Anna Francesca Celestino: Practical Ways to Work with the Akashic Records for a Better Life2022-08-30T18:37:36-06:00

With Certified Life Coach
Anna Francesca Celestino

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In our time together, Anna shares the many ways you can work with the Akashic Records to live your best life. Working with the Records in your everyday experience can bring you into sync with Life. Less struggle, more flow. The Records can also help you understand yourself and your purpose, understand your relationships and break free of the past so you can live more powerfully NOW. Anna will demonstrate with readings for the live group.

You’ll learn…

  • How to tap into the Akashic Records
  • A simple technique to develop your inner guidance
  • Different parts of the Akashic library to explore
  • How to discover your soul’s purpose
  • How to move beyond vows holding you to the past

Offer 1-Anna’s Akashic Record Training


Offer 1: Akashic Record Training


2 Payment Option Available

Are you curious about the Akashic Records? Past lives? Soul purpose? Spirit guides? Or maybe you do readings for others and want to learn more. Anna shares mystery school training passed down to her and adds her own learning from over 20 years of reading the Records.

The AKASHIC RECORD TRAINING includes 4 courses filled with rare, yet easy-to-follow content to help you…

  • understand who you are at a soul level
  • recognize the gifts you’re here to bring
  • connect with your guides
  • free yourself from the past
  • be more inspired about your life

And if you read for others, these courses give you other readings to offer your clients.



Item 1: Tapping In

Digital Format: mp4’s

Length of Program: 27 minutes

Value of Program: $47

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to begin your exploration of the Akashic Records.

  • Set a Sacred Space
  • The pendulum and other tools
  • How to find what you’re looking for
  • Getting started reading past lives
  • Spiritual discernment
  • How to anchor your space

Item 2: The Soul Profile

Digital Format : mp4’s

Length of Program: 25 minutes

Value of Program: $47

Want to know more about why you’re here? Long to share your gifts? Want to get to know your spirit guides? Want to know how to recruit your best team so you get the support you need in the most important areas of your life? In this course, you’ll learn:

  • The Soul Purpose Reading. Which Archangel are you aligned with and what is the soul mission?
  • The Spirit Guide Reading. Do you have the right team? Need to add? Release? And what are they here to help you with?

If you do readings for others, now you’ll have more to offer!

Item 3: Anna’s All-Purpose Clearing

Digital Format: mp4’s

Length of Program: 56 minutes

Value of Program: $157

Want to break free of old patterns that keep you repeating the past? Tired of issues with health, money, love? Ready to share your gifts and live the life you’ve been longing to live? You’ll learn how to go back to the original lifetime the pattern began. Clear vows, spells, pacts, bindings, curses, and more. In this powerful clearing, you’ll learn how to heal the past and break the cycle! This course is worth the price of admission!

Item 4: Exploring Soul Relationships

Digital Format: mp4’s

Length of Program: 26 minutes

Value of Program: $47

Some of the questions I’m asked the most are about relationships. Is this my soulmate? Why am I in this family? Why am I struggling with this co-worker? You’ll learn a 9-step process to discover the nature of the relationship and what to do with it once you know.

Offer 2-In-Depth Soul Profile Reading with Anna


Offer 2: In-Depth Soul Profile Reading


2 Payment Option Available

The Soul Profile Reading provides a deeper sense of who you are and why you’re here. Tapping into the Akashic Records, we look at your soul work, spirit guides, relationships, spiritual training, karma, and your role in these important times.  

We’ll then look at any healing or clearing work needed at a soul level. This may include vows, pacts, spells, and other negative patterns from past lives that are keeping you stuck now. Freeing up these patterns assists you in living a more abundant, healthy, and passionate life. 

Ultimately, you receive a sense of empowerment for who you are and the gifts you have to share.



What People Have To Say About Anna

“One of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. I didn’t know anything like this was possible”

Deb. Riverside CA

I feel like my DNA changed after working with you.

Helen, Martha’s Vineyard, MN

I simply cannot express the gratitude I have for including me in your brilliant seminar. I had no idea how beneficial it would be. You are truly a blessing.

Rita S., Sherman Oaks CA

“The work that you teach comes with so much integrity. It can be a little scary to do work like this if you’re unsure of it. The way you present it is so clear, there’s no doubt that the information you’re getting is from source.”

Keri H., Tom’s River NJ

“This is truly priceless information.” –

Maggie B., Phoenix AZ

About Anna Fransesca Celestino

Anna Francesca Celestino is a certified Life Coach and established Intuitive. She’s been facilitating personal growth work and reading the Akashic Records for over 20 years. She had her first Akashic Reading 20 years ago and knew immediately she had to learn how to do it. Since then, she’s read for hundreds of people to help them discover their purpose and break free of the past. Anna is the author of IGNITING CHANGE and founder of The Shift System: A 90-Day Group Coaching Program for Transformational Change.

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