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Acoustic levitation is a technology with deep historical roots yet blossoms in the present and yields promising applications for our future scientific paradigm. When explored through sacred geometry and quantum physics, we discover the ancient civilizations were superior in their knowledge of harmonics within a unified field. When we expand our consciousness to explore acoustic levitation without separation from all aspects on the electromagnetic spectrum and rather sound as the primordial initiator, we step into a dimension where the unthinkable is possible. Sound is the gateway to understanding the geometry needed to interact with the forces that bind us in this gravitational field as well as levitate us, unlocking potential to heal our planet as well as ourselves.

About Jackie Stoutenburg

I am originally from Southern California but currently living in Santa Fe, NM. I have been training Dressage horses professionally for 20 years. It has been a lifelong love of mine and I’m grateful to have such profound relationships with these incredible animals. Parallel to that part of my life is a passion for music, art and science. I am a self taught musician, painter and science nerd always in search for answers to my endless list of questions about life. I recently completed the Globe Institute Certificate Program and plan to apply what I learned there towards my future goal of opening an interactive museum that combines art, music and science that allows people to have a transformational experience of healing and higher levels of consciousness.

For nearly 30 years Suzanne has worked with the International Reclaiming Community, co-creating public ritual for healing and social justice. She offers yearlong trainings in Sacred Leadership, is part of the nationwide faculty for YogaWorks Teacher Trainings and is excitedly training facilitators in her signature Voice of Change work. She has released 5 solo albums and numerous DVD soundtracks.

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