About Peter Panagore

Two-time near-death experiencer, Unitive State of Being Experiencer, and Kundalini Awakened Experiencer, with multiple Out of Body Experiences, Peter Panagore, MDiv, is an International Audible Best-Selling author, and public speaker with a thousand of public speaking events, before gaining tens of millions of views annually on his own daily inspirational broadcast TV, FM, AM, on NBC in Maine. Peter has appeared on dozens of popular national and international broadcasts and podcasts worldwide, including Fox and Friends, Coast to Coast AM, The Drew Marshall Show, on YouTube on Shaman Oaks, and Buddha at The Gas Pump. Peter was the Keynote Speaker at the Annual International Association for Near-Death Studies Conference 2020. He is currently starring on Amazon Prime, and on YouTube, in the documentary, Life to Afterlife 2: Death and Back. Heaven is Beautiful has been optioned for a film. After forty years of private Centering Prayer and Kriya Yoga practice and a Yale degree focused in the Classics, Western Mysticism Peter is ready to teach self-negation and illumination.

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