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Ignite your force of transformation

Each day we are constantly bombarded by the complexities of living in a world of contrast. These can cause in us confusion and frustration: “what do I do now?”, “how do I fix this?”, and “why does it have to be so hard?” We have all felt these before. They occur to us as a feeling of disconnect from our natural state which is why it feels so awful to be in those positions.

What if I told you that you have the power to activate and develop a force within YOU that can bring you to a place of alignment with your highest potential? And then, what if I told you that you already possess this force now and perhaps, you are using it, but in a less than appropriate way for YOU? And that if you just shift a little you will turn on a dial that allows for:

1) An alignment with your Self – the best version of who you were created to be.
2) An outpouring of immense love, support and guidance at all times, no matter what, and a
3) Sense of peace from the deep trust you now how in yourself and in the universe
4) Alignment with the force that is the engine of all manifestation giving you the power to create what you truly want

We invite you to open your awareness to this energy that you already possess and to begin consciously working with it in ways aligned with your highest good and therefore for the good of all.

About Shanti Lleone

Shanti Lleone was born into a mysticism community to two physychilogists who are ordained Priest Master teachers of the Malchizedek Order where training of healing with light and intention and working with Divine Guidance was taught and practiced daily. Their teachings were a synthesis of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Kabbalah, and ancient teachings of divine wisdom and truth.

Although Shanti was extremely gifted intuitively from a young age, she struggled rectifying the dichotomy of her highly abusive father (and several other adult abusers from without the family) with the immensely powerful spiritual experiences she was having and the beings she was communing with daily.

This initially pushed her away from working directly with her spiritual gifts and calling and into her gifts of music, acting and performing. She was a classical pianist and opera singer and after graduating from college she went to NYC and began her windy road in the entertainment field. She has been in national commercials, films, tv shows, performed in over 35+ theatre productions and then went into the music industry where she was working with the camps of Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas and more. She has won a Billboard Songwriter Award in the Pop division, sung around the world and worked with names like: Yes, members of Ozzy Osbourne, OutKast, Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas, Victor Cruz (Village People) and on and on.

Disheartened by the continually damaging aspects of the industry, Shanti fled from her deal with Interscope Records and LA and had a conversion experience where she was shown the massive forces of dense and light beings at war and that she was unknowingly working with members of the Illuminati and that she needed to make a choice about what she was going to choose from here on out. After much temptation (the dense side threatened that if she didn’t choose them she would never sing or perform again) she chose to be a lightworker and to work with God no matter what it cost her.

This was the beginning of a ten year battle of tests and hills designed to cultivate a more refined being capable of working for the highest good of all.

The integrative point for Shanti came in 2018 when she was on her death bed for 8 months. The doctors had given up and she sold her stuff said goodbye and awaited her death. Instead of dying she had the gift of her Highest Self intervening and thus the beginning the unification of her personality self and divine self in a conscious way began.

Shanti began hearing the call to speak to her guides who had been with her for her whole life in a formal way. This lead her to the Globe Institute where she was in a community of other seeking light workers and this supported a vast blossoming of Shanti’s innate gifts and inner expansion.

Shanti now works with what she lovingly refers to as the Light Council who has given her the title of Facilitator. She has her many lifetimes as a Shaman, High Priestess and Guru to pull from as well as her life of learning the mystical teachings of the Tree of Life, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

She is a Shaman (the Four Winds), Reiki Master Rainbow, Sound Healer (the Globe Institute), Vedic Astrologer, Akashic Reader, Emotion Code Facilitator, Advance Yoga instructor focused on incorporating spiritual mythology and sound, and a gifted channelor/medium. She has private and group sessions that are an integration all her vast experiences, humbly guided by the Light Council in collaboration with your spiritual team for the purpose of facilitating transformation for the highest good for all involved.

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