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Dr. Richard London

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Divine Truth Created Easily

Imagine being at the BEST concert of your Life. You left feeling so wonderful, light, happy, and Powerful.

Dr. Richard London is that Rockstar, Futurist, Father of Wisdom who knows what the future looks like and shares with YOU the Tools and Solutions so you may move forward in your life today with confidence, ease, and grace.  Enjoy this overview course with Dr. Richard and feel your own EXPANSION into your Divine Truth.

If you enjoyed this free course, you’re invited to work remotely with Dr. London to discover:

  • More Clarity in your Life

  • Better Intuition

  • A greater sense of well-being

  • Creating Beauty in life

  • Eliminating human pain and replacing it with Gratitude and Joy

  • Learn to smile at yourself daily

  • Life free of anxiety, stress, and worry

  • Love and create BIG in your Life.

You’re invited to work with Dr. Richard London in The Business of Life: Creating Wisdom Fast

Special Offer 1: The Business of Life: Creating Wisdom Fast Online Class

March 23, 2021

9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET/ 4 pm GMT

A Class for Learning the Secrets of Life and How to make it a successful Life

Dr. London will leave you feeling Happy, Loved, and filled with HOPE and More………Learn real-world tips and tools to move into the world of Divine Knowing, this will enable you to know and feel when The Real Divine Truth flows into your life. You will learn How to control your life positively and trust your intuition. Be Freeeeeeee to enjoy Life.

You’ll Find Answers to these most commonly asked questions of Dr. Richard: 

  • Why are you here?
  • What is my divine purpose?
  • What creates Struggle?
  • What frees me of all Struggle?
  • What is Wisdom?
  • Can Wisdom set me FREE?
  • Can I turn my Life around?
  • Can I be Happy in a world of Chaos?
  • Can I Transform my life fast?
  • Can energy, gratitude, joy, love, and positive words transform my life?

You will Experience and Learn:

  •  What the real future for you looks like
  •  New income opportunities
  •  Seven Faces of Intention
  •  10 Natural laws that create Wealth in your Life
  •  7 Lies that prevent powerful Results in your Life

Option 1: Creating Wisdom Fast March 23, 2021


Option 2: Becoming the Authentic Version of Yourself Personal Session - 60 minutes + Option 1


Option 3: Create Your Own Personal Heaven on Earth 2 Course Package + Option 1 & 2


Special Offer 2: Your Choice of 1-hour Personal Session: Becoming the Authentic Version of Yourself or Saving Your Sanity

Becoming Your Authentic Self  Personal Session:   A life filled with balance,clarity, focus,purposeful life and FREEDOM.Moving from the world of anxiety,stress, and worry to having wonderful self-esteem and being the person you always dreamed of.

  1. Evaluating your Personal Guidance System,PGS
  2. Rewriting your negative UnHealthy Agreements
  3. Removal of Negative Imprinted Memory
  4. All 9 Chambers of your Hear are functioning at 100%.
  5. Tools to move out of Mind Chatter to the world of Creativity
  6. All Life Doors to balance, gratitude,happiness,Joy,Love,Wealth and Wellness are opened 100%.

or Select this Session: 

Saving Your Sanity Personal Session:  Dr Richard will assist you in moving past obstacles and assist you:

  1. Saving your Sanity
  2. How to move forward in crisis step by step.
  3. Recession proofing your Life & Business
  4. How to succeed in difficult times
  5. What the future looks like in details
  6. Everything you need to know to have balance, wealth, wellness in times of crisis

nsform my life?

Special Offer 3: Create Your Own Personal Heaven on Earth 2 Course Package.


Doctorate of Life – COURSE ONE:

Creating Your Own Personal Heaven on Earth
Learn a step-by-step process, in a logical manner, to truly create Heaven on Earth. You will be guided to create your own business plan that will create revenue streams, take inventory and create a big picture in your life.

You’ll learn about the 7 phases of intention, the 10 Natural Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction. Imagine using the power of 10 Natural Universal Laws in your life.

This is a transformational event where you will create books, Divine Purposes, and/or companies while you are learning this powerful, practical information based on spiritual teachings.

It’s a creative process in a High-Vibrational event that will transform your life into what you desire. This is NOT motivation, rather, this is actual CHANGE in YOUR LIFE with 21st Century transformational tools that work. In this 3-Part Audio Course with Dr. London, you’ll learn:

How to create enough energy out of your body to activate the creative process in your life.
How to use the power of language to create your dreams
Learn how to create wellness in your Life, Creating a lifestyle – a wealth and wellness lifestyle
How to create a Divine Union Relationship that creates wealth and abundance

Get a Doctorate in Life in this 3-Part Transformational course and use these tools in your own life, the lives of your family, and your loved ones and friends.

Great wisdom works for everyone, everytime.

You’ll learn to use the words wealth and abundance instead of “money” to energize your money flow!

Doctorate of Life – COURSE TWO:

A Great Recipe for Life
Creating Miracles and Manifesting Your Dreams

In this 2-Part, Audio Course, You will Learn Divine Tools on How to:
• Eliminate Fear, Sabotage, Fault and Judgment in your life to Create a Defined Lifestyle
• Create a Life Vision that directs the Universe to manifest it for you.
• Use the power of Words, with their high frequency vibrations, to create a Great Recipe for Life.
• Maintain a High –level of Trust, Faith and Hope to Create miracles in your life
• Create a Heart-Centered Great Recipe for Life!

This wisdom and these Divine Tools are available to you now, so you can transform your life into one you’ve always desired, free from struggle, free from the need for money. Once you no longer “need” money, you change the frequency and abundance flows in many forms.

In this dynamic 2-part course with Dr. Richard London, you’ll learn how to identify the most important ingredients in your own version of a defined lifestyle and create definitions. These definitions vibrate at a high level and the Universe literally re-arranges itself to give you that lifestyle.

Dr. Richard shares all of the ingredients you divinely deserve. A culmination of all Divine Tools that exist on Earth, many are practical and logical, but have not been revealed until recently, within in the last two years. Humans are now ready for these tools and are now capable of allowing these tools to work with you.

These Divine Tools come from the Akashic Record, and the Ethereal plane. Richard London is able to receive these tools, and then to assit you to allow yourself in receiving these tools to receive the light, and create the life you desire. Remove the struggle, remove the need for money with these Divine Tools.

These tools can be used to create a foundation, a Great Recipe of Life in your Home, your business, your divine purpose. The Recipe of life includes all your dreams, desires and all those things in your treasure chest.

“The Master Recipe is your Divine Life, the way you want it, filled with your Divine purpose, happy children, happy relationships and beautiful things, “ says Dr. Richard. “There is nothing wrong with being abundant in the world today, nothing whatsoever, as long as you use these abundances in balance. And these tools give you balance.”

“Imagine having a Great Recipe for Life where your life is easy, and I mean really, really easy, “ he says. “Nothing is a struggle, creating wealth is not a struggle, creating more love in your life is not a struggle, creating more harmony in your life is easy. “

Use these Divine Tools to build a high-vibrational foundation, for your home, for your business, for relationships, for your dreams and desires. Creating miracles starts with trusting yourself and others, then moving into the Theta state, where faith grows and miracles happen.

MISSION STATEMENT From Dr. Richard London:

I, Dr. Richard London, in appreciation and gratitude for all professionals worldwide achieving the exciting new revolutionary Life Path A “WELLNESSAIRE”; by using the 7 faces of intention Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance, and Peacefulness.

All professionals who experience the “Doctorate of Life Wellnessaire Program” will live a life daily filled with Wellness,Wealth,Peace,Love and Spirituality.

And So it Is, ~ Dr. London

Option 1: Creating Wisdom Fast March 23, 2021


Option 2: Becoming the Authentic Version of Yourself Personal Session - 60 minutes + Option 1


Option 3: Create Your Own Personal Heaven on Earth 2 Course Package + Option 1 & 2


About Dr. Richard London

Dr. Richard London, the father of wisdom, world renowned author of “Laughing with God, The Ultimate Guide to Enlightenment”, Global Master Teacher of the famous book and video, The Secret, El Secreto. Taught the Law of Attraction over 40 years prior to the release of The Secret in November,2006.

World leader in bringing Business Intelligence, New Technologies and new profound Wisdom to Humanity and the World and the forthcoming author of book, “Faith is Power” BY DR. RICHARD LONDON Consultant tells us what our future really looks like. “There is So much uncertainty in our world today, and people know that the tools of the past are no longer working for them.”

He is the Leading Visionary Manifestation Business Intelligence Coach in the World. Dr. London provides the tools that work in this, the 21st century. He has served as the C.E.O., Chief Education Officer, C.V.O., C.M.O., and V.M.B.C of several companies as well as being a business consultant for over 25 years. His clients include famous Media/Entertainment Personalities, Industry Leaders, and Corporate Leaders, Leaders of Countries, and major organizations worldwide. He is the founder of 14 world charities.

As C.E.O of Prodigymind Companies, http://www.prodigymind.com he directed the building of 200+ web-based companies that educate professionals, http://www.rolemodeluniversity.com, http://www.divineuncoupling.com,
http://www.divinelove.com , http://www.faithispowerlove.com are examples of sites devoted to transformational language and wisdom that creates a Wellness Lifestyle.

Dr. Richard London is the creator of a new authentic media experience called Divine Media Entertainment; it uses transformational language and wisdom to enable mankind to Create Success and Wealth with No Limits and Great Language – Great Life: Communicate to Wealth, Words that Create Miracles in your Life. These are all systems and slogans that move you forward into Wellness in all areas of your life/ His Doctorate of Business “Life Wellness System”.