With Gifted Intuitive, Educator, Sound Healer, and Sacred Sound channel
Zacciah Blackburn

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Simple, effective practices can bring that cohesion and harmonious living, integrated fully into one’s life.

The use of principles, practices, and tools of what has come to be known as “Sound Healing,”, to implement these states and to enhance our meditative and wellness practices is fairly universal in the Wisdom traditions of our world. With more in depth understanding of these principles of Sound Healing, one can utilize them as an incredibly effective tool of creative manifestation and in depth healing, for ourselves, for others, and for our world. As Sound is incorporated into current methodologies, no matter our disciplines, it merges easily into professional therapeutic models from yoga, acupuncture & reiki, to nursing and medicine.

Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone bring over 80 years of combined wisdom and experience in the nature and path of spiritual evolution. They have studied with master teachers of multiple cultures, and have been initiated into the wisdom traditions of several. They bring to this presentation practical experience, understanding, and method to access, integrate, and embody the principles of awakened consciousness, and actively engage with wisdom traditions assisting the Living Earth in bringing forward this Awakening in Human Consciousness during these prophesied times of collective awakening.

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A Thorough Exploration and Discovery of the Principles and Use of Sound as a Healing Modality

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

About Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah Blackburn, a gifted intuitive teacher and sound healer, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, began teaching the use of sound as a therapeutic modality in 1990 working under his businesses Sunreed Instruments and The Center Of Light. Throughout his career, he has trained many sound healing professionals and helped to develop the very meaning of therapeutic sound healing. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, and indigenous earth mysteries. Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, for personal healing and transformation, in private therapies and workshop programs, providing illumined expertise in esoteric practices.

About Dorothy Stone

Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 30 years. She has a background in allopathic medicine as an Oncology Nurse and was called to transition into alternative healthcare early in her career. She brings many different treatment modalities to her practice including, but not limited to, Swedish/Eslan massage, Ashiatsu, Mastery Reflexology, Reiki, and Therapeutic Sound. Her years of study in the areas of sound healing and consciousness continually inspire her to bring the energies of harmony and balance to her work and the world.