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With Spiritual Mentor
Carsten Spencer

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Using his voice and Higher Guidance, Carsten Spencer creates a clear, open space for healing and harmony, love and acceptance that encourages connection, conscious awakening and authentic, creative self-expression.  In this introduction video with Carsten, you’ll learn about how we can activate the Rainbow Body by clearing and aligning the Chakras.  Once this is acheived, we are open to receive communication from the Angelic Realms and our Higher Self & Guides. Finally, we can transform all pain in the body into power.  Enjoy this course, and join Carsten online for a series of webinars that go deeper into the tools presented in this video.



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Mastery Empowerment Course Includes:

Soul Singing

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Soul Singing-Spring 2022


During this 7-week process, you can join us online from anywhere in the world. All participants will have access to a recording of each week’s session so even if you can’t join us in real time you won’t miss anything and can listen and learn at your convenience.

Ancient teachings tell us that the physical universe was created from the primordial sound of Om, and that vibration continues to bring the universe into existence moment by moment. Fifteen years ago I experience the healing power of the voice when I met a Native American sound healer who was able to reverse the growth of my Mother’s liver cancer to the amazement of her medical professionals. I worked with him for over a year and experience this healing power flow through me for my own healing and in my work with clients. During the past 15 years, I’ve also discovered that sound not only has the ability to bring healing and balance to mind, body, and spirit it can connect us intimately with Source and our Higher Guidance.

Chanting and singing have always been a part of spiritual practice and our connection to Source. This course is about activating the throat chakra and freeing the voice so we can speak our truth, sing our joy and bring balance, connection, and authentic expression into our experience.


  • Anyone who is ready to move beyond the intellect and connect experientially with the divine source.
  • Anyone who is ready to find their true voice and set it free.
  • Anyone who carries the scars of being told to shut up and listen, or that children should be seen and not heard.
  • Have you been told that your throat chakra is blocked? Do you have trouble finding the right words when you need to express yourself? Are you often misunderstood? Then this course is for you.
  • This course is for those that are ready to discover and activate the Divine Sound that exists within each of us and learn to use it to explore and activate the chakra system, empower authentic communication, sing with freedom and confidence and experience a palpable connection with Source.


  • To clear and open the throat chakra
  • To release karmic blocks and inhibitions and awaken your inner Diva
  • To find your true voice and authentic self-expression
  • To Use the voice to connect with and harmonize the chakras
  • To create clear sustained vibrations for healing self and others
  • How vibration can deepen your connection with Source and higher guidance

Carsten Spencer’s Special Offers

TIBETAN SOUND HEALING-The Warrior Seed Syllables

Downloads now available

This 5 week intensive includes 5 ninety-minute sessions where you will experience the transformational power of these 5 primordial vibrations from the ancient Bön Buddhist tradition of Tibet.

Join us in person or online.

All participants will receive a full recording of each session.

One of the world’s oldest, unbroken spiritual traditions is the Bön Buddhist tradition of Tibet. This wisdom path has survived for over 10,000 years. During this five-week course we will experience the power of Tibetan Sound Healing and learn to use the ancient sacred sounds of the Bön practice to activate the healing potential of your natural mind.

The Bön healing tradition invokes the Five Warrior Syllables—”seed” sounds that bring us to the essential nature of mind and release the boundless creativity and positive qualities that are fundamental to it.

Through the medicine of sound we learn to clear obstacles in body, energy and emotions, as well as the subtle sacred dimensions of being.

This course is designed to give you the tools to access your unique Wisdom and Compassion by using the vibration of sacred sound to cultivate the healing/harmonizing power within your body’s subtle channels.

TIBETAN SOUND HEALING-The Warrior Seed Syllables


About Carsten Spencer

Carsten Spencer: Spiritual Mentor, inspirational speaker, teacher, and energy worker. Carsten is the creator of Carsten Energy Alignment™ and The Miracle in 3 Breaths™. Using his voice and Higher Guidance Carsten creates a clear, open space for healing and harmony, love and acceptance that encourages connection, conscious awakening and authentic, creative self-expression. For 7 years he was the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Ukiah. Carsten is also an artist, actor/performer, playwright and director.

“Through my own healing journey of self-doubt and self-discovery, a process of learning to be fully present in my own body, I have embraced my path as an artist, spiritual teacher and visionary. My goal is to live from the heart, holding a space of self-love and acceptance where we can experience the connectedness, Unity and Oneness with Spirit, humanity and all of life. I use my gifts to create a healing atmosphere that allows you to awaken to your authentic self and claim your natural state of vibrant health, prosperity and self-expression.” (Carsten Spencer)

“Carsten is a leader, a visionary healer and teacher creating a new vision of what it is to live in our bodies with health, peace and power. His techniques move people from fear and disempowerment to knowing that they have the power, vision and gifts to heal themselves.” (Sue Frederick, Author, Intuitive & Key Note Speaker)

“Just being in Carsten’s presence brings a feeling of calm and peace. His guided meditations alone raise me up to a wonderful high vibration. He makes beautiful sounds with his voice that open our chakras and heals our bodies. Carsten makes you feel welcome and comfortable to share what is going on with you. He has a love, compassion, and kindness that is like no other.” (Jill M.)

Soul Singing-Spring 2022


TIBETAN SOUND HEALING-The Warrior Seed Syllables

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