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Greetings Beloved Child Of The Universe,

On Today’s Ancestral Inner Child Soul Retrieval Journey, I Am Honored To Introduce You To Your Most Precious, Loveable & Vulnerable 5-Year-Old Hidden Child To Re-Bond, Re-Birth & Re-Parent Her In The Heart, Home & Womb Of Your Safe Adult Body.

I Will Facilitate A Somatic Energy Process To Reconnect With Your Original Joy, Creative Spark & Intuitive Intelligence So You Can See Through The Cosmic Lens Of Your Original Childhood Innocence & Finally Be Able To Trust Yourselves, Each Other & The Entire Universe.

This Inner Child Soul Retrieval Journey Allows You To Honor, Awaken & Embrace Your Childhood Feelings, Attune To The Wisdom Contained In Every Cell Of Your Whole Body & Merge With Your Magical Multidimensional Child By Experiencing How To Sense Her Presence, Feel Her Energy, Hold Her Hand & Give Her Permission To Play In The Most Compassionate, Kind, Respectful & Consistently Loving Way.

All You Have To Do To Experience This Sacred Long-Awaited Reunion Is To Sit With, Breathe With & Trust You Are Capable & Worthy Of Caring For, Nurturing, Protecting & Providing A Safe Shelter For Your Inner Child To Rest, Digest, Integrate & Return Home Again.

Special Offer: Ancestral Inner Child Soul Retrieval Program

Greetings Golden Galactic Creatrix,

Thank you for taking the time to bond with, nurture & re-parent the unmet needs of your sensitive & vulnerable, empathic & angelic inner child.

I’m honored to share the most recent light encoded transmissions to resolve unresolved inner child wounds and re-parent your inner child with loving kindness mindfulness, nurturing compassion and the energy medicine of deep listening.

In This Package, you will receive 9 two-hour angelic intervention transmissions to mend mother wounds, re-birth your magical child & retrieve the lost soul pieces of your divine essence, innocence & playfulness so you can transform inner suffering to joy, peace & self-confidence.

Package A Includes:

Ancestral Inner Child Soul Retrieval Program

  • Includes 9 two-hour Angelic Intervention Transmissions To Journey With Me & Retrieve The Gifts, Wisdom & Innocence Of Your Inner Child.
    **Please Note This Is Not A Structured Course But A Series Of Mp3 Journeys To Watch & Listen To In No Particular Order To Regulate & Re-Set Your Inner Childs Nervous System.

Total Value: $333
Special Offer: Now Only $97

Package A


2 Payment Option Available

This Inner Child Empowerment Program Is Ideal For You If You Suffered From:

  • Early Childhood Loss, Trauma Or Abandonment
  • Physical/ Emotional Abuse, Neglect Or Household Dysfunction
  • The Stress Of Early Loss Due To Parental Death, Divorce Or Separation
  • Harmful Recurring Events In The Hands Of A Narcissistic Or Unavailable Caregiver
  • Family Violence, Bullying Or Parental Mental Illness-Substance Abuse

Re-Parenting Your Inner Child Allows You To:

  • Embody Emotionally Intelligence & Healthy Boundaries
  • Become More Resilient, Self-Reliant & Discerning
  • Feel Safe, Supported & Worthy In The Present Moment
  • Be Less Triggered By Stressful & Difficult Unresolved Feelings
  • Suffer Less, Reconcile & Bond Again With Your Inner Child

It is my great honor to invite you, attune you & help you celebrate your divine child’s homecoming to be re-birthed & re-parented by angelic caregivers, protectors & the galactic female archangels-archeias intervention team that over-light your soul light in the 15th dimension.

This nurturing self-care program allows your “little ones” cellular memories, miasmic imprints & angel aura wings to heal & recover from early childhood fear, loss & insecure attachments with your first primary caregivers who may have unintentionally passed down generational wounds from the wounded children in your family & were left unable to provide a safe & consistently loving home for you.

If you’re little one missed out on being raised & reared by emotionally available parents, it’s never too late to mend your childhood wounds especially if you are easily triggered, over-reactive & act out in relationships by having unexpected outbursts, emotional meltdowns & “mini tantrums” that leave you feeling drained, exhausted & unappreciated.

This Inner Child Empowerment Program serves & supports you & your Disempowered Child By Re-Connecting You To Your Joyful, Magical & Playful Child That Ran Away From A Toxic Or Unsafe Home Environment.

When your inner child is ready to come out & play, you will be guided on a sacred soul reunion journey with your Galactic Angelic Ancestors to gently awaken the heart of your innocent child & reunite you with your spiritual parents, nurturing caregivers & the Six Winged Seraphim to brighten the glow of your halo, repair auric rips, broken wings & fulfill your unfulfilled childhood dreams and practice becoming emotionally resilient so you can calm, regulate & re-set your sensitive nervous system.

In this Angelic Empowerment Inner Child Attunement Journey, You Will Learn How To Invoke, Connect & Communicate With Your Cosmic Caregivers, Compassionate Counselors, Ministering Angels & Child Protector Therapists To Help You Forgive Yourself, Re-Write Victimhood Stories & Be Given Full Permission To Own Your Gifts, Speak Your Truth & Activate Your Divine Diamond, Crystalline & Multidimensional Magical Child Living Inside.

In order to help you grow, build & expand your flexible energy wings, I will be teaching you how to open, expand & clear muscular tension from the back of your heart, spine & hara line so you can move your inner child’s creative energy to retrieve your birthright to live freely, abundantly & and dissolve the habitual attachment to financial stress & worry.

If your birth family experienced karmic debt, cycles of poverty & generational vows of poverty, you can learn how to trust your gut, raise your wealth vibration & shift limiting thinking by practicing divine feminine intuitive magical alchemy to unravel limiting beliefs, clear ancestral fear & break the spell you inherited from your family that you are not enough.

You can teach your magical child how to fly again with brand new power wings to release the heaviness of fear, suppressed stress & the PTSD of hypervigilance you hold in your cells, muscles & energy field that that cause you to often feel stuck & helpless like you did as a child in the default pattern of survival mode.

If You Are Ready To Experience “Real Change” That Doesn’t Last A Day But Can Last A Lifetime & Have Experienced Early Childhood Trauma In A Home Where You Were Exposed To Emotionally Unavailable, Neglectful, Or Narcissistic Parents Who Weren’t Able To Hear You, See You Or Consistently Provide For You, Please Join Me To Practice How To Stop Running From Difficult Feelings & Run Towards, Embrace & Welcome All Suppressed & Unexpressed Feelings & Invite Her Back Home Again.

To Ensure Your Inner Child Doesn’t Feel Alone Or On Her Own, You Will Be Able To Spend Quality Time With Your Ancestral Angelic Guardian Who Oversees The Wounded Parts Of Your Inner Child & The Souls Of Your Ancestors Wounded Children To Clear & Teach Your Child How To Handle, Honor & Take Care Of Unresolved Difficult Feelings From Childhood.

When Your Inner Child Allows You The Honor Of Re-Parenting Her, You Will Be Able To Get Better Reacquainted With Her So Can Regain Her Trust & Know She’s Always Safe & Supported.

To Guide You Through This Tender Process, This Course Includes These Daily Energy Processes To Reconcile With Your Inner Child:

  • Mirror Eye Gazing To See Through The Lens Of Your Lost Innocence & Little Childs Bright Eyes
  • Ho’Opono Pono Self-Forgiveness To Release Shame, People Pleasing & Misunderstandings
  • Writing A Letter From Your Inner Childs Perspective & Writing Back As Her New Adult Parent
  • Touching The Hearts Of Your Ancestors Wounded Children To Empower Your Bloodline
  • Self-Care Processes & Exercises To Calm, Regulate & Re-Set Your Childs Nervous System
  • cycles of mother-child generational wounding, you heal the wombs of your maternal ancestors that birthed you who still live through you so you can become your soul lineage liberator, retrieve missing power pieces from the women in your family & set everyone free from disempowering vows that weakened your family tree.
  • This Inner Child Empowerment Programs Contains Angelic Prescriptions To Help Your Emotional Wounds Heal Faster So You Can Recover From Stress, Abuse & Mistreatment That You Experienced In The Womb, During The Birth Process & Experiences Your Body Still Remembers During Your First 1,000 Days In This Lifetime.

This Course Empowers, Inspires & Prepares You To Learn How To:

  • Re-Parent your adult child’s emotional bodies to heal your karmic mother-child contract
  • No longer repeat toxic family patterns you’ve inherited from your mothers’ genes & DNA
  • Transmute lifetimes of shame, doubt, and guilt you carry in your womb chakra
  • Raise your self-esteem & people pleasing co-dependent relationships with other women
  • Connect with the ancient guardian empowered grandmother to heal ancestral soul trauma
  • Speak your truth, strengthen your boundaries & heal the root of self-sabotaging behavior
  • Heal earth birth trauma to feel loved, wanted & supported by your souls’ ancestral mothers

This brand-new program is meant for you if your adult inner child is still suffering, struggling & energetically suffocating from the umbilical cord of your first human caregiver attachment that only you can heal to empower your life, evolve your soul & re-birth your kundalini creativity as a cosmic christed child of heaven & earth.

In Class #1:
You will be able to play with, breathe with & boost your inner child’s self-esteem, confidence, resilience, resourcefulness & your inner child’s emotional intelligence to always trust your intuition, knows how to create healthy relationships, can easily express your galactic gifts & can heal your growing pains from your earliest most fragile childhood years with the Female Archangel & Archeia Lady Faith.
Playtime: 2h 50min / 5 PDF Documents

In Class #2:
You will be cleansed, healed & purified of toxic burdens as you are fanned with & smudged with the feminine fluttering wings of the Archeia Of Purity to sweep away miasmic auric debris, clear childhood fears & smudge away toxic parental corded attachments & burdens you carry from past lives, in utero & from the birth trauma process so you can re-birth your divine child, write her a love letter & re-parent her safely & maturely as her newly assigned safe & loving spiritual caregiver.
Playtime: 2h 40min / 9 PDF Documents

In Class #3:
Give your 5-Year-Old Child A Safety Net filled with Grounding Reiki Energy & The Pleidean Angelic Golden La Ho Chi Pleidean Frequency To Help You Manage Heavy Feelings & Melt Away Pain & Stress With The Female Archangel Of Charity who wraps her wings around you & teaches you how to re-awaken your heart wings to forgive yourself & others unconditionally.
Playtime: 2h 34min / 12 PDF Documents

In Class #4:
You will experience womb trauma re-patterning angelic intervention journey with your soul angel to release & clear your birth Mother’s fears, doubts & worries around financial struggle, parental responsibility & lack of support she experienced while carrying you that you still carry in your cells, muscles & adult child psyche. This includes a lack of nutrients, physical space & not enough oxygen filling your lungs.
Playtime: 2h 40min / 7 PDF Documents

In Class #5:
Enjoy a re-birthing womb chakra attunement with the angels of surgery to help you clear the memory of a difficult labor, fear of not making it & lack of immediate bonding if born prematurely, forced out with forceps, or through birth complications that you’re still unconsciously re-creating that make you feel disconnected, separated & unworthy of receiving.
Playtime: 2h 40min / 8 PDF Documents

Class #6:
In this inner child soul retrieval journey, childhood conditioning, toxic programming & unhealthy parental boundaries will be cleansed, cleared & purified by the guardian angels of children, their parents & the karmic soul of your ancestral family to restore peace, harmony & well-being & to re-write loyalty & poverty ancestral vows to manifest abundance and heal your relationships.
Playtime: 2h 41min / 10 PDF Documents

Class #7:
This Mother-Child Soul Re-Union Transports You To The Birth Canal Of Shekhina/Sophia/Mary The Mother Of Creation To Awaken Your Mouth Of The Goddess Chakra So You Can Remember How To Speak Light Language, Practice Priestess Magical Alchemy & Unravel Your Kundalini Creativity To Empower Your Female Ancestors.
Here you can open, access & re-write your ancestral maternal contracts with the Angels Of Soul Recovery to re-pattern dysfunctional soul patterns from your angelic starseeds ancestors to heal the feminine frequency of your biological mother’s emotional nervous system.

This Re-Beginning Journey Allows You To Release Toxic Corded Soul Imprints You Absorbed In The 9 Months Of Growing In Your Mothers Uterus So You Can See Each Other’s Human Imperfections Through The Eyes Of Loving Kindness, Higher Understanding & Compassion.
Playtime: 2h 18 min / 5 PDF Documents

Class #8:
In This Inner Child Re-Birthing Transmission, You Will Receive Heart Holding, Wing Building & Womb Massaging In The Womb Of Cosmic Mother To Make Peace With, Forgive & Reconcile With Your Birth, Adoptive, Foster, Or The Parent That Raised You.

Here you will experience an Angelic Soul Retrieval with the Angels Of Surgery that specialize in blessing & blowing the pain away in your wombs power center for you & your wounded ancestors to create an open & welcome space to honor their return through your halo, heart & hara lifeline so you can rest, digest & integrate your missing soul wisdom with the divine feminine medicine of grace, mercy & forgiveness.

This Second Journey Allows You & Your Mother To Experience A Nurturing Re-Birthing Process With The Divine Dispensations From Your Angelic Intervention Teams that Over-Light Your Soul Bodies In Past Lives, Parallel Universes & Your Original Soul Template From Your Home Planet.

In The Safety Of Your Mother’s Womb, You Will Be Fed With Nourishing Honey Amrita, Liquid Light & Mothers Milk To Calm Your Brain, Heart, Spine & Growing Nervous System While Your Mothers Fears Are Wrapped In The Salve Of The Seraphim & Returned To The Womb Wings Of The Angelic Mothers Who Conceived The Realms Of Divine Creation.
Playtime: 2h 17 min / 6 PDF Documents

Class #9:
In this mother-child intervention reunion, you will be able to make peace with your birth mother to restore your self-esteem, confidence & ability to love & accept the parts of you that you’ve disowned, suppressed & became shadows.
With the divine intervention of your angelic healing team, your etheric umbilical cord will be cleansed, her imprinted fears will be cleared & your soul light energy will be gathered, re-collected & integrated in your power scepter crystal as your soul pieces return on the wings of your soul angels.
Playtime: 2h 46 min / 10 PDF Documents

Bonus: Just Breathe mp3

Relax…Rewind…Recharge & Allow Your Day To Fall Away! Receive the soothing sounds of sound healer David Chandler and Vandana’s comforting vocal tones and accelerated light transmissions and healing activations as your entire system slows down, loosens, and releases stress & anxiety to help you realign your brain, heart, chakras, & nervous system back to its original divine perfection.

In this collaboration with master sound healer David Chandler, you’ll experience the perfect rhythmic and harmonic blend of musical instruments that accompany Vandana’s soothing voice to experience a cosmic dance with your higher self, guides, guardians, angels & the accelerated akashic councils of light.

Package B Includes:

Ancestral Inner Child Soul Retrieval Program

  • 30-minute Divine Intervention Session
  • Plus Package A

Total Value: $523
Special Offer: Now Only $197

Package B


2 Payment Option Available

When you purchase package B, you will receive everything from Package A as well as a 30-minute divine intervention session with your inner child’s guardian angels assigned to your soul in every dimension, timeline, and incarnation.

In this session, Vandana will invoke your angelic soul, speak to its consciousness, identify its needs and offer you clarity on how to repair the after-effects of early stress, loss & complex PTSD to give you relief so you can suffer less and enjoy the gift of each and every breath.

This angelic attunement helps you to unravel, release & clear childhood fear while embracing, honoring & taking care of your little one’s difficult feelings so you can experience peace, joy & a deeper understanding that the root of the trauma didn’t start with you.

Your chakras will be aligned with your inner divine and ancestral karmic wounds passed onto you from the wounded children in your bloodline will then be mended with Galactic Angelic Cosmic Light Reiki.

It is recommended to rest for 1-2 hours after the session to allow your mind, heart, and body to process & integrate healing shifts and bathe in the light of your guardian angelic light family.

You will receive a follow up-check in email within 24 hours with additional angelic prescription recommendations to help you re-bond, re-parent & re-birth your inner child in the safe home of your divine light body.

**Your 30-minute inner child session will be performed remotely at an agreed upon date & time.

Package C Includes:

Ancestral Inner Child Soul Retrieval Empowerment Journey

  • This package includes a 6 Week Recorded Inner Child Soul Retrieval Downloadable Video Journey Which Includes PDF Transcripts To Follow Along With To Help You ReParent & Care For Your Inner Child With Courage & Confidence.
  • Plus Package A & B
  • PLUS Live Call with Vandana Sept 22:
    9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET /5pm GMT

Value $927

Special Offer price $297

Package C


2 Payment Option Available

In this six-week online soul empowerment program, you will learn how to channel, connect & communicate with the playful, joyful & youthful aspects of you that were left behind in this timeline or in other lifetimes to feel whole, well & safe again.

If you’ve experienced early childhood loss, stress & developed insecure attachments to your first caregivers who raised you, it’s not your fault, there is no shame & it didn’t start with you but was passed onto you at the moment of conception, in the womb, the birth process and in the first 1,000 days that you carry in the cells of your whole body even today.

Because you grew up in a confusing or chaotic home environment, you were so open & trusting, that you absorbed everything!

The good news is that with a solid, strong & consistent mindfulness practice you can grow new neural networks to calm, soothe, embrace and hold your childhood fear, despair, and loneliness so she can suffer less and feel safe in the house of your heart and the home of your nurturing and protective soul body.

Each Module Contains The Energy Medicine Of Loving Kindness & Compassion To Heal From:

  • Early Loss, Divorce Or Abandonment
  • Accidents, Injuries Or Physical Trauma
  • Emotional Neglect, Abuse Or Mistreatment
  • Being Silenced, Suppressed Or Overly Controlled
  • Death Of A Parent, Pet, Caregiver Or Family Member
  • Being Left Alone, Unprotected Or Put In Harms Way 

Participating LIVE Or Healing At Home On Each Weeks Replay Helps You To:

  • Take Care Of Your Needs, Feelings & Emotions As Your #1 Healing Priority
  • Retrieve Your Ancestral Gifts, Vitality, Creativity & Magical Child Energy
  • See Through Inner Childs Innocent Eyes To Trust, Care For & Nurture Your Feelings
  • Set Healthy Boundaries To Heal Toxic Relationships & The Dis-Ease To People Please 
  • Feel Safe To Express Your Gifts, Be Of Service & Feel Welcomed By Your Soul Family
  • Identify Ancient Fight/Flight Programs & Where They Live In Your Childs Stressed Body
  • Learn How To Breathe, Sit & Walk Mindfully With Your Well & Wise Ancestral Guardian

You Deserve To Reconcile With Your Inner Child To Free The Earth & Star Wounded Children Who Came Before You To Transform Lifetimes Of Burdens Into New Earth Blessings For You, Your Descendants, The Unborn Children & All Your Relations.

This Ancestral Inner Child Soul Retrieval Program Teaches You Energy Practices, Processes & Easy To Learn Exercises To Help You Become Aware Of When & Where Your Inner Child Froze, Shutdown & Become Numb So You Can Clear The Pain & Shame Still Inhabiting The Six Deepest Levels & Layers Of Your Inner Child Body. 

Deep, lasting & profound transformation can only take place in a higher dimension so I invite you to join me in the Temple Of Soul Integration to receive the blessings and release the burdens to inherited suffering in this divine intervention inner child empowerment session. 

Experience The Childhood You Never Had In This Incarnation To Clear The Air, Bless The Lives Of Your Born & Unborn Descendants, Heal The Soul Of Your Ancestral People That Birthed You & Learn How To Consciously & Compassionately Re-Parent The Bodies, Minds & Feelings Of Your Beloved Little One. 

This Ancestral Homecoming Re-Union Is An Opportunity To See Your Genetic & Spiritual Ancestors, Learn Their Childhood Histories, Understand Their Upbringing, Connect The Dots Of Secrets & Untold Stories & Listen Well To The Long-Awaited Voices Of Your Light-Filled Elevated Forgotten Ancestors That Are Always Available To Back, Bless & Support You & The Ones That Come After You. 

I Invite You To Heal Your Family Soul To Finally Get To Know Your Invisible Roots Through The Eyes & Ears Of Your 5 Year Old Childs Trust, Openness & Innocence. 


In This Introductory Journey, You Will Be Able To Identify The Root Of Where You Hold Trauma In The Physical Layers Of Your Body & Integrate Your Soul Fragments To Feel Well & Whole. Bring A Pen, Journal, Candle & Drum To Open Your Inner Eyes, Meet Your Ancestral Elder Healer Protector, Kuan Yin, The Bodhisattva (Awakened Being) That Over-Lights Your Family & A 3rd Eye-Opening Wing Chakra Attunement To See The Childhoods And Younger Selves Of Your Parents, Grandparents & Great-Grandparents With Archangel Haniel. You Will Receive An Ancestral Bowl Of Light Child Empowerment Attunement To Fill With Blessings & Empty Your Burdens Daily As A Gift Of To Honor & Acknowledge The Lives Of Your Ancestors.


In This Journey, You Will Be Able To Heal Trapped Trauma Imprinted In The Energetic Layers Of Your Body To Enhance Your Vitality & Restore The Flow Of Your Creative Life Force Energy. This Is An Opportunity To Receive Etheric Light Acupuncture Surgery From Your Galactic Ancestors On Your Home Planet Who Gently Run Clean & Clear Energies Through Your Bodies To Flush Out Passed On Inherited Debris That Lives In Your Cells, Chakras, Muscles & Limbic System Memories. 

This Transmission Fills You With Red Reiki Life Force Energy, Clarity & Creativity To Gently Disentangle You From Ancestral Cords, Karmic Knots & The Unhealed Wounded Imprints From Your Recent Troubled Ancestors You Still Carry In Your Chromosomes, Genomes & Emotional Pain Bodies.


On This Inner Child Soul Retrieval Journey, You Will Be Able To Unpack Stressful Thoughts, Unravel Ancestral Cords & Unravel Looping Belief Systems Held In The Mental Layers & The Mammalian Brain Of Your Frozen Fearful Child. In Your Ancestral Guardians Safety Net, You Will Be invited To Participate in A Family Forgiveness Ritual To Release Family Loyalty Vows, Parent-Child Contractual Obligations, Retrieve Lost Power Pieces & Transform Suffering Into Loving Kindness, Compassion, & A Higher Understanding. This Ancestral Medicine Repair Ritual Mends Childhood Wounds Of Intergenerational Loss, Abandonment & Childhood Disempowerment.


On This Inner Child Soul Retrieval Journey, You Will Be Able To Identify Trauma Packets Re-Creating Suffering From Your Inner Childs Emotional Layers You Still Carry In Your Child Body To Heal Difficult Feelings & Painful Emotions That You Had To Suppress & Keep A Secret. We Will Meet On The Safe Ground Of Your Ancestral Land To Heal Your People Of Family Rifts, Break-Ups, Conflicts, Abandonment & Misunderstandings To Allow Your Ancestors To Come Together Again & Reunite With Peaceful Hearts & Open Minds. You Will Be Able To Feel The Loving Hands Of Your 6 Forebears Backing & Blessing You To Continue Creating What They Never Had A Chance To Do To Heal The Suppressed Feminine & Disempowered Masculine Energies That Live In Your Cellular Memories. You Will Be Able To Teach Them The Forgiveness Ritual Of Ho’Opono Pono To Heal The “Sleepers” & Receive The Healing Medicine Of Your Wise & Well Family “Wakers” To Re-Awaken Your Genetically Inherited Wisdom.


In This Inner Child Soul Retrieval Journey, You Will Be Able To Release, Let Go & Full Out Generations Of Toxins Accumulated In The Mind, Heart & Soul Of Your Inner Childs Awareness Bodies To Release Ancestral Patterns Of Triggers, Tension, Over-Reactivity & Fear Based Programs To Manifest Your Childhood Dreams, Desires & Visions. In This Transmission, You Will Call Back Your Pure Untainted Heart Energy To Live More Consciously, Creatively & Mindfully By Listening To Your Healing Breath, Feeling The Touch Of Your Spiritual Parents, Trusting Your Intuition, Awakening Your 3rd Eye Visions & Returning Home To Your Childhood Teachers, Totems, Mentors & Aumakua Ancestors Who Carry Indigenous, Angelic, Galactic & Inner Earth Medicine. On This Journey, You Can Reconnect With Your Spiritual Lineage That Holds Your Ancient Knowledge, Akashic Records, Soul Contracts & Cosmic Gifts To Celebrate Your Soul Identity & Magical Abilities From Lifetimes Of Study, Learning & Initiations As A High Priest Or Priestess So You Can Manifest Your Highest Spiritual Purpose.


On This Inner Child Soul Retrieval Journey, You Will Be Able To Release Childhood Trauma Packet Imprints Buried Deep Inside Your Brain, Bodies, Vagus & Digestive Systems To Mend Soul Fragmentation That Created The Ancestral Pattern Of Disconnection & Disassociation So You Can Recover Your Integrated Soul Essence. This Sacred Soul Session Activates Your Childs Inner Bliss Bodies To Help You Rest, Digest, Process, Integrate & Reclaim Your Right To Happiness. In This Ancestral Realm, You Will Meet Your Long Forgotten Ancestral Elders & Gather In The Temple Of Integration To Heal All Familial Misunderstandings. In This Homecoming Reunion & Ancestral Celebration, Your Wise & Well Genetic, Galactic & Spiritual Ancestors Gather Together To Elevate Your Ancestral Soul Vibration. Your Ancestral Home Is Your Soul Refuge That You Can Always Return To Receive Nourishment, Comfort & Respite To Fulfill Your Role As The Ancestral Tender Of Your Family.

This 18 Hour Interactive Program Includes Six 3 Hour LIVE Webinar Sessions With Accelerated Light Shamanic Journeys, Guided Imagery, Creative Visualizations, Vibrational Sound Healing & Mindfulness Breathing Exercises To Re-Parent Your Inner Child & Heal The Ancestral Wounds Of The Children In Your Family.

This Soul Retrieval Programs Allows You To Raise, Repair & Re-Parent Your Inner Child In A Safe, Supportive Spiritual Community That Feels Like Your Extended Soul Family!

I Look Forward To Playing With You & Your Inner Child!

What People Have To Say About Vandana

Aloha Vandana, I am so grateful for these meditations. They have literally been carrying me through the last month. I have listened to them probably 100 times! Blessings & Namaste

Lotus Dove

Vandana connections with everyone

This course came to me at the perfect time as I was feeling a calling to go deeper with my inner child. Vandana creates space of safety during each call. To allow you and your inner child’s feelings to be heard, felt and embraced. Vandana connections with everyone on the call to tailor the course for those that are attending. There have been many deep clearings for me during this course. I have also appreciated the learning to identify when I take certain actions or say certain things, where it is coming from my inner child or my adult self. I think it has also been an experience to learn to see your parents as their inner child, to foster the healing”

– Blessings


This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Wow, beloved Vandana! I love you & thank you for the galactic angelic abundance attunement program to heal the “not enough” programs of my inner child! I can’t even find the words to describe the grace of this re-birthing experience… I allowed myself to trust my intuition and guidance to receive healing information & deeper understanding to help me move forward into my divine alignment. I have tried to make peace countless times with my mother and ancestors but needed to journey back to the moment of my birth to experience the ultimate transformational blessings! Every part of your soul journey was potent and valuable in so many places & spaces that I had to stop and do some healing writing & journaling to shift my thoughts & emotions into the most incredibly joyful experience! I have now rebirthed my old stories to create new beginnings. My inner child deserves this and more! This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Samantha T

Reiki Gratitude

“Hi Vandana, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for the truly lovely course-thank you! I really enjoyed it, and learned new and interesting things and very useful things that I hadn’t learned in my previous reiki course.

I’m really grateful for your inner earth star activations programs as well. They have been absolutely amazing & really fantastic! I have really enjoyed participating in them and they have really helped me in every way. I’m feeling much more aligned and happy as a result.”

With Gratitude


Vandana’s Voice & Presence Are So Calming!

Thank you for the accelerated light distance healing session! I could feel that the energy started to flow at least 20 minutes before the time we set up for our session and it is still flowing and working on me! It is a very powerful energy that is helping to move heavy/dense energy from my body.

I´ve always loved your loving, smoothing, nurturing & powerful energy! My being feels embraced by love just listening to your voice… it is so calming. I have many of your audios/activations since you started channeling the amazing Rich healing energies years ago… I keep “RICHING” all the time for powerful clearings!

Maria M., Spain

It’s bringing me back to life

Dear Vandana, I wasn’t sure if I qualified to join your latest Priestess Program but the night before I enrolled, I had a vivid dream of being in a temple and Isis, Thoth and Hathor were ministering to me. I was lying flat on a temple surface in the dream & I felt like I was being brought back to life, and this is what I feel the Priestess Program is doing for me. It’s bringing me back to life and helping me remember who I am as a divine being, I feel this program is an opportunity to heal and tap into a new way of being and expression. Thank you, Vandana for creating a healing and nurturing space where ascension is facilitated. I love the Divine Beings being invited to help us be an expression of our highest self. There’s much love, hope & heart opening! Thank you!


Package A


2 Payment Option Available

Package B


2 Payment Option Available

Package C


2 Payment Option Available

About Vandana Atara Aura

Vandana was gifted her dharma name by Mother Amma – an awakened self-realized master teacher who embodies the spirit of Divine Mother. Since receiving her first darshan blessing in 2007, Amma’s Healing Hug has served to awaken & accelerate the opening & deepening of her intuitive gifts as a telepathic empath, angelic starseed & energy healer teacher.

She’s a divine channel, Usui Reiki Master, Inner Child Mentor, Buddhist Practitioner & Shamanic Soul Retrieval Facilitator whose greatest joy is supporting energy sensitive creative empaths to speak their truth, own their gifts & discover their unique soul purpose.

Vandana is most known for her soothing voice, compassionate presence & loving kindness she embodies when she holds a safe & sacred space for her clients & students.

Her healing workshops & channeled transmissions include ancestral medicine, reparenting the inner child, how to channel & trust your intuition & soul loss recovery with the tools of mindfulness, visualization & divine feminine energy medicine.

Vandana channels the energy of galactic doctors, spirit surgeons & star shamans as well as earth-based power animals, nature spirits & earth angels with etheric surgery, laser light surgery & integrative journeys to help others get unstuck, experience dramatic healing shifts & profound transformation.

She became a Reiki Master Teacher In 2007 at the Edgar Cayce Institute & Holds Multiple Certifications In Various Healing Modalities until she created her own in 2012 & named it Accelerated Light Healing.

Vandana has been a Nichiren Buddhist Practitioner since 2006 & attends the Rock Blossom Sangha based on the teachings of the venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn since 2021.

Every healing program is available LIVE, remotely or on zoom recorded replays in the Accelerated Light Healing Library to provide deep relaxation, embodied peace, mind/body balance & inner resilience.

“Smile Breathe And Go Slowly”
Thitch Nhat Hahn