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With Founder of The Order of The Blue Star
Christopher Tims

You’re invited to a Live Webinar followed by Q & A

Expressing Your True Divine Self

Sunday, October 18

with Q & A to follow and downloadable recording

10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT

In the world today, most of us, at some point or another find ourselves in a state of confusion. When things don’t go the way we’ve planned, we can easily get discouraged, find excuses for not trying and we end up beating ourselves up over procrastination. It can be a very harmful cycle.
It’s time to say goodbye to the demons of confusion, discouragement, and procrastination that hold you back from realizing your life as the dream fulfilled.

During this 2-hour webinar we’ll explore:

  • What is the Supernatural Life?

  • How do I access it? We’ll do it together

  • Learn what exorcism means.

  • Discover how this fits into the Ancient teachings and why it’s important today.

  • What does walking with the Angels mean?

  • Learn how to change your self-talk and realize to whom you’re actually speaking to, as well as, who is really listening.

  • Recognize confusion for what it really is.

  • Learn why you get so discouraged when things don’t turn out as you’ve hoped.

  • Learn how to get the motivation to move forward instead of being apathetic.

  • Learn what to do with your negative baggage.

  • Exorcise the demonic force that holds you back.

  • Call in the Angelic force to hold space for dreams.

  • Discover how to unleash your true divine self.

  • Discover The Keys to a Fulfilling Life.

If you are drawn to this event it’s because you know you are ready to take the next step and to make a shift into realizing your dreams and letting go of the old life.

The life you’ve always wanted to live IS WAITING FOR YOU TO LET IT OUT! Attend this event and discover how!

Enjoy this course and download the replay for home-study

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Expressing Your True Divine Self

with Christopher Tims

(2hr Webinar with Recording)
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About Christopher Tims

It’s been said that Christopher Tims makes people’s dreams come true. A true master teacher and guide, Christopher is here to remind us of our own Divine nature, and the abundance of the Universe that we are. By helping us redefine our world view, Christopher guides us toward the experience of Oneness, resulting in a richly fulfilled life.

The answer to all of our questions, and the solution to all of our problems, is always Oneness, God, Sacred Unity, our own Divine Nature– whatever you choose to call it. And Christopher, himself an embodiment of this universal truth, is your expert and experienced guide to this Spiritual Frontier. He will walk with you as you explore, teaching you and reminding you of who you really are– ultimately freeing you to live the life of your dreams; the life that you were born to live.

Highly clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Christopher feels that these and other abilities, while blessed gifts, are merely byproducts of the union with the one Source that we are all a part of and inseparable from. Christopher teaches that it’s natural for all of us to directly experience Sacred Unity, as he guides us to the Oneness that rests within each of us. As we experience Sacred Unity, life unfolds as a dream fulfilled and as hope realized.

Understanding that his teaching and guidance is universal — intended for all, applicable to all, and beneficial to all — Christopher wanted to also make it more accessible to all. On January 8th, 1988, Christopher founded The Order of The Blue Star and through it began sharing The Eternal Teachings worldwide. The Mystery of Sacred Unity revealed in The Eternal Teachings is universal and inclusive by its very nature– nothing is fragmented and everything is connected. Nothing is more inclusive than Oneness, for we all have the “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

In addition to possessing and sharing the knowledge and understanding of the Eternal Teachings, Christopher embodies these powerful and profound teachings. As such, people are able to experience, through his presence or even his voice, a facilitated direct connection to Oneness. Many people report that these experiential moments with Christopher completely transcend any of the teachings, materials or information he delivers. And it is through this experiential connection to Sacred Unity or Oneness, that we will ultimately experience true freedom, and live the manifestation of our dreams.

Christopher also possesses deep and profound knowledge of ancient civilizations and world religions. Christopher’s background in world religions was complemented by his travels with the Dalai Lama in his early tours in North America. Christopher also spent time at the Sivananda Yoga Center in the Bahamas with Swami Vishnudevananda. In addition to having his own insights into and doing his own research in Ancient Civilizations, Christopher has completed the Teacher Training Certification by renowned Sumerian Language and culture authority, Zecharia Sitchin, which was only offered once in Sitchin’s 40 year career. As well, Christopher has travelled to Egypt with author and renegade archaeologist John Anthony West. Being a dear friend of Anna Mitchell Hedges, Christopher has had multiple one on one direct experiences with the Crystal Skull. Most recently Christopher has had one on one interactions with Max, another ancient Crystal Skull.

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Expressing Your True Divine Self
$33 USD