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With  Energy Guide,
Alissa Jane

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Foundation for Alchemical Union – Sacred Relationship – Path of Love

– Sacred Sexuality & Sex Magic
– Developing the Relationship with Self & Partner more Fully
– Divine Alignment for Perfect Partnership
– Calling in New Relationship
– Heart, High Heart & Sacral Womb Activations
– Heart Breath & Ancient Egyptian Fire Breath
– Ascension & Healing
– Manifestation
– Sacred Pleasure Tool Support – Crystal Egg & Wand Practice

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Mastery Empowerment Course :  3-Part Series

Mastery Empowerment Course: Foundation for Alchemical Union


Downloadable Replay Now Available

Foundation for Alchemical Union – Mystery School Series = 3 Live Classes with Lauren & Alissa Jane:

  • 3 Live Class Sessions >>> 2-Hours each.
  • Live + Replays Available.
  • Integration time between Class Sessions – for Transformation & Timeline Jumping.
  • Notes, Diagrams & Full Support along the way.
  • Open for Everyone + Couples.

Foundation for Alchemical Union

Sacred Sexuality & Relationship is the Path of Empowerment & Ascension.  Becoming God & Goddess – Christ Consciousness.  It is through Sacred Relationship with Self, that each one finds Wholeness.  From this place, Perfect Partnership & Divine Union with Self & Another will Flourish.  Relationship with all of Life & the Divine will Flourish.

With Ancient Energy Skills & Techniques, learn to Activate Your Life-Force, Cultivate, Harness & Direct it:

  • Activating Your Energy Body more Fully
  • Becoming more Magnetic
  • Able to Manifest, Create & Receive Your Dream Life, with Greater Ease!

Learn to utilize Sexual Pleasure, Alchemically Awaken Your Light Body & Activate the Path of Ascension.  Heal trauma & dense programing with Pleasure, Bliss & Love.  Learn how to bring in Sacred Practice of Crystal Eggs & Wands for Healing Support, Clearing, Activating & Pleasure.

Be held in an Energetic Container throughout the weeks of your Journey.  Work with the Angels & Guides to Support your Pleasure Empowerment Path ~ Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Archangel Faith, Mother Isis & many Other Enlightened Ones will Partner with You on Your Path.

  • Develop Your Relationship with Your Goddess / God Within
  • Experience Shakti ~ Kundalini Awakening
  • Cultivate Your Balance, Vibrancy, Confidence & Radiant Energy Flow
  • Expand & Cultivate Your Heart-Space & Sacral
  • Love Yourself More
  • Love Your Partner More
  • Love Life More
  • Receive Greater Ease of Abundance, Health, Spirit-Connection, Joy, Inspiration, Pleasure, Bliss & more…

Enjoy this Mastery Empowerment Course

Mastery Empowerment Course :  Power of Pleasure

The Quantum Psychics of Sex Magic & Alchemy

Mastery Empowerment Course: Power of Pleasure


Downloadable Replay Now Available

POWER of PLEASURE = 1 Live Class with Lauren & Alissa Jane:

  • 1 Live Class Session = 2-Hours.
  • Live + Replays Available.
  • Diagrams, Support & Questions Answered.
  • Open for Everyone + Couples.

– Sex Magic & Sacred Relationship
– Pleasure Empowerment
– Alchemy & the Quantum Realm
– Balance Your Goddess / God / Child Within
– Heart Portal = Heart Technologies
– Sacral Womb Activation
– Energy Tools & Breath Techniques
– Light Body Awakening & Ascension
– Manifestation & Healing

Explore the beautiful path of Sex Magic, Alchemy & Sacred Relationship – the Path of Empowerment & Ascension – the Path of Self-Love. Lighting the way to Experience Christ Consciousness; as the Balance of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine & the Divine Child within. From this center of Harmony, each one will:
– Receive & Create with Greater Ease.
– Advance their Spiritual Gifts & Intuition.
– Alchemicalize Density & Illusion into High Vibrations.

Learn how to utilize Sexual Pleasure & Bliss – for Spiritual Ascension & Light Body Awakening. Use Sexual Ecstasy as a substance for the Alchemical Relationship within. Activate your Life-Force Energy. Harness the Power of Bliss for Manifestation & Conscious Creation. Partner with the Divine in all of Life & Cultivate Sacred Relationships.

During Pleasure Experiences, the Divine Technologies of the body Awaken. Pleasure & Bliss are High Vibrational Frequencies that support the Light Body Journey. Pleasure & Orgasm are open doorways to each ones Divine Presence.

With Sexual Pleasure, the Quantum Experience, Magnetics, Electronics & Sacred Substances within the body become Amplified. These can be Directed & Utilized. Life-Force Energy / Kundalini / Sekhem – Magnifies with Sexual Flow & Ecstasy.

As the Light Body Awakens, each one becomes more Magnetic. Conscious Manifestation happens with Greater Ease. Peace, Empowerment & Joy will flow. The natural state of Harmony – Activates.

The Divine Feminine Magnetics of Receiving, the Divine Masculine Electronics of Giving & the Divine Child Illumination of Appreciation find Balance. Here is where one will experience great Pleasure!

In this Mastery Empowerment Course:
• Learn how to Utilize the Body’s Divine Light / Love Technologies for Spiritual Ascension.
• Understand the Quantum Realm & Alchemy taking place during Sexual Pleasure.
• Sexuality as Spirituality.
• Activate your Life-Force Energy.
• Experience a Guided Temple Journey & Energetic Activation with the Enlightened Ones.
• Be Supported on Your Path of Success!

  • Utilize Sexual Pleasure for the Path of Spiritual Ascension
  • Use Alchemical Tools to Activate the Light Body
  • Harness the Power of Bliss for Manifestation & Conscious Creation

What People Have To Say About Alissa Jane

MasterFull Work~ my husband and I just finished our 3 weeks program with Mystic Goddess Alissa and I Highly Recommend her work~ She not only has Embodied what she teaches as a conduit of light to the Masters within that join the flow of the energetic activations but being in her energy with her in collaboration with, is not short of Miracles and Magic, but IS what we call Magic and Miracles~ Extraordinary on all levels~ a million stars

Caroline Songstress, Canada
Wow! All this is mind blowing in an out of this world way… Thank you for helping me see through the illusions of reality to the sacred spaces of the Divine. It’s so fantastic to be learning new ways of seeing and being.”
Missy, Maryland
Alissa has a strong intuition on what another person needs to accomplish positive change in their life. Being an empath, she knows how to deliver info in a kind and respectful manner. You know she cares about what she does and how it helps you. She welcomes feedback and will adjust her recommendations to fit your personality and your life.
Tree, Connecticut
This is one of the most special items you will ever buy from one the most exceptional sellers you will ever encounter. The whole transaction has been a gift.
Hilary, Virginia

About Alissa Jane

Alissa Jane is an Energy Guide, supporting the path of Ascension, Empowerment, Transformation & Conscious Creation. She is passionate about helping each one to Align with their Unique Soul Mission & Blueprint – Cultivating Energy Skills, Developing Intuitive Gifts & Quantum Leaps. Her Living Light team is full of Angels, Ascended Masters, Mothers & Enlightened Ones. As she tunes to the Higher Guidance Systems’ of Each Individual, Alissa creates a foundation & space for Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success to FLOW!

  • Beauty Specialist, Natural Care & Certified Reiki Master.
  • Passion Activator, Sacred Relationship & Alchemy.
  • Designer, Creator & Stylist for Body, Home & Spirit.

“My Soul Mission ~ is to Support & Activate beings on their path of Self-Empowerment, Magnificence & Creation – through Self Awakening. I am Passionate about feeling Great & having Awesome Experiences – Join me…”

Mastery Empowerment Course: Foundation for Alchemical Union


Mastery Empowerment Course: Power of Pleasure

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