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Penney Peirce

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Making the Best of 2022: What’s Important Now

Though it may seem like the world is falling apart, we are actually living in a very special time of global transformation—moving from the Information Age to the Intuition Age—and right now we’re experiencing the early signs of this sweeping change.

In the past, transformation was experienced by individuals who isolated themselves from society—in monasteries, cloisters, and caves or as specially chosen souls in villages, like shamans and healers. They focused on their connection to the spiritual world with great diligence and discipline. Today, though, the experience is available to anyone willing to practice some key principles.

It may help to see transformation not as a sudden occurrence but as the natural continuation of a process that’s been steadily progressing on earth for ages. It is not something that will affect everyone at once on a certain date; people will awaken at their own pace over a period of years. Nevertheless, life is ever-evolving and constantly transforming, and we are reaching an important crescendo. The pressure is on!

When you penetrate into the evolution and transformation of life on earth, you see that the pattern for its unfolding develops first in the nonphysical realms of energy-and-consciousness, creating an inner blueprint, which then precipitates into a physical process. This is the way all events and forms take shape. As the frequency of the inner energy-and-consciousness blueprint increases, reality materializes faster and functions according to more refined, elegant principles. The unseen and the seen always parallel each other. As evolution and transformation streamline, you and your life go through frequency-matching jumps or revisions. Letter-writing shifts to phone calls to Post-it notes and emails to texting with abbreviations to video chatting.

As above, so below. Everything is accelerating.

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About Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is a respected clairvoyant empath, visionary, author, and popular lecturer and trainer. For many years, she has taught and counseled thousands of people internationally, in all walks of life. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, specializing in expanded perception, inner energy dynamics, dreamwork, and transformation. She helps leaders, professionals, artists, and those on a spiritual path discover the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success. Penney is the author of ten books, including Transparency, Leap of Perception, Frequency, and The Intuitive Way. She lives in Florida.