NEO Retreat New Earth | Animals as Teachers and Guides for Our New Earth with Cara Gubbins2022-02-21T10:37:55-07:00

With Animal Communicator, Author, and Global Thought Leader

Cara Gubbins

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I believe that we are divine beings having a human experience. We are here on Earth to share our unique gifts and learn our spiritual lessons. And animals can be both our greatest teachers and the most important recipients of the gifts we are here to share. Our current Earth crisis requires us to return to our natural connection with nature and reconnect with the divinity in all beings. I believe that every animal lover can become an animal communicator. We are hard-wired to talk to animals but at the same time, we must learn and practice specific skills to get better at it. And we always need to do our inner work to become the clearest channels for the animals that we can be! Animal Communication can help us connect more deeply with ourselves, our pets, wild animals and animal spirit guides. So we can become the best version of ourselves that we can be and make the impact that we want to make in the world.

NEO Retreat Special Offers

Connect with Your Pet Angel

On-demand online class

Connect with Your Pet Angel


Do you ever miss your beloved pet who has passed on? Do you wish you could re-connect and feel their presence again or even have a conversation with them? To do exactly that, I have created the Connect with Your Pet Angel Master Class just for you! I’ll be guiding you through my special connection process – a way to connect intuitively and reach out directly to your pet. This process works for me, it works for my private clients and now it can work for you. It’s MAGICAL to connect with your Pet Angel! Get instant access when you register now.

Our pets are such ambassadors of love and hold a special place in our hearts always. And our connection with them continues no matter what happens and where we or they are.

Even if you weren’t able to experience it live, the class replay and supporting materials will help you make the strongest connection possible with your pet angel(s).

In the class, we cover

  • a meditation process to access your intuition and meet your pet
  • monitoring all of your intuitive senses when you connect
  • questions to ask your pet once you connect
  • how to trust what you get intuitively
  • what confirmation looks like, when it helps, and when it doesn’t matter
  • and so much more!

As an extra bonus, I am also including an MP3 recording of the guided meditation process so it’s easier to connect with your pet angel again (or to connect with other beloved animals who have passed) in the future.

About Cara Gubbins

Dr. Cara Gubbins is an animal communicator, author, and global thought leader for a new way for people and animals to live together in harmony. For over a decade she has been a successful animal communicator, connecting people more deeply to the animals that they love most. She is the best-selling and award-winning author of 5 books about the natural history of animals, animal wisdom, and personal growth.

She is also the creator of How to Talk to Your Pet, the proven 4-step system that teaches anyone and everyone how to communicate intuitively with their pets or with any animal. Each month in the Animal Wisdom Circle, she guides members to receive spiritual guidance from all kinds of animals, helping everyone become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Twice a year, she hosts online summits, bringing together experts from all over the world to share their wisdom on animal communication and healing, conservation, and spiritual growth and evolution.

Cara’s mission is to inspire our global community to live the lives they’re here to live by connecting with animals, nature, and Spirit; saying “yes” to themselves and their dreams; and remembering that there is always time to play. Learn more about her work at

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