat Puddah, and the Whales and Dolphins.

Reyon is a collaborating author of the bestselling book: “Whales and Dolphins Forever”. Reyon and Master Puddah collaborated to create the film “Ascension Guidance – Living in Your Sacred Heart.” This is the first film ever created by a human and a Master Cat that shares her wisdom with the world about consciousness and the next step in our evolution.

Reyon is an Animal Communicator and teacher, a certified Akashic Records Consultant, a Life Path Intuitive and Coach and a Telepathic teacher. She offers an individualized Spiritual Coaching and Healing program entitled “Coaching into Consciousness”.

Reyon facilitates Spiritual Cetacean Journeys, which are retreats all over the world where people can interact and swim with wild and free dolphins and whales. 2020 locations include Hawaii, Bimini, Mexico and Moorea.

Reyon has been named “Standing Whale Mother” by the Native Americans and she brings the wisdom and healing energies of the whales and the dolphins to the people, guided by Spirit and the energy of Master Cat Puddah. Reyon has recently received information from the Whales and Dolphins on how to use their energy to activate and calibrate the HUMAN DNA and assist the humans in preparing for Ascension.

Reyon is the founder of the Whale and Dolphins Energy Medicine School, now training certified Practitioners in the art of Whale & Dolphin Healing and DNA recalibration.

Reyon is the “Voice” for Master Cat Puddah who is an aspect of the ancient Soul of Seth.