About Yukia Azorah Sandara

Yukia Azorah Sandara is an Ascension Multidimensional empowerment mentor who has dedicated her life for the past 35 years to assist humanity in this great planetary shift. She is a harmonic sound catalyst, a Guardian, Grid keeper, and Gatekeeper working with the Planetary Soul of the Planet globally, and the evolution of consciousness, a Divine voice alchemist, a Light language master coder, and a Visionary Light code artist.

She assists humanity with her combined skillset and tools in awakening, expanding, and amplifying higher states of consciousness, catalysing their own Remembrance and knowingness, connecting to their family of Light, to their highest ascended versions of themselves, their Truth, gifts, skillsets, path, Essence and own Light, integrating/embodying their multidimensionality into an earthed, grounded Human experience within the Unified Quantum Field, that she calls “The radiance of the Eagle.” In this place of full harmonic Resonance, there is Communion, Unity, and a coherent Heart pulse – a beautiful wave of Love – unique to the Human collective expression in our Planet. Learn more about Yukia Azorah Sandara at yukiasandara.com

Yukia Sandara Events and Classes