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Michiel Kroon and Leanne Ta’Iki Anawa

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Michiel and Leanne take you on their creation journey of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle. They show you how your Lemurian Starchild is emerging to help you clear eons of programming that have kept you in karmic loops.

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card set of 88 cards and 340 page book gives in-depth tools for the ascension journey. Each card is a beautiful gift from the higher realms, first experienced in the deep healing journeys of the creators, then passed on to assist the whole of humanity. The Lemurian Starchild Oracle provides guidance for embodying the New Paradigm of light.

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Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck

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This deck of 88 cards offers unique practical and esoteric guidance. Let the loving care from the Pleiadians and the Lemurians help you to connect to your Higher Self and your Light Family. Your Higher Self has been waiting to be fully embodied on Earth, and your Light Family are the angels and guides that help you to realize this.

Your Pleiadian and Lemurian light family is especially coming forward through this work to reconnect you to the Eden State on Earth and on other planets. Remember this universal truth and let your True Self shine with the help of the the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck!

Reading the texts connects you to the Lemurian Starchild Vibration, which helps you to

  • identify relevant issues
  • raise your vibration
  • connect to elemental and cosmic beings
  • connect to dolphins and whales
  • connect to Lemurian guides
  • resonate with Lemurian Wisdom
  • go beyond the linear mind to connect with the Heart

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is a deck of 88 beautiful golden edged cards and a 340 page guidebook. It comes in a lovely sturdy ‘top and bottom’ box. The cards are made of top quality 400gsm card and they are matt finished.

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Package 1: Ascension and Awakening Journey – Video Package

Package 1: Ascension and Awakening Journey - Video Package


2 Payment Option Available

How can we awaken from the mind-based sense of self, to go beyond its limitations? When we identify with our mind, we feel dependent on the outside world. Whether it’s finances, family, status, body image or beliefs, any change can give us anxiety. This is the identity of the old paradigm, based on lack and fear.

To awaken we expand our consciousness and let go of the thoughts and beliefs of the old paradigm. The Lemurian and Pleaidian energy is like a warm bath that you step in to on this journey. This connection with your light family greatly assists you on your awakening journey, by reassuring you and bringing you back into your Heart.

These transmissions also help you to clear any remnants of the old paradigm that might still be manifest in your life situation. These can be old contracts, karmic agreement and (religious) vows. By understanding the nature of these energies, and clearing them from your field, you truly step into the New Paradigm of the Heart.

Item 1: Awakening Healing Circle (based on the Awakening card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle)

Workshop Recording

Format: MP4 + Webplayer

Michiel talks about how awakening experiences can be gentle or sudden, and how they can change our lives. We start to notice the undercurrent of presence with all experience, and we get in touch with our True Self. From that depth we don’t get hooked into thoughts and emotions so easily.


We do an introductory guided meditation with Archangel Michael. Know that you are not alone, breathe in light and relax into the journey. Your higher levels don’t have any expectations about how things should turn out. Everything is seen from a space of unconditional love.


We then focus on the Awakening Card. Leanne and Michiel had a deep healing during the creation process of this card. It was originally a pastel which we combined with light language.


The true meaning of Awakening is not to be confused with beliefs or knowing something about the external world. It’s about the consciousness beneath the conceptual mind. Leanne talks about the work of increasing ones self-awareness of aspects that get triggered, in order to understand and heal those aspects.


We then go into a deep guided meditation, and Pleiadian beings of light come through. We do light language and play the Crystal Harp. A time for deep relaxation.

Item 2: Blessings Healing Circle (Based on the ‘Blessings beyond the Soul Path’ card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle

Workshop Recording

Format: MP4 + webplayer

A celebration of the New Paradigm, letting go of division and separation, and embracing a new clarity which is loving and discerning. We receive blessings which are beyond the soul path, with its old contracts and karmic agreements. In surrendering and releasing these old energies, we get in touch with our true nature which is whole and holistic.

This card helps us in making the transition to the new paradigm in all aspects and areas. The old paradigm told us that we needed to suffer in order to deserve our blessing. We are leaving this behind as we realize our blessed natural state.

We are looking at love, gratitude and forgiveness as aspects of the blessing. These come forward strongly in a surrender to the Divine, where we are guided to divert our energy away from the old paradigm, no longer partaking in old energy dynamics.

Package 2: Light Family Connection – Audio Package

Package 2: Light Family Connection – Audio Package


2 Payment Option Available

Our Light Family is all around us, but many people don’t see it. They are close and intimate friends that have unconditional love for everyone, even when they are unseen and unacknowledged. But we can start to see them, feel their presence and hear their words, which are words of love, peace and compassion.

Through these recordings you can get two know two facets from your guidance realms: Archangel Michael, and Cosmic Beings from the Pleiades. When you get familiar with their voices, you can also start to recognize them on an inner level. Especially Archangel Michael has been so close to the heart of many, but often unrecognized. By accessing the guidance realms, you feel loved unconditionally, supported, safe and protected.

The Pleadians are highly evolved cosmic beings who help us on this journey of connection and expression. And Archangel Michael is there to give us that feeling of natural protection so we can open our Heart. Enjoy these audio transmissions from workshop recording, especially selected from a large collection of recordings to give you the best possible experience.

Item 1: Learning to Hear Guidance (20mins)

Format MP3 + webplayer

How can we truly hear and follow our guidance? And why do people miss or mishear the words from their guides?  Beliefs and patterns of thinking can be like filters that block or distort the words and energies from our guides. You can’t fully hear your guides when you listen with your logical mind.

In this beautiful transmission, Archangel Michael helps you to attune to your guidance realms. You can learn to hear guidance by recognizing the voices from your Light Family. They invite you to connect with your Heart and to receive their unconditional love.

Your Light Family invites you to let go of linear thought, and to allow their assistance in manifesting from your Heart. They help you to get in touch with your Heart Creations by encouraging you to speak your Truth.

Item 2: Deep Womb Journey with the Pleiadians (28mins)

Format: mp3 + webplayer

The Pleiadian Beings come in and offer a high vibration of light in words and Light Language. They share how you too can speak Light Language and help you to raise your vibration. They offer a deep heart connection and a womb journey, leading you into a healing process.

This process gives a purification that happens in multiple dimensions simultaneously. These dimensions start to reflect the beautiful energy of your true self. The Pleiadians take you to the moment before we forgot ourselves, so that we remember everything. There you can relax in the arms of the Divine Feminine, giving you Unconditional Love.

Item 3: Pleiadian Attunement for Integration (16mins)

Format: mp3 + webplayer

It can be challenging to keep our feet on the ground when we Raise our vibration and enter the Higher Dimensions.  This track is excellent for listening to before going into channeled messages. I will guide you to attune different energy centers in your body and also to integrate parts such as the Inner Child.

About Michiel Kroon and Leanne Ta’Iki Anawa

Michiel Kroon was born and grew up in the Netherlands. While following his formal education, he also studied yoga and meditation and had his first spiritual awakening. After university, he decided to switch his focus and to align his life with his spiritual purpose on a deeper level. It was his care-work with children in the late 2000s that refined his focus to find a living truth within his Heart.

He then had another powerful spiritual awakening in Glastonbury, England and began to channel Archangel Michael and the Pleiadian energy. He applied it in private healing sessions and then in workshops in southwest England. During this period, he also expressed this connection in the visual and sound arts with exhibitions at the Glastonbury Galleries.

Leanne Ta’Iki Anawa had a spiritual awakening during the Harmonic Convergence in the late 1980s and started meditating at an early age. She attended an art college, but her focus shifted from art to psychology.

Leanne’s continuing meditation practice led to a second spiritual awakening in 2011, which opened a transformational connection with past lives and guides from Lemuria. For many years, she worked as a clinical psychologist during the week, and offered readings and Lemurian Healing at the weekends. However Michiel and Leanne’s completion of the creation of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck was unexpectedly followed, just two weeks later, by Leanne having a massive brain haemorrhage, a near-death experience, being in intensive care and further soul-level healing processes.

Despite the surface challenges, many blessings came through which have supported her connection with Source Love and deeper integration of her Monadic Awareness, Galactic aspects, and new activations of Light Language.

As soon as she could, Leanne seized the blessing of having so much more time for making art every day, as a part of her recovery process.

Michiel and Leanne traveled to inspirational landscapes across England, and to Wales, the Netherlands, the South of France, Spain and Ibiza, to work on and share The Lemurian Starchild Oracle message.

Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck


Package 1: Ascension and Awakening Journey - Video Package


Package 2: Light Family Connection – Audio Packages

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