NEO Retreat New Earth | How to Partner With Nature to Bring Forth a Livable Planet with Jim Conroy, Ph.D. and Basia Alexander2022-02-21T10:40:03-07:00

With The Tree Whisperer®
Jim Conroy, Ph.D.

And Visionary
Basia Alexander


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Heal Ecological Damage by Consciously Collaborating with Trees and Nature

“Healing” is a verb. MUTUAL healing—of living beings AND of self—should be a two-way street: GIVE and receive in humility. Humans must give to trees and all of Nature what it needs and wants; not what we think it does. Then, and only then, can we truly renew ourselves and restore livability to the planet.

We invite attendees into participatory and personal EXPERIENCES first, because that is how to make a visceral and lasting (not just mental) shift from feeling vulnerable toward feeling empowered to co-create regeneration for self and planet. Then, be enabled to take practical action after receiving direction in specific, proven tree-healing mindful methods. Partnering and conscious collaboration with the wisdom of Nature begins with the 4 Cs: connect, communicate, collaborate, and co-create. You’ll realize how doing the “4 Cs” works best while coming from a tree’s perspective—finding out what its life is like. Then, give it the interactions and information in consciousness it needs to withstand climate extremes and thrive.

NEO Retreat Special Offers

You and Your Trees Become a Team to De-stress and Heal Ecological Climate Change Damage


A Bundle of 1 PDF and 1 Mp3

Bundle of 1 PDF & 1 Mp3


A bundle of 1 PDF and 1 MP3 You and your trees (and land) need to join forces as a team if you’re going to de-stress and they are going to regenerate.

PDF: Mindful Methods

An experiential adventure, peaceful calming, and empowerment for you. Healing for your trees, forests, and ecosystems. This PDF will lead you through the understanding and practice of 7 Mindful Methods™ you can use in your own backyard or in public parks to connect with trees, balance ecosystems, and heal ecological damage. These Mindful Methods are embedded with powerful, Light-based dimensional healing energy while being simple and easy for you to do. Mindful Methods are based on nearly 20 years of research, development, and results.

You may experience the expansion of your own spirituality and relationship with trees. You may find that your experience of MUTUAL HEALING from the interview by Chara Armon will expand. You will be contributing to the global tree and environmental healing efforts of the BioBalia Institute co-founded and directed by Jim Conroy, Ph.D., and Basia Alexander.

MP3: Connection Experience 5 Steps, Guided Meditation

Sink into the tree’s world in this guided visualization meditation experience. Receive directions and then take the 5 easy, simple steps of Connection Experience for yourself, for inner peace and partnership with a tree and with Nature. Find out what your tree’s life is like in the most intimate way. Enjoy 20 minutes of peace, journeying adventure, and receive messages from your tree.

Value $99.95
Special Offer: $49.95


  • De-stress and be empowered to help your trees become healthier to withstand current climate extremes. Mindful Methods can be used immediately, quickly, and regularly.
  • Feel expansion of your own spirituality in deeper relationship with a Nature Being, and let Nature be your guide.
  • Continue the adventure of finding out what trees’ lives are like; become more Nature-centric, less human-centric.
  • Move beyond ecological despair, find out about un-dreamed-of possibilities for a livable planet.
  • Become a team: use your consciousness to join forces in equal partnership with trees, forests, and all of Nature. It’s a MUTUAL experience of healing.

About Jim Conroy, Ph.D. & Basia Alexander

Jim Conroy, Ph.D.: The Tree Whisperer®. Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Purdue University. A refugee from 30+ year career in ag-chemicals. Co-author of 7 books. Speaker & teacher. Innovator in holistic and ecological healing approaches. Mission: Save trees by healing trees.

Ms. Basia Alexander: Catalyst for conscious co-creativity. Visionary culture-shifter. Nature communicator. Co-author of 7 books. Workshop leader. Leader in practical spirituality. Publisher. Gardener. Mission: Champion partnership with Nature and show people how to get there.

Bundle of 1 PDF & 1 Mp3


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