A Mastery Empowerment Course
With Practiced Teacher, Storyteller, and Humble Radiant of the Divine
Peter Panagore, MDiv.

Aiming at The Oneness

Enjoy this Quantum Conversation with Peter Panagore


2. 5 hours in Audio & Video Download

Join Peter Panagore in a 2.5-Hour Course: Aiming at Oneness.

Breath. Focus. Intent. Listening. Opens a quietude of peace to carry every day. Practice carves oneself open, wider and wider, breath by breath making a cistern of the soul with a spigot to water the ground around you. Aim at the Oneness. Aim (without imagination) at chakras, turn them wide open. Thin your veil. Make yourself available.

‘Die little deaths before you die and you will never die.’ After forty years of silent and private practice, Peter Panagore has begun to teach his contemplative tools of tested practice. “I began selfishly,” he says, “out of desperation following my first Near-Death Experience. I was lost in the world and wanted Heaven. I hunted and found tools to help reconnect me. I refined my tools through decades of practice. They delivered as they promised with increased divine connection, a flow of peace, subtle energy of chi, or prana, or whatever name you wish to use, and so much more.”

Peter is a practiced teacher, storyteller, and humble radiant of the Divine. Learn 2 Meditation Practices and how to access your Chakras as portals to your Divine Essence.

Peter Panagore died while ice climbing in Banff Provincial Park in 1980. His consciousness was carried to Heaven by an intelligent and powerful being, where he encountered, Union with Love Itself, Healing, Wholeness, and Oneness. Peter choose to return to life to ease the pain of his parents who already had lost a daughter, his sister. He was radically changed by the experience which reoriented his life by driving him to study mysticism at Yale, and into forty years of centering prayer meditation practice and Kriya style yoga, and a life of service to others. Peter brings his wisdom to a worldwide audience in a variety of forums. He teaches centering prayer meditation, and runs Not Church Sundays (No dogma, no doctrine, just mysticism) on his YouTube Channel, and runs a global counseling service for mystics and seekers.

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About Peter Panagore

Audible Best-Selling Author of ‘Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just The Beginning’, entrepreneur and ordained pastor, Rev. Peter Baldwin Panagore, MDiv, broadcast for fifteen years for a daily two-minute spot on two NBC TV stations with Daily Devotions TV just before the morning’s weather. Storytelling, communicator, public speaker, pastor, and storyteller, Peter reached a grand total of four hundred fifty million morning views and listens on TV, FM, and AM across Maine and New Hampshire, and around the nation.

Peter graduated from Yale University where he completed his MDiv with a focus on the practices and writing of western mysticism.

A two-time Near-Death Experiencer, Peter, first died in 1980 of hypothermia while ice climbing in Banff Provincial Park in Canada, and then again of a heart attack in 2015, just as Hampton Roads, HarperCollins Canada, Guidepost’s, Jaffa Kiado, Audible, Brilliance Audio, Kindle, Audible, and Nook, released ‘Heaven Is Beautiful’ globally. In 2020, Heaven Is Beautiful was optioned as a feature film.

Peter Panagore’s Maine Best Seller, ‘Two Minutes for God: Quick Fixes for the Spirit’ published with Simon & Schuster is a daily inspirational with stories drawn from among the seventeen hundred he wrote and broadcast each day. Peter’s at work on his third book with the working title, Modern Mysticism and You.

Peter’s been interviewed on Fox and Friends, Coast to Coast AM, Canada’s Drew Marshall Show, and recently by Buddha at the Gaspump. He wrote his blogs on Huffington Post’s Blogspot for a decade, and published one hundred and fifty sermons in Homiletics, and has practiced kundalini yoga, and heartful mediation for forty years. He ran First Radio Parish Church of America for fifteen years with a charitable in-kind broadcast budget of one million dollars a year’s given by two commercial TV stations.

For fun, Peter stilt walks in parades.

What People Have To Say About Peter

Peter Panagore is a genius with one foot squarely in the temporal and the other beautifully in the spiritual. 

Carmichael Productions

Peter has such a spiritual depth to his heart; excellent, thought-provoking speaker. 

Jeannette Beaulieau, AB

Reverend Peter Panagore is an inspirational story teller that speaks to all of us! 

Atomic Studios

Peter is one of those people that can lift the weight of the world off your shoulders, best chair lift riding partner ever

Sumquest Group

Peter is a beloved mentor, inspiration, and friend. His Heart-centered Wisdom knows no bounds, yet he remains a humble mystic in service to the Highest Good. All those that cross his path are blessed by his innate Light. Moreover, his “Not Church” Live streams are thought-provoking, authentic, and highly engaging. I am profoundly grateful for this truly luminous Soul. 

Brooke Groove Healing

Special Offer: Aiming at The Oneness

  • 2 Payment Plan Available