Mastery Empowerment Course
With Founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
Anrita Melchizedek

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Join Anrita Melchizedek for a Mastery Empowerment Course:

Sirian Initiation of Power

Saturday, June 1, 2024

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET / 7 pm GMT


Offer 1 includes: 

Sirian Initiation of Power

90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

Saturday June 1, 2024

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET / 7 pm GMT

Offer 1: 90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


2 Payment Option Available

Beloved hearts,

As we enter into this sacred month of June, this 6th month of this 6th Universal Year, with this first week of June further being the 22nd week of 2022, all aligns for us through the 222 Light Codes of Solar Crystalline Consciousness, as we are drawn into the Solstice energy, and into new levels of Divine Service.

As our Beloved I Am Presence, and One with the Beloved I Am Presence of All Awakening and Awakened Souls, we are offered an opportunity to experience a Sirian Initiation of Power, also known as the Initiation of Revelation, through the first ray of Will and Power.

To further understand the facet of this Divine Plan and how we will experience this Gateway, beloved hearts, we bring our focus to the influx of Light experienced through the Resurrection Codes, and the Pink-Orange Flame of Compassion and Love, which ignited and expanded from within our loving hearts, to blaze around our bodies and energy fields. With this, as the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness, we upgraded our Light and Love Quotient and expanded in frequency, energy, and vibration into our fifth dimensional Solar Crystalline Light Bodies, where all is expressed with greater levels of Christ Consciousness as pure Divine Love, from the purity and innocence within. This takes us into Zero-Point, beloved hearts, the eternal Divine Ever-Present Continuum of Source Light, expressed through the stillness of our loving hearts as the Light of God We Are.

This is the experience too, beloved hearts, of our more feminine fifth dimensional aspects, and the “BEing” aspects of Self, as we go deep within, to nurture, Love, appreciate and let go. Each Now moment offers us an opportunity to slow down, to be more present, as the Witnessing Presences of the Beloved I Am. With the sub-atomic particles continuously spinning in increased light frequencies, this state of expansion, of Christ Consciousness, of Soul embodiment and Photonic Light, can be very dreamlike, and very surreal. Much cleansing and purification is experienced and continues, particularly within the physical body, as we clear the density and carbon-based frequencies, and release, dissolve, collapse and transcend many old programs, parallel realities and karmic timelines. Simultaneously we merge/converge into various multidimensional realities, timelines, and aspects of Self, such as our Angelic, Galactic, Christed, Lemurian, Atlantean, ancient Egyptian, Dolphin, Mermaid, and Fairy Selves.

As we hold a higher state of consciousness, at particular frequencies for long enough, this expansion is experienced within the body and within the cells, and with this, we start to create the Crystalline Gridding System within our bodies. We activate the crystals within our bodies that create the various Light Bodies as well as connect deeper into the 144 Unity Grid as vibrating Stargates of Divine Love. This connection through the One Heart releases separation as we draw upon the energy of Gaia, as our Divine Mother and all that presents through the elements and Nature, the Sun and Moon, Solar Flares, Gamma Rays, Plasma Light Rays, Cosmic Rays, and Inner Plane connections.

These Christed aspects of Self, our purity and innocence and Golden Sun within our loving hearts, expands through the Stargate of our Loving Hearts and connects into the Higher Mind as we activate and program the DNA with our own consciousness. This in turn activates the Pineal Gland, and these crystals within the Pineal Gland, as Diamond Light frequencies, create an orbit from the Higher Mind into the Loving Heart and back into the Higher Mind, with the Higher Mind becoming the Divine Intelligence of the Loving Heart. Additionally, our Golden Sun, our Inner Christ, expands into the Solar Plexus Chakra as the Seat of the Soul, as Soular Christ Consciousness, and a second Stargate activates within the Navel. A third Stargate further activates within the Perineum Center, connecting into the Original Divine Blueprinting as well as the becoming the central Stargate and conduit through which all kundalini and pranic energy flows, as the spine, and cerebro-spinal fluid take center stage as the New Earth operating system for our physical bodies, our Temples of Light. Additionally, it is the cerebro-spinal fluid that connect through the base of the brain and into the pineal gland, creating pressure on the pineal gland, which then activates the third eye with the memories of all initiations and timelines of Self Mastery. In essence, taking us beyond the veils and into Cosmic Christ Consciousness and this is experienced primarily when we are able to enter a Gamma LightBody Brain-Wave State of Consciousness

It is here beloved hearts, that in the month of June we journey, into this Sirian Initiation of Power, drawing to us our Siriah Higher Selves and aligning our will ever deeper to the Will and Power of God. And with this, stepping into new levels of Divine Service, expressed through the Divine Masculine aspects of Self. Our Divine Masculine Energy is the “DOing” in Service in Love, through our Inner Power. This is a sixth dimensional aspect of Self beloved hearts, and presents through our Sirian Higher Self and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light and the Inner Plane Ascended Masters.

We are invited into the Great White Lodge on Sirius, to experience this initiation. This initiation is very powerful, beloved hearts, clearing any and all levels of disempowerment, abuse and misuse of power and will be tangibly felt and experienced. Simultaneously we unlock the next level of our Divine Service from within, as the wayshowers, gate keepers, grid keepers and Flames of Divinity we are upon this sacred earth. The dreaminess is replaced with the ability to do and become, with manifestation, abundance, empowerment, sovereignty, Love, peace and wisdom overflowing within our Universe as we further merge into new levels of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects, birthing our creations of Light and living New Earth in service to all.

Join us beloved hearts in this light encoded transmission, as we power up our Light Body Merkaba’s and travel in Soul Consciousness into the Great White Lodge in Sirius for the next level of the Divine Plan for all awakening and awakened Souls.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.

Offer 2 Includes:

New Earth Invocations and Affirmations for Awakened Souls

Activating the Angelic Template of Intuition and Consciousness, and Power and Strength

Purchase the main Masterclass and receive these beautiful invocations for $11

Offer 2: New Earth Invocations


2 Payment Option Available

Join Anrita Melchizedek and the Illumined Beings of Light from On High in these New Earth Invocations and Affirmations as we deepen into the creation of the Light Body through the New Earth Templates, Diamond Light Codes, Galactic activations and Crystalline Sun DNA templates, integrating our Soul Light and Beloved I Am Presence and creating our physical bodies as vibrating stargates of Divine Love while embracing All That Is.

In particular, we activate and integrate a deeper level of the New Earth Angelic Templates of Intuition and Consciousness, and Power and Strength

The Angelic Template of Intuition and Consciousness

Mp3 with background music 39 min 12 sec

In this transmission, we are invited into the Temple of Intuition and Wisdom Overlighted by Archangel Uriel. Within this beautiful Temple of Light, we merge with our Divine Feminine Spirits as we come into the knowing of the intuitive wisdom that we have and hold as we walk this path of Divine Love. This intuitive wisdom and deepening innocence, is expressed in listening to the universe whilst having the understanding of why things are as they are, and how to move forward lovingly and responsibly, no matter how uncomfortable the experience may be.

As the Angelic Template of Intuition and Consciousness activates within our loving hearts, we deepen into trusting our own inner voice as well as our dreams. We slow down as we invite the stillness within to amplify through our Divinity, through the Presence of the Divine.  Through our Master eyes, we no longer question the universe, we no longer seek validation from others. All is within as we accept and embrace All That Is. Additionally, we experience a pineal gland activation enhancing our intuition and understanding.


The Angelic Template of Power and Strength

Mp3 with background music 33 min 11 sec

We enter into the Temple of Power to receive the Angelic Template of Power and Strength Overlighted by Archangel Michael. Within this Temple, we are offered an opportunity to release issues of abuse and misuse of power. We step into sovereignty and freedom and the acknowledgment that we no longer need to attempt to please others as we release old vows and contracts.

We receive our Diamond Sword of Holy Truth, Crystalline Shield of Light and Golden Helmet. As the fearless warriors of Light, we merge with our Divine Masculine Spirits and journey into releasing old karmic cords, healing relationships that have wounded us, understanding our pre-birth agreements, and viewing the Akashic Records; so that these timelines too may dissolve into higher trajectories of increased consciousness and Light.

Additionally we activate the hypothalamus, this tiny structure of the brain responsible for our flight, fight or freeze response as we find new ways of conscious communication in all our relationships.

Offer 3: Purchase Anrita’s Special Offer and receive these two Masterclasses as part of your package.


These Mystery School teachings, offered as twelve beautiful transmissions, each 90-120 minutes in length, take you ever deeper into the remembrance of yourselves as Initiates of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

As timeless teachings, they are presented in the form of invocations, affirmations and guided visualizations with energetically encoded frequencies, Overlighted by the Order of Melchizedek as well as many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High such as the Archangels, Mighty Elohim and Christed Extra-terrestrials.

Each Mp3 download comes with and without background music, and in some cases, transcribes are further provided.

Offer 1: 90-minute Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek


Offer 2: New Earth Invocations


2 Payment Option Available

Offer 3: Included in Anrita's Special Offer On


What People Have To Say About Anrita

Hello Anrita

In joyous celebration of your glory and greatness I write to thank you for sharing your light with the universe. Your home on the web is one of ecstatic inspiration as you are an impressive individual whose life and work touch the purest depths of one’s soul. I found everything to be illuminating and insightful. You have my respect and admiration. By giving of yourself in such an uplifting way you benefit yourself and others. Know that you are a transformational force. Thank you for blessing the universe with the beauty of your true self. I wish you a journey of awakening that serves the highest good.


Namaste Anrita,

This initiation was astoundingly beautiful and impactful! I feel so honored to arrive at this sacred place, to come full circle, after such a long journey of invaluable life lessons and soul work. The love flowing in my heart for me, you, and others is palpable. Thank you so much for all your courage and dedication, you are so uplifting and inspiring!

Love and blessings,


Hi Anrita-

Your work has made such a huge difference on my journey over the past year. I don’t think I’ve cried as much with anyone else’s work — deep tears of revelations, releasing of layers that carry much for humanity well beyond any particular lifetimes, remembrances of Who and What I truly Am… way way way beyond words. Goodness, though there are times, like now, where it just all seems so beyond tiring I just want to be done, somehow I feel it IS the homestretch. Your Presence is one of the things that has helped me keep going! So Grateful for that.

Infinite Blessings,


About Anrita Melchizedek

Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, an ascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light in the form of ebooks, Mp3’s, CD’s and audio DVD’s, as well as vibrational energy products. In her personal capacity, Anrita is an author, channel, star ambassador and workshop facilitator. She further has the gift of healing, and focuses this energy through the ascension workshops and lectures that she facilitates primarily on a global level. Anrita is a master teacher and also offers many training programs via tele/webinar as well as individual consultations, including DNA activations, Light Body/Merkaba activations, Soul purpose activations and channeled readings by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek. Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery