With Usui Reiki Master & Intuitive Empath
Vandana Atara

Enjoy a Quantum Conversation with Vandana


As a Usui Reiki Master & Intuitive Empath, I’ve offered hundreds of holistic healing treatments to caregivers & their children, elders & animals they are chosen to care for.

But did you know that the pets or animals that live with us are psychic too? They’re highly sensitive empaths too and can see, hear & feel not only our pain but can sense when you forget to ask for help.

Because our special bond with animals has existed for thousands of year dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt, I created a series of healing transmissions to help you use the power in your own healing hands to clear their animal chakras, heal your soul contracts from alternate timelines & channel the divine energy from beyond this Universe with Animal Reiki.

But until we are in an open, centered & state of peaceful presence, we can accept the gifts & blessings that they give us & allow our animal spirit guardians to align our 7 chakras with their strength, courage, wisdom & non egoic consciousness. By connecting with the divine enlightened animal kingdom, it becomes easier to embody our animal instincts & re-connect to the intelligence of plants, minerals, crystals & benevolent animal allies to help us unlock chakra blocks and teach us how to create more ease, flow & new earth abundance.

Package A Includes:

Animal Reiki for Empaths & Their Pets

  • Includes 10 Chakra Cleansing Activations To Discover Your Power Animal Chakra Guide & Learn How To Embody Their Intuitive gifts, strengths & natural instincts

Total Value: $433
Special Offer: Now Only $133

Package A: Animal Reiki for Empaths & Their Pets


2 Payment Option Available

Includes 10 Chakra Cleansing Activations To Discover Your Power Animal Chakra Guide & Learn How To Embody Their Intuitive gifts, strengths & natural instincts.

This Power Animal Chakra Cleanse bundle Helps You:

  • Align Your 7 Chakras With 7 Enlightened Animal Spirit Chakra Protectors
  • Feel What It’s Like To Embody The Powers Of Your Animal Chakra Guardian
  • Open Your Anahata Heart Chakras Eyes With Eagle & Condor Energy Medicine
  • See The World Through Your 3rd Eye Chakras Totem Owls Night Time Vision
  • Walk Freely, Fearlessly With Mother Jaguar To Empower & Protect You
  • Shed Your Skin All At Once Like Your Root Chakra Serpent Spirit Ally
  • Drink The Nectar Of Joy, Beauty & Harmony With Hummingbird Flying By Your Side

I Invite You To Attune To Your 7 Chakras Animal Guardians On 7 Soul Empowering Journeys Who Will Become Your Greatest Teachers, Protectors, Messengers & Mirrors & Help You Discover What’s Truly Unique About You.

Enjoy This Chakra Medicine Cleanse Program So You Can Remember How To Walk In Beauty & Re-Connect With The Magic, Miracles & Medicine Of The Divine Animal Kingdom

Each Animal Guided Guided Chakra Cleanse Program Includes 15 HOURS Of Lifetime Access To Watch Anytime On Demand Including At Home Energy Processes, Practices & PDF Transcripts.


As A Special Bonus, I’ve Included A Chakra Cleanse Program To Bond With & Heal The Relationship With Your Pet

As an empath & pet parent, you know how precious & sacred our relationships are with our highly sensitive & telepathic pets but sometimes forget that what we say, the way we say it & even the tone of our voice can affect the health & well-being of our empathic pets especially if we’re not feeling our best.

If you’re a natural born Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive Or Reiki Practitioner, you can treat your pets animal chakras safely, gently & holistically as a compliment to traditional veterinarian care but offering treatments to animals requires total presence, patience & telepathic non-verbal communication.

This is why I’ve created a simple way to learn an at home step by step healing system to re-set your dog or cats nervous system so they don’t take on, pull in and absorb your pain, stress & exhaustion into their chakras, meridians & nervous system.

This mini-course teaches you everything you need to know to offer your pets at home energy healing treatments to help you make direct eye contact, communicate with their higher self, observe their body language to detect hidden stress & even re-write soul contracts to improve your relationship so your pet feels loved, seen & supported.

In this Chakra Healing For Pets & Humans Program, your pet will receive divine healing intervention from the 3 Animal Archangels, the 3 Patron Saints & loving protection from their animal ancestors & the enlightened animal kingdom on earth & from their canine or feline home planets.

This Pets & Empaths Healing Program Offers You Practical Tools & Techniques To:

  • Treat The Root Of Your Pets Pain & Trauma
  • Heal You & Your Pets Past Life Soul Contracts
  • Help Your Pet Recover From Stress Or Illness With Your Own Healing Hands
  • Know Where & How To Touch Your Pets Major & Minor Bud & Brachial Chakras
  • Send Distant Healing To Your Spirit Cats, Dogs Or Other Pets In Spirit
  • Know Which Acupuncture Point To Teach In Case Of Emergency
  • Trust Your Intuition Always Know If Your Pet Is Happy & Healthy
  • Help Your Pet Heal & Recover Faster From Accidents, Injuries Or Surgeries

Each Healing Recording Allows You To Heal Lifetimes Of Grief, Loss & Trauma Stored In Your Pets Chakra Energy Centers Without Doubting Or Second Guessing Your Natural Healing Abilities.

Whether your beloved dog or cat is struggling with depression, loneliness or symptoms of the natural aging process, this Pets & Empaths program shows you how to treat the root of their pain or stress gently, safely & naturally.

If you or your beloved pet is struggling with a physical, behavioral or emotional trauma, this first of its kind Pets & Empaths Program can help you to

  • Uncover the root of emotional pet trauma that created a physical illness
  • Attune your pets chakras to divine animal kingdom blessings
  • Cleanse, clear & release toxic energy imprints in their chakra nervous system
  • Seal rips, tears & holes in your pets auric field for psychic protection
  • Request guidance from your pets angels, ancestors & patron saints
  • Relieve symptoms of compassion fatigue to prevent caregiver burnout
  • Send distant healing to your pets higher self on earth & in heaven

When Your Soul & The Soul Of Your Pet Say YES, You Will Experience

Enjoy 3 Bonus Chakra Clearing Video Programs Totaling 441 minutes & Including 17 printable pdf transcripts you can practice to help you heal your relationship with your beloved pet!

Package B Includes:

Everything In Package A & A Remote Reiki Healing Session For You & Your Pet

Total Value: $628
Special Offer: Now Only $228 – A $400 Savings!

Package B: Everything In Package A & A Remote Reiki Healing Session For You & Your Pet


2 Payment Option Available

When you purchase package B, you will receive everything from Package A + a 30-minute Animal Reiki Healing Session to heal your pet’s chakra health, energy field & totally balance their mind/body well-being.

You & your pet will receive divine healing intervention in the form of ancient Reiki healing symbols, mantras, prayers & a channeled messages from you & your pets celestial healing teams.

Please send a photo of you & your pet with your specific questions & healing requests to painful soul contracts, bond with your pet & heal your relationship allowing in the highest healing outcome.

This Animal Reiki Empowerment Attunement will be sent to you & your pet at an agreed upon time with preparation instructions as well as case notes which may contain recommendations on how to treat your pet within 24 hours.

Most people & pets experience a subtle or powerful transformational energetic shift that promotes a sense of lightness, stress-reduction, peace, relaxation & energetic expansion in the field around you.

Your Angels, Saints & Animal Medicine Guardians will take the lead to over-light you & your pet to clear negative energies that surround you so you can experience comfort, closure & the ability to truly let go.

It is recommended to rest for 1-2 hours after the session to allow your mind, heart and body to process & integrate healing shifts and bathe in the light of your evolved & enlightened divine animal helpers, healers & power protectors.

*Please note this is a remote healing session by appointment. Once your preferred day time session is scheduled, you will send your healing request for you or your pet & be assigned a power animal chakra guardian to work with you at this time*

Package C Includes:

Everything In Package A & Package B & An Animal Reiki Certification Practitioner Program!

5-Week Certification Program

Value $1123

Special Offer price $475

Package C: Everything in Package B & An Animal Reiki Certification Practitioner Program!


2 Payment Option Available

To Learn More About The Animal Reiki Training Program, Watch This Animal Reiki Intro:

ICRT Animal Reiki I & II

Animal Reiki I & II are taught together during a two-day class and includes two Animal Reiki Placements (attunements). For those who want to share Reiki with animals, this beginning training is comprehensive. Upon completion, you can offer Animal Reiki treatments to all species of animals.

The Animal Reiki energy received in this course is a unique Reiki energy given to us as a special life force energy for the animals.  The Placements given in the ICRT Animal Reiki I & II class will attune and unify the Animal Reiki symbol with each student’s existing Reiki energy and symbols and allow the practitioner to channel the Animal Reiki energy.

This course includes practitioner skills, tools, and techniques needed to share Reiki with the animals. It is a combination of lecture, discussion, and practice and is open to all Reiki lineages. The information and techniques for both levels include:

  • The history of ICRT Animal Reiki.
  • Animal Reiki defined and discussion of priorities for animals.
  • An Usui Reiki symbols refresher.
  • The Animal Reiki symbol—The Tree of Life.
  • Animal Reiki I & II Placements.
  • Animal Reiki techniques for in-person and distant sessions, including preparation exercises and healing technique meditations: Animal Reiki Grounding Exercise, Whole Body Awareness Exercise, Divine Animal Circle Healing Technique, Healing Compassion Fatigue, and Animal Grief Healing Meditation.
  • Discussion on giving Animal Reiki full sessions in person or live online, including session preparation, receiving the animal’s consent for Reiki, various Animal Reiki session environments, and developing your own Animal Reiki style.
  • Review of common healing issues for animals, including disharmony, unfulfilled purpose, loneliness, grief, confusion, illness, compassion fatigue, end of life, animals and children, and behavioral problems.
  • Distant Animal Reiki techniques for single animals or groups, candidates for distant Reiki, and how to use photos, written notes, Facetime, or live webcams for distant sessions.
  • How to give Reiki to many species of animals.
  • Balancing empathy and compassion, compassion fatigue and practitioner self-care, and end-of-life support, whether natural death or compassionate euthanasia.
  • Practice time working with animals online.
  • Review of how to create a thriving Animal Reiki practice, including in the formal or professional environments of veterinary offices, zoos or wildlife rehab facilities, animal shelters, therapy animal organizations, animal sanctuaries, and ways you might use Reiki in these settings.
  • An Animal Reiki Certificate (for Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioners)
  • An Energy Healer Practitioner Certificate (if you have not taken Reiki 1 & 2)
  • An Animal Reiki Class 1 & 2 Manual
  • While practice takes place during the class, it is expected that you will set aside additional time to practice after the class is completed. Please commit to additional time to practice Animal Reiki with animal members of your family or friends. This additional practice is necessary to completely gain the experience and confidence you need to use the Animal Reiki training.

What People Have To Say About Vandana

Aloha Vandana, I am so grateful for these meditations. They have literally been carrying me through the last month. I have listened to them probably 100 times! Blessings & Namaste

Lotus Dove

Vandana connections with everyone

This course came to me at the perfect time as I was feeling a calling to go deeper with my inner child. Vandana creates space of safety during each call. To allow you and your inner child’s feelings to be heard, felt and embraced. Vandana connections with everyone on the call to tailor the course for those that are attending. There have been many deep clearings for me during this course. I have also appreciated the learning to identify when I take certain actions or say certain things, where it is coming from my inner child or my adult self. I think it has also been an experience to learn to see your parents as their inner child, to foster the healing”

– Blessings


This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Wow, beloved Vandana! I love you & thank you for the galactic angelic abundance attunement program to heal the “not enough” programs of my inner child! I can’t even find the words to describe the grace of this re-birthing experience… I allowed myself to trust my intuition and guidance to receive healing information & deeper understanding to help me move forward into my divine alignment. I have tried to make peace countless times with my mother and ancestors but needed to journey back to the moment of my birth to experience the ultimate transformational blessings! Every part of your soul journey was potent and valuable in so many places & spaces that I had to stop and do some healing writing & journaling to shift my thoughts & emotions into the most incredibly joyful experience! I have now rebirthed my old stories to create new beginnings. My inner child deserves this and more! This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Samantha T

Reiki Gratitude

“Hi Vandana, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the truly lovely course-thank you! I really enjoyed it, and learned new and interesting things and very useful things that I hadn’t learned in my previous reiki course.

I’m really grateful for your inner earth star activations programs as well. They have been absolutely amazing & really fantastic! I have really enjoyed participating in them and they have really helped me in every way. I’m feeling much more aligned and happy as a result.”

With Gratitude


Vandana’s Voice & Presence Are So Calming!

Thank you for the accelerated light distance healing session! I could feel that the energy started to flow at least 20 minutes before the time we set up for our session and it is still flowing and working on me! It is a very powerful energy that is helping to move heavy/dense energy from my body.

I´ve always loved your loving, smoothing, nurturing & powerful energy! My being feels embraced by love just listening to your voice… it is so calming. I have many of your audios/activations since you started channeling the amazing Rich healing energies years ago… I keep “RICHING” all the time for powerful clearings!

Maria M., Spain

It’s bringing me back to life

Dear Vandana, I wasn’t sure if I qualified to join your latest Priestess Program but the night before I enrolled, I had a vivid dream of being in a temple and Isis, Thoth and Hathor were ministering to me. I was lying flat on a temple surface in the dream & I felt like I was being brought back to life, and this is what I feel the Priestess Program is doing for me. It’s bringing me back to life and helping me remember who I am as a divine being, I feel this program is an opportunity to heal and tap into a new way of being and expression. Thank you, Vandana for creating a healing and nurturing space where ascension is facilitated. I love the Divine Beings being invited to help us be an expression of our highest self. There’s much love, hope & heart opening! Thank you!


About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana was gifted her dharma name by Mother Amma – an awakened self-realized master teacher who embodies the spirit of Divine Mother. Since receiving her first darshan blessing in 2007, Amma’s Healing Hug has served to awaken & accelerate the opening & deepening of her intuitive gifts as a telepathic empath, angelic starseed & energy healer teacher.

She’s a divine channel, Usui Reiki Master, Inner Child Mentor, Buddhist Practitioner & Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator whose greatest joy is supporting energy sensitive creative empaths to speak their truth, own their gifts & discover their unique soul purpose.

Vandana is most known for her soothing voice, compassionate presence & loving kindness she embodies when she holds a safe & sacred space for her clients & students.

Her healing workshops & channeled transmissions include ancestral medicine, reparenting the inner child, how to channel & trust your intuition & soul loss recovery with the tools of mindfulness, visualization & divine feminine energy medicine.

Vandana channels the energy of galactic doctors, spirit surgeons & star shamans as well as earth-based power animals, nature spirits & earth angels with etheric surgery, laser light surgery & integrative journeys to help others get unstuck, experience dramatic healing shifts & profound transformation.

She became a Reiki Master Teacher In 2007 at the Edgar Cayce Institute & Holds Multiple Certifications In Various Healing Modalities until she created her own in 2012 & named it Accelerated Light Healing.

Vandana has been a Nichiren Buddhist Practitioner since 2006 & attends the Rock Blossom Sangha based on the teachings of the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn since 2021.

Every healing program is available LIVE, remotely or on zoom recorded replays in the Accelerated Light Healing Library to provide deep relaxation, embodied peace, mind/body balance & inner resilience.

“Smile Breathe And Go Slowly”
Thitch Nhat Hahn

Package A: Animal Reiki for Empaths & Their Pets


2 Payment Option Available

Package B: Everything In Package A & A Remote Reiki Healing Session For You & Your Pet


2 Payment Option Available

Package C: Everything In Package B & An Animal Reiki Certification Practitioner Program!


2 Payment Option Available