With Multi-award Winning Author, Healer, Teacher and Mystic
Azra Bertrand

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Biomancy is the art and science of organic embodiment. It restores our natural connection to earth and fills us with vitality and magic that is our natural birthright. When we reweave ourselves back into nature we become oracles for mother earth. It is time to awaken our innate magic, and embody our natural birthright of radiance and intuition in connection with our ecosystems. Biomagic and Ecomagic is the medicine of our times, rooted in our bodies, our feelings, and our quantum planetary mother.


Collaboration with Earth: Support & Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service

7-week e-course consisting of pdf Guidebook and 4 videos. 2 live Q&A sessions (recorded in case you cannot attend live) will occur in March and April

Do you feel called to help people and our planet enter a new era of flourishing together?

Enroll in Collaboration with Earth: Support and Strategies for Your Reverent, Regenerative Service to learn how to create sustainable and regenerative actions that nourish you, other people, and life on our planet.

This course is for you if:

  • You yearn to contribute to regeneration of the natural world and human well-being.
  • You believe we can co-create justice and well-being for all life, but you’re unsure how to proceed.
  • You wonder how your sense of calling can translate into practical actions.
  • You want to feel whole and supported as you offer your contribution to the world’s flourishing.

Join Collaboration with Earth to gain support and new tools as you discover your next-level clarity and craft your joyful contribution.

PLUS You’ll also get the recordings of this NEO Retreat, AND a bundle of Mastery Empowerment Courses.

About Azra Bertrand

Dr. Azra Bertrand is a multi-award winning author, healer, teacher and mystic, renowned for his visionary merging of sacred science, myth and cosmology. He holds a degree in research biochemistry, as well as a doctorate from the Duke University School of Medicine.