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Elizabeth April

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Shifting to New Earth with the Choice of Highest Vibrations

Enjoy this empowering, inspiring discussion that details the current energies of 2022, and how we can shift from 3D, past 4D, and into 5D in what Elizabeth and her guides are calling The Ultimate Test. From a vibrational level, we move into New Earth creations, by staying in Zero Point Neutrality with objective awareness.

Elizabeth shares on conspiracy theories and how they keep us in a 4th-dimensional vibration of us against them, and ways we can overcome our reactions & triggers with objective awareness and reprogramming. She also shares on the collapse of the Old Matrix between the years 2020 and 2024.

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About Elizabeth April

Elizabeth April is a 28-year-old who was born with extrasensory abilities. At a young age, she was able to see ghosts and spirits and read energies from other people. Since childhood, she has developed these abilities into a wide array of skills, from clairvoyance, past life regression to precognition. Based on a wide variety of experiences, EA is most excited about exploring the topics of Spiritual Awakening, Cosmic Disclosure, and Quantum Physics.