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Epic Steps: Rekindling Democracy, Unity, and Peace

Author Gates McKibbin is clairaudient, adept at thought transfer. Epic Steps is the eighth book she has published containing messages from the spirit world, and it could not be more relevant or timely. Here three former presidents – Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Dwight Eisenhower – sound an alarm derived from their shared concern for the vitality and viability of democracy and the future of planet Earth.

The presidents’ musings are precisely what we in this weary, disheartened, and divided nation need. And we need it now. Wise voices must prevail if our democracy is to survive. The presidents acknowledge their own errors and shortcomings, remind us of our beginnings and Constitutional mandates and call us to our deepest potential and highest good. Their insights are as courageous as they are compelling.

Discover how each of us, individually and collectively, can rekindle the generous spirit of self-government throughout our communities, our nation, and our precious planet Earth.

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About Gates McKibbin, Ph.D.

Gates McKibbin, Ph.D., spent three decades consulting with business leaders facing major change while she was also experiencing a transformative shift in her own life. One morning while Gates was journaling she began writing messages that clearly did not represent her own thoughts. As these experiences continued, she developed the ability to quiet her mind and effortlessly serve as a scribe for spirit. The result? Seven volumes of divinely inspired wisdom and guidance in her LifeLines Library series. Her book Forging Faith followed, featuring insights about democracy sent down by Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Dwight Eisenhower. Gates is currently unveiling four reincarnation-based novels in her Love Hope Give series. Lots going on, all of it being shared with pure joy!