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Item 1: Video Downloads of  12 Mastery Empowerment Courses

12 Mastery Empowerment Courses to download and play on your own device. Video files will play offline so you can enjoy anytime. The timeless wisdom presented in these courses offer over 20 hours of information, tips, techniques for you to use in your New Earth Expressions.  PLUS LIVE EVENT with Judy Cali on Saturday, June 20 (with recording)

ITEM 2: Audio Downloads of 12 Mastery Empowerment Courses

Audio is sometimes better when you want to Master the information as you listen again and receive new insights in your spiral of evolution. Each time you listen, you’ll hear something from a new, heightened perspective.  The masters teach us that if we wish to learn something, it’s best to listen at least 3 times.  Enjoy these audio downloads and unlock your consciousness to new levels.

ITEM 3: Mastery Empowerment Course: Judy Cali’s Mastery Empowerment Course: Peace Pilgrim’s Clarion Call.

A Note from Judy Cali

Peace Pilgrim is standing in my bedroom doorway asking you to help spread her Message For Peace & to consider accepting her Invitation to Join her as a Peace Pilgrim in whatever way Speaks to your Heart 💛 Example: You could Choose that every time you take a Walk you mindfully send out Peace to the World.

Peace Pilgrim 1908-1981 was an American Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Pacifist, Vegetarian & Peace Activist.

A Pilgrim is a Wanderer with a Purpose.

In 1952 she was the 1st Woman to walk the entire Appalachian Trail in one Season. By 1964 she had walked more than 2050 miles for Peace & stopped counting.

A Silver-Haired Woman dressed & wearing a simple outfit of navy slacks & navy shirt, with PEACE PILGRIM in White Letters in Front & 25,000 miles for PEACE in white letters on the back of a short navy blue Tunic.The Tunic was full of pockets all around the bottom carrying her few Worldly Possessions, a Comb, a Folding Toothbrush, ball point pen, current correspondence & a Leaflet with her Message.

In 1953, Peace stepped out in Front of the Rose Bowl Parade & for the next 28 years she Crisscrossed North America & at her Death she was Crossing the Country for the 7th time.

She walked through ALL 50 States & visited 10 Providences of Canada & parts of Mexico. In 1976 a man flew her to Alaska & Hawaii.  Also she walked through Dangerous Cities, Slept beside the Road, on Beaches & in Bus Stations when no Bed was offered. She walked Joyfully saying, “I am a Pilgrim & a Wanderer. I shall remain a Wanderer until I am Given Shelter & Fasting until I am Fed.”

Peace always spoke of being in Radiant Health, never any aches, pains etc. & she said, “I certainly am a Happy Person, how could one know God & not be Joyous.” She walked as a Prayer & as a Chance to Inspire others to Pray & Work for Peace.

“Choose a whole Picture of Peace, Peace among Nations, Groups & Individuals but very, very Important, Inner Peace, then our Institutions will become Peaceful & there will be no more occasions for War.”

“The Purpose of Problems is to push you toward Obedience to God’s Laws, which are exact & cannot be Changed.”

Steps For Inner Peace:
Purification of Body, Thought, Desire & Motive.
Relinquishment of Self Will, Feeling of Separateness, of All Attachments & All Negative Feelings.
You Do Not Possess any Other Human Being.
A Persistent Simplification of Life, will Create an Inner & Outer Well-being that places Harmony in one’s Life & is one of the Steps to Inner Peace.

Peace‘s Message:
“This is the way of Peace,
overcome Evil with Good, Falsehood with Truth & Hatred with Love.”

Peace Pilgrim will Download, Activate & Initiate all the above Steps for Inner Peace to each of our Sacred Hearts, in alignment with each of your Sacred Hearts & your I AM Presence in whatever way Honors you in Love, Ease, Grace & Joy in the Most Benevolent Way or Something even Better & ALL is unfolding so we are Living our Most Expanded, Greatest Potential for this Life as a Peace Pilgrim & more.

Peace’s Meditation:
Peace..be still..& know..I am God
Peace..be still..& know..I AM
Peace..be still..& know
Peace..be still

Her Transition, she called it, ”The Glorious Transition to a Free Life”
Her Friends wrote: “Free of Earth, as Free as Air, Now you can Travel everywhere.”

Judy will Channel a Message from Peace Pilgrim for this Group & she is saying she has Hand Chosen each of you for this Event, per your Request to her. She has connected to each of you in the past 2 weeks to a Month. She is asking you to Search Your Heart & Know The Soul Truth for YOU.

I am also calling forth The Ambassador of the New Children & The New Children, Mattie Stepanek, Peace Keeper & Ghandi, Peace Activist to Join with us & Peace Pilgrim to assist us to usher in The 7th Golden Crystalline Age of Wisdom & Peace & share this with ALL Beings.

Judy & Lauren will be taking a lot of Calls to Answer any Questions or Comments that are Helpful for the Group

This is a Sacred Mission & Choice. It’s quite an Honor to receive a Clarion Call & you can expect more as you Choose to live more of your Ascended Master Self with every Breath.

I first became aware of Peace Pilgrim in the early 1980’s.  She has been in my Sacred Heart ever since. I look at her sweet face & tears fill my eyes with such a deep respect, Love & reverence for all she has contributed to Life & for Who She is as a Goddess of The Earth.

Please Join us for this Special Event & feel the Divine Grace of your God & Goddess Self for  each of us & Peace Pilgrim.

You can look up Peace Pilgrim on the Internet & get her Free Book, it’s about 289 pages & be Inspired.

I love you, Judy

Please Join us for this Special Event & feel the Divine Grace of your God & Goddess Self for each of us & Peace Pilgrim.

You can look up Peace Pilgrim on the Internet & get her Free Book, it’s about 289 pages & be Inspired.

ITEM 4: Mastery Empowerment Course: Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield of Light with Laurie Reyon
Audio/Visual Experience – 2. 5 hours

Whales Work Wonders!

What if you knew you did not have to go to battle with the Corona Virus?

What if there was a way to live peacefully now, without fear, knowing that the Corona Virus has NO POWER over you?

Experience a Personal Healing and Create a SHIELD OF LIGHT & IMMUNITY.

The Whales are the Elders of this Planet and they are our Galactic Ancestors. They are Stewards for Humanity and they have both permission from Source and the ability to disable the Corona Virus and help you Create a Shield of Light and Immunity. They are seeking to connect with you now, offering you the opportunity to receive at the highest level.

The Whales ask everyone to go within to your heart to remember your connection to the Ancient Whale Family. We are all connected, and they are truly a part of your Star Family, incarnating on the Earth eons before humanity arrived. They have the ability to assist Humanity with core level healing, and they are here offering a specific Energy Light Medicine Transformational Healing Alignment.

The Corona Virus is here, and the fear of contracting this disease has gone around the world very quickly. The Great Whales have shared with me that they would like to offer a Healing and Alignment session for everyone who is interested in creating a Shield of Light and Immunity to the Corona Virus.

Offer From The Whales

The Whales are offering a Sacred Healing and Alignment Session where they will create a Sacred Energy Field around you, placing you in a Golden Orb of Light that will function as a Shield of Light regarding the Corona Virus.

They can also heal those of you that have contracted the virus and move you into a higher vibrational place, where the virus is disabled and non- functional.

Order This Course Separately for $33

ITEM 5: Plant Music Remedy Streaming Audio Portal with downloads

A Collection of Plant Music Remedy offering streaming & downloadable audio programs with over 15 hours of music generated by the Plant Kingdom. You’ll get access to our streaming audio portal, where you can listen online, or download each of the songs and enjoy in your home. This music is high frequency and shares information from the Nature Realm.

Healing, Calming, Creative, Inspiring Music of Plants

High Frequency Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep, Healing, Creative Projects.

The energetic signature of a plant is captured and turned into music using a MIDI synthesizer.

The result is truly healing, multi-dimensional music of the plants!

Stream or Download a Library of Plant Music
Listen to a Sample of a Douglas Fir in a forest located 8000+ ft on Green Mountain in Boulder, CO

In this Plant Music Package, you’ll enjoy lots of great goodies:

  • A Really Awesome Bundle of Plant Music. A collection of our most favorite and beloved music, this bundle includes a series of plant music in the 528hz Love Frequency, plus Plant Symphonies and Serenades for meditation, yoga, and creating high frequency environments . Including: Ho’oponopono Plant Music, Healing the Wounded Child Plant Music, and over 10 hours of High Vibrational Music.
  • An Extra Bonus – Dolphin Joy Alchemy download. This is a high vibrational, uplifting yet relaxing musical journey with the dolphins and whales of the Big Island, Hawaii. An aromatherapy oil was created with a crystal charged with the dolphin and whale energy during a natural swim trip. We were surprised and delighted to hear this oil SING with the energy and consciousness of the dolphins and whales. This is a beautiful, magical, inspiring musical interlude with dolphin and whale consciousness thru music.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music.

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