with Internationally Acclaimed Musician

Paul Temple

Watch This Introductory Course

Enjoy this introduction to the Throatsinging, Mantras and Vedic Chants from Paul Temple, who offers information on an upcoming Hallow’s Eve Ancestral Clearing Session.



About Paul Temple

RadianceMatrix is internationally-acclaimed musician Paul Temple who creates mystical transmissions of peace and beauty with Tibetan bowls, flutes, and mantras. His set of tuned and amplified bowls, along with hypnotic Tibetan throat singing, create harmonious sonic architectures, said to be the ultimate sound-healing concert experience. He has toured across North America, bringing his sound artistry to New York, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Santa Fe, Denver, and Los Angeles amongst other cities. His album, RADIANCE MIXES, with Deva Premal reached number five on iTunes World Music chart and was on Soul Traveler Radio’s TOP 20 albums of the year.