About Richard Whitehurst

Educator, Futurist, Ericksonian psychotherapist, clinical hypnotist, meditation teacher, published author, and international speaker – Richard has been involved in transformation and helping others to expand awareness since 1970. He has over 30 years of clinical experience in utilizing therapeutic trance states, core states, future visioning and heart-centering orientations to heal trauma, foster emotional intelligence, gain freedom from emotional pain, find meaning and purpose, commune with the spiritual Core-Self, and catalyze deep generative changes in tens of thousands of clients from around the world.

A powerful transpersonal-synchronistic awakening in 1970 established him within an immersive 5-decade experiential odyssey into higher consciousness. His life has been guided by an ongoing display of variegated and mind-boggling synchronicities that, along with processes to help others catalyze their own synchro-mystical occurrences, make up a significant portion of his latest upcoming book on the topic.

Richard has founded The Overview Institute of Australia  along with its sister organization Planetary Human wherein he and an impressive array of colleagues from around the world are working to direct attention and marshal the collective will and heart to further accelerate humanity’s entrance into new paradigms of personal and planetary awareness, regeneration and thriving.

Richard has appeared in various media and has lectured extensively in colleges, universities, workshops, and conferences in America, England, Europe, India, and Australia.

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