Download Your Legacy-Book with Source

How to Get your Legacy-Book Done in 2021 in a way that might surprise you.

  • Imagine creating UNIQUE content (book, program, business) rather than copying what’s already out there that makes a HUGE impact on the planet.
  • Imagine instantly getting into a flow state, tapping into Source consciousness, and having crystal clarity about what to put on the page, share with your clients…

…Without spending 1/2 a day getting into the flow, endless hours of life minutes down the toilet struggling over time-intensive scripts or reiterations.

The key to downloading your highest level contribution into a book and helping thousands in the process is your direct partnership and access to Source.

Now more than ever is the time that healers, visionaries, practitioners, and multidimensional leaders are being called to share their VOICES and channeling new bodies of work designed for Unity Consciousness and the New Earth. We’ll get started right on the call, so bring your pen and paper or computer and get ready to take an important step in your relationship with Source, with yourself as a Creator Being and getting your work out into the hands who are asking for it.

See you there!

Join 3x best-selling, international author and channel Danielle Rama Hoffman, Thoth, and The Council of Light and take a Quantum Leap in getting your book done in 2021, the Divinely Guided Way.

Special Offer:  The Visionary Heart Activation Collection

Special Offer Includes:

The Visionary Heart Activation Collection

Turn off your Separation Consciousness Vision
(based in duality, fear, doubt, lack and limitation)

Turn on your Unity Consciousness Divine Vision
(based in unity, purpose, abundance and co-creation)

The Visionary Heart Activation Collection


2 Payment Option Available

REALIZE the highest expression of your unique HEART VISION & lead the new-paradigm of consciousness.


  • Do you secretly know you are not in the heart center of your highest vision?
  • Do you sense you have resistance (fear, doubt, safety patterning, “ego-mind” push/pull, …) to fully embracing your highest-level vision for your incarnation, the one you as a Divine Being with Source TRULY envision?
  • Are you tired of hiding, being in confusion, holding back or trying to realize your vision in the old-paradigm of duality when yours only works in the new paradigm of unity consciousness?

Not sure how to make the switch? Yet, know it is time to go back to SOURCE and connect to your HIGHEST VISION, as a Visionary and to overflow that vision from the CENTER of your HEART, not your mind?

The Visionary Heart Activation Collection is designed to support you to do just that.

Is it what you’ve been calling in to support you during this time? 

Let’s find out…


We are in the midst of a very potent shift in consciousness, one that has been in the works for eons. This marks a rite of passage, one where (for those that choose) there is a completion of the vision/mission you had that was created during duality (fear, doubt, lack, separation consciousness) and the invitation to fully be in the heart of your highest vision in unity consciousness (love, purpose, co-creation, abundance).

Wondering if this is the passage you are in? 

  • Have you been feeling the deep discomfort that comes from knowing you’ve outgrown or completed your previous mission and the current situation on Earth has AMPLIFIED the intensity of dis-ease from knowing you aren’t fully doing what you came here to do NOW?
  • Or you’ve been in your new mission for a while yet you sense there is an overlay of fear, doubt or lack that is projected on it (holding back, or being distracted by survival instincts, not enough money, time or energy) that keeps you in the outskirts of the vision, not the heart of it. This also may show up as a nagging sense that there are more individuals that you are here to support during this time than you are currently reaching.

Ready to upgrade into the UNIFIED vision that your Divine self (your higher self, soul, incarnate Ascended Master self) and your incarnate self-have for you that is birthed from the paradigm of unity?

Know it is time to go back to SOURCE and connect to your HIGHEST VISION, as a Visionary and to overflow that vision from the CENTER of your HEART, not your mind?

This collection combines over 4 hours of live fully channeled activation, guided audio, video, and written exercises to help support you in upgrading your relationship to your vision to a place of equality, alignment and in unity consciousness.


Join Thoth and the Council of Light for a very special 2 HOUR Activation of the Visionary Heart (recording available) for this rare opportunity to activate and experience the 1st activation of the full 24 Divine Light Activation sequence.

  • Invite the rocket fuel of Divine energy to create limitless momentum toward your legacy contribution.
  • Unlock your inborn receptivity and fully support your entire system in the expansion and reunification of your own personal divinity.
  • Reject lies and illusions that have kept you from embodying your calling as a divine being.
  • Easily access vibrations and frequencies to become fully re-Sourced, connected and Infinite.

Get ready to:

  • Amplify your signature energy.
  • Turn up your inner Divine Light (your own rocket fuel)!
  • Dial-up and anchor in the energies and frequencies that are a vibrational match for your innovative vision.
  • Fully embody your higher self.

You know, deep down, that you are unlike anyone else.

You came here to create a massive impact on a multidimensional scale, and this level of impact requires new frequencies, vibrations, and energetic environments to thrive. You are on the verge of a pivotal moment in your personal evolution and you’ve been calling in new light technologies and innovative tools.

The Visionary Heart Activation simultaneously TURNS OFF that which no longer serves and TURNS ON your unique vision in the NEW paradigm energies (where they can thrive).

Think of it as rocket fuel, integrating all that you’ve learned from separation consciousness (particularly in the imbalance of power in relationships) to take a quantum leap into your unique vision and signature legacy.

You are a Divine Being!

You are meant to exist fully in the unity consciousness of leadership.

You are here to play a vital role during this pivotal time in universal evolution.

But…you can’t get there by relying on outdated tools and ways of being.

It is time to be YOU. To live from the divine center of your fully authentic self. To lead from your personal energetic signature, your unique gifts, and your unparalleled style of Multidimensional Leadership.

Get ready to send the universe a powerful signal that you are finally ready to evolve into the Multidimensional Leader, channel, coach, healer, a practitioner that you are meant and choosing to be.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary shifts – and the universe is waiting for you.

Recording Available.


This excerpt from my bestselling book, The Temples of Light, includes both a written and a spoken exercise, plus an 11-minute guided audio meditation.

  • Fully acknowledge the story of your life and all that has led you to this moment.
  • Own your story, bless it and offer it onto the altar so that you can move more powerfully into your Divine self and the current expression of your gifts.
  • Create your vision from a new vibration and prepare to write a new story that exceeds your wildest dreams.



Permanently shift out of the victim/victimizer power dynamic in this powerful 38-minute Video Masterclass Transmission.

  • Create a life-changing revolution in your relationships with yourself, others and the universe.
  • Re-calibrate your personal energy and unlock the potential of your relationships to fully support you in creating your legacy.
  • Leave behind damaging power dynamics.
  • Become Divinely matched and find the key that unlocks the door to fulfilling, nourishing and empowering relationships.


Live Beyond 3D Constraints by Tapping into Your Divine Being’s Highest Purpose with this 28-minute Video Masterclass Transmission

  • Remove constrictions, limitations, and tunnel vision and embrace your most expansive, infinite and undiluted vision.
  • Step into your groundbreaking role as a pioneer of the new wave of consciousness.
  • Eliminate burnout, constrictions and bandwidth limitations born of separation mentality, allowing you to step fully into the most expansive vision.
  • Expand your concept of possibility, AND energetically expand universal consciousness by leaving behind experiences of lack, shame, or overwhelm.


You don’t want to miss this accelerated and high-vibe path to amplify your legacy by activating your unique vision.

About Danielle Rama Hoffman

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a 3x best-selling author, international channel, and legacy-work coach to thousands around the world. She is the co-creator (with her business partner and guide Thoth) of the Multi-D Abundance Method™, Divine Light Activation, and the Ascended Master Academy, where her specialty is leading coaches, healers, mentors, and spiritual teachers to embody their Divine self and create their UNIQUE legacy body of work (book, program, irresistible content) with Source to add $100k+ to their bottom line anytime they choose.

Thoth, the Egyptian God of infinite wisdom, architecture, scribe, and keeper of the Akashic Records is Danielle’s business partner, friend, and co-facilitator of Divine Transmissions offerings, programs, and products. Connecting directly with Thoth is an opportunity to access your inner wisdom, infinite possibilities, and to become who it is that you are designed to be, fully realized, and Divine.

The Visionary Heart Activation Collection


2 Payment Option Available