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With Light Warrior/Weaver
Emmaray Kumara

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In my program Channeling Life’s Divine Genius into Form, I invite and guide you through a variety of delightful steps to embody consciously and joyfully your Divine Genius as a Creator Being in partnership with the many Realms who are part of the creation process and who also embody Divine Genius energies. These members of our Cosmic family include Overlighting Devas, Elementals, Ascended Hosts, Angelic Realms, and the many kingdoms embodied on Gaia herself.

Divine Genius is ever-present, within us and around us. The Genius of Divine Mind (Light) & the Divine Heart (Love) in their infinity flow ∞ meet in zero point to allow Creator Beings such as yourself to cocreate the highest outcome for all components of your individual and the planetary Divine Plans. This partnership assists the intended perfection of whatever you/we are creating in aligning with its Divine Blueprint/Divine Design for the highest outcome for all concerned.

The essence of Divine Genius is in expression everywhere in Nature and is found through our conscious connection with our High Self/I Am Presence. It is the essence of Divine Design and Unity Consciousness that is the Truth in every dimension of Creation, in every Being, and everything.

Channeling Divine Genius into form is an interdimensional group or council project. This is so, whether you are creating as a singular person or with other people. There are always Elementals other Beings of Light/Love who are assisting the process and wish to do so with you, with us, consciously. They are part of Divine Genius and the Divine Alchemy necessary for all creations to be their best. If you are ready to expand your creative mastery to its full potential, I invite you to join me, join us for Channeling Life’s Divine Genius into Form.

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Offer 1: Channeling Life’s Genius into Form ~ the Process of Conscious Co-Creation

3 Video Programs

Offer 1: Channeling Life’s Genius into Form ~ the Process of Conscious Co-Creation


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: Genius & the Guiding Forces of Divine Alchemy

Digital Format:  mp4, pdf

Length of Program: 1 hr 42 min

Have you ever noticed how Nature just seems to know what she is doing? Her ability to create/cocreate small and large miracles occurs seamlessly, indeed magically. Mother Nature is an example of Divine Genius constantly channeling into form. Throughout this program, Mother Nature and I cocreate to guide you through the awareness of this Divine process and how to joyfully apply it to your life.

As an entry point for Channeling Life’s Divine Genius into Form this module combines a guided meditation/invocation (mp3) with a teaching video, introduction to your CoCreation Journal.  The video delves into what Genius is and who the amazing realms of Divine Alchemy are, plus how they Serve and CoCreate, how to connect and cocreate with them.

Item 2: Honing Your Sensory Skills

Digital Format:  mp4, pdf

Length of Program: 1 hr 44 min

In day-to-day life most people are using our senses in a minimal way rather than opening fully to the pathways of cocreation that are available to us through there conscious and intentional use.  As we are more clearly aware now that what we focus on is what we create, the full utilization of our senses becomes an amazing asset to bringing inspiration into its perfected form.

In Honing Your Sensory Skills, Emmaray guides you are through all the major senses, how they interface with Divine Genuis energies, and how to be more aware of their independent and collective use in your day-to-day life activities as well as in communicating with your Creative guides, teachers, Devas, et al.

Item 3: The Inspiration and & the Divine Plan

Digital Format:  mp4, pdf

Length of Program: 50 min 44 sec

Here we get to the really fun part of the multidimensional process than is ongoing for every form of Creation. We receive inspirations in a variety of ways in our Earth physical forms.  But where to they come from originally?

Some come from the Earth plain and are offered up to the higher realms for consideration, designing and the initiation of their creation into form. All fulfilled inspirations go from idea to divine blueprint and then into form.  In this module, the elements of this process are discussed and explored.

Offer 2: Personal Guidance One-on-One + Offer 1

Offer 2: Personal Guidance One-on-One + Offer 1


2 Payment Option Available

This hour consultation is for those who would like one on one guidance/facilitation in connecting, or enhancing your connection, with your Body Elemental, the Body Elemental(s) of your animal companions, Overlighting Devas/Councils of your gardens or projects.

The elements of this consultation will include:

  • Evaluating and enhancing your method of connection and communication
  • Assisting in removal of blocks in your connection or relationship overall
  • Making friends and creating partnership

I look forward to assisting you with this/these wonderful relationships!

About Emmaray Kumara

Emmaray Kumara is known primarily as a multidimensional bridge between Heaven and Mother Earth (Gaia); humanity & Nature, serving as a Light Warrior/Weaver and bringer of Truth to the Earth from the realms of Unity, Love and Light. Emmaray is founder and CEO of The Nature Whisperer, based out of Mount Shasta, California.

She presents her services on Earth through her gifts as an interspecies & interdimensional communicator, teacher/trainer, writer/author, photographer, Divine alchemist, conscious communication/co-creation facilitator and holistic healer for all kingdoms of Life.

Emmaray is a walk-in (2003). Given the name Walking Thunder by the Ascended Host, she expresses this energy while in Service directly with the Host of Heaven, the Bird Tribes and the wolf/dolphin/whale trinity that were gifted to Mother Earth from Sirius as Divine blueprint holders.

Author of Holistic Wellness Resource Guide for Animals (July 2023, Ingram). Additional publications are underway, including A Walk in the Forest with Ishnahnay the Wolfdog.

Offer 1: Channeling Life’s Genius into Form ~ the Process of Conscious Co-Creation


Offer 2: Personal Guidance One-on-One + Offer 1

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