About Sabrina Di Nitto

With her inner senses, Sabrina moves into the cosmic realms between form and formlessness. To guide you to Self-Realization and Light Mastery, Here, where the soul has its origin, she sculpts and weaves with the essences and filaments of worlds beyond thought and form.

She embodies twenty-five years of experience in ascension work, enlightenment, soul embodiment, alchemy, healing, spiritual psychology, and awakened soul codes. Her experience spans cosmology, metaphysics, quantumphysics, ancient Urantia, and Cosmic mysteries.

Sabrina works as a Light Master and Cosmic Midwife for Cosmic consciousness. She practices Divine Human embodiment, Soul Alignment to the resonance of Oneness, the Divine Heart and Divine Light indwelling.

Sabrina Di Nitto and her new paradigm Mystery School The Divine Heart offer programs for the Sacred Architecture of your original soul codes, for Light building of your Cosmic Light vessel, and Cosmic Midwifing ever evolving cosmic consciousness, developing her and your physical and etheric structures for soul embodiment, the Divine Human, and Self-Realization, the I AM.

It is her soul mission to share these with you on your path to becoming a Self-Realized Light Master.

Sabrina Di Nitto Events and Classes

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