With Consciousness Activator
Barbara Canals

Join Barbara In this Equinox Session

Equinox Divine Love Language Energy Transmission

On this very special Equinox Day we come together in Balance.

Join this transmission to receive the Divine High Frequencies that are ready for you to integrate.

Barbara will be bringing thought energies which activate your whole being and your cells. The energy is love intelligent and knows where to go specifically for each person – and it comes accompanied of ‘circular language’ which your Spirit understands.

There is a great potential which we taped into recently for healing, rejuvenation and expansion of consciousness which you can jump onto in this transmission.

You will receive coding of Love and Light bringing you back into Balance and Harmony.

Join the call to come back to the Heart and expand out into Your Consciousness!!!

Love YOU! Barbara

In this powerful training with Barbara, you will discover:

  • Love Light Language Energy Transmission & Activation

  • Balance & Harmony

  • Healing / Consciousness Activation

  • Heart Chakra expansion

  • Embrace yourself in Divine Feminine High Frequency energies

  • Relax and InJOY :) .. Expand!

Mastery Empowerment Course:

$40002 Payment Plan Available

About Barbara Canals

Barbara Canals is a Consciousness Activator; she works with the New Time Energies which are Love-Intelligent and Balanced (Neutral) energies.
She transmits these energies through the Languages of Light as a form of vibration and through AuraTransformation (a touch-based method to upgrade and Crystallise Auras, resulting in a massive consciousness expansion).

Her mission is to bring forth the New Time Energies to people that are ready to step into this Golden Age being fully responsible for their own energy, ready to carry out their Dharma, and live in Balance.