Mastery Empowerment Course
With Founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network
Anrita Melchizedek

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Join Anrita in this wonderful masterclass in which we are offered the opportunity to receive six multidimensional Light Body activations and to align to the Inner Christ, through the Overlighting of our Beloved I Am Presence and the Illumined Beings of Light from On High.

Option 1: -Activation of Our Six Multidimensional Light Bodies and Integration of the Inner Christ (90 minutes) $33 with MP3

We will travel in Soul Consciousness through the Overlighting of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High and the Christed ET’s to inner plane Ashrams of Light, receiving keycodes and sacred geometries to activate our Light Bodies at each of the various dimensions of Light. As we travel to the Ashrams of Light in the Sun and Solar Core, the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, the Kingdoms of Light in Orion and from here, into a portal of Light in Alpha Omega into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, we will merge with our multidimensional Selves at each of these dimensions as we further receive powerful invocations, affirmations and Light frequency codes to fully activate our multidimensional Light Bodies.

These six multidimensional Light Bodies are our:

  • Copper-Gold multidimensional Light Body
  • Silver multidimensional Light Body
  • Silver-Gold multidimensional Light Body
  • Golden-White multidimensional Light Body
  • Platinum multidimensional Light Body
  • Diamond multidimensional Light Body

From here, we journey into the Crystalline City of Light in the etheric of Venus, and then into the Cosmic Christ Ashram in Shamballa, as we actualize our inner Christ, our universe.

As we connect into the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, the collective Christed Light of every man, woman and child on this earth plane choosing to experience this Golden Age of Light, we experience this next wave of awakening through our Inner Christ. Merging and integrating deepening levels of our Multidimensional Selves and Beloved I Am Presence in this global renaissance of Divine Love, we accelerate into New Earth and One Unity Consciousness as the I Am Avatar race. And so it is and so it shall be.

Replay available with and without background music. No transcribe.

Option 2: Get Cosmic Heart Activation 2nd Masterclass Transmission for Home Study for $11 When Purchased with Option 1:(90 minutes – in  MP3 )

Join Anrita in the wonderful Masterclass “Cosmic Heart Activation” as we go Multidimensional.

The essence of this Masterclass is coming within our hearts and remaining within our hearts. This opens seven multidimensional chambers of Light, the seven Petals of Light within our hearts as we deepen into the New Earth Templates.

Being in human form, and choosing to incarnate onto a plane of polarity, means that we constantly seek balance, and guided by our Beloved I Am Presence and the many legions of Light from On High, this dance becomes much more graceful, as we understand our lessons, karmic patterns and pre-birth agreements. We have all experienced our own challenges, heartache, pain, betrayal and with this, victim and persecutor consciousness. Our old patterns are to close down the heart, to protect ourselves as we move into Self-preservation, to protect ourselves from further heartache, betrayal or pain. These lessons have served us well, as they take us into humility, and it is humility, that our work really commences ~ when we choose to no longer deny our Soul wounds when we choose the Pathway of Divine Love, the Pathway of the Heart. This is when we experience our authentic Selves and accept ourselves at where we are, while recognizing, remembering and experiencing our magnificence as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. When we acknowledge that we have closed our hearts at different times, we can then consciously choose Love ~ and what occurs in the activation, is that we merge with our multidimensional Selves through these beautiful seven petals of Light within our hearts.

This further activates the Golden Heart, the heart and thymus as we deeper and integrate our connection to these higher aspects of ourselves and actualizes the Golden Crystalline Solar Sun Disc of Light within our hearts. In essence, through this Cosmic Heart Activation, when we experience the polarities on this earth plane, we will more quickly move through these feelings as we keep our heart open, taking us deeper into the Pathway of Divine Love and the New Earth Templates of Light.

As the I AM Avatar race, we are offered the opportunity to experience a deepening sense of our multidimensional Selves through activating seven multidimensional Chambers of Light within our loving hearts.

These seven multidimensional Chambers of Light activated connect us to:

  • Our Lemurian/Atlantean/ancient Egyptian Self
  • Our Fairy/Devic Self
  • Our Christed ET Self
  • Our Mermaid/Merman/Dolphin/Whale Self
  • Our Human Angel Self
  • Our Dream Self and
  • Our Higher Self/Beloved I Am Presence

As we become more multidimensional, we are taken ever deeper into our service work and the knowing that we are here as co-creators to the Company of Heaven, in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.


Benefits include:

  • The ability to experience and anchor higher frequencies of Divine Love

  • Expansion of the energy field and hologram in the creation of our Light Bodies

  • Being able to view Life through our Master Eyes

  • Changes in our perceptions and realities

  • A deeper connection with all our multidimensional Selves

  • Expansion of our ESP gifts

  • Connecting with others in Divine Love and Unity Consciousness

Option 3: Purchase Anrita’s Special Offer and receive these two Masterclasses as part of your package.


These Mystery School teachings, offered as twelve beautiful transmissions, each 90-120 minutes in length, take you ever deeper into the remembrance of yourselves as Initiates of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

As timeless teachings, they are presented in the form of invocations, affirmations and guided visualizations with energetically encoded frequencies, Overlighted by the Order of Melchizedek as well as many of the Illumined Beings of Light from On High such as the Archangels, Mighty Elohim and Christed Extra-terrestrials.

Each Mp3 download comes with and without background music, and in some cases, transcribes are further provided.

Option 1: Activation of Our Six Multidimensional Light Bodies and Integration of the Inner Christ


Option 2: Cosmic Heart Activation plus Option 1


Option 3: Included in Anrita's Special Offer On


What People Have To Say About Anrita

Hello Anrita

In joyous celebration of your glory and greatness I write to thank you for sharing your light with the universe. Your home on the web is one of ecstatic inspiration as you are an impressive individual whose life and work touch the purest depths of one’s soul. I found everything to be illuminating and insightful. You have my respect and admiration. By giving of yourself in such an uplifting way you benefit yourself and others. Know that you are a transformational force. Thank you for blessing the universe with the beauty of your true self. I wish you a journey of awakening that serves the highest good.


Namaste Anrita,

This initiation was astoundingly beautiful and impactful! I feel so honored to arrive at this sacred place, to come full circle, after such a long journey of invaluable life lessons and soul work. The love flowing in my heart for me, you, and others is palpable. Thank you so much for all your courage and dedication, you are so uplifting and inspiring!

Love and blessings,


Hi Anrita-

Your work has made such a huge difference on my journey over the past year. I don’t think I’ve cried as much with anyone else’s work — deep tears of revelations, releasing of layers that carry much for humanity well beyond any particular lifetimes, remembrances of Who and What I truly Am… way way way beyond words. Goodness, though there are times, like now, where it just all seems so beyond tiring I just want to be done, somehow I feel it IS the homestretch. Your Presence is one of the things that has helped me keep going! So Grateful for that.

Infinite Blessings,


About Anrita Melchizedek

Anrita Melchizedek is founder of The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network, an ascension network of Light offering numerous programs of Light in the form of ebooks, Mp3’s, CD’s and audio DVD’s, as well as vibrational energy products. In her personal capacity, Anrita is an author, channel, star ambassador and workshop facilitator. She further has the gift of healing, and focuses this energy through the ascension workshops and lectures that she facilitates primarily on a global level. Anrita is a master teacher and also offers many training programs via tele/webinar as well as individual consultations, including DNA activations, Light Body/Merkaba activations, Soul purpose activations and channeled readings by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek. Anrita’s teaching style is uplifting and inspirational, and above all, offers keys to Self Mastery

Option 1: Activation of Our Six Multidimensional Light Bodies and Integration of the Inner Christ


Option 2: Cosmic Heart Activation plus Option 1


Option 3: Included in Anrita's Special Offer On