About Mahalia Michael

Mahalia Michael founded the Academy of Brain Bliss based on her ongoing journey of self healing in which she came to understand that the root of all dysfunction in her life stemmed from unresolved trauma. In her continuing recovery from multiple brain injuries and PTSD, she experienced an awakening with whale and dolphin frequencies that helped her to switch on her voice, and enabled her to express the modality she uses to help others – a quantum cymatic light and sound technology.

Through Mahalia’s transmissions, her client’s innate intelligence switches on and with that, the heavy layers of pain and confusion are uncovered to reveal what is always at our core – clarity and the light of love and peace.

Mahalia proposes that the two fundamental requirements for anyone to benefit as she has, is an unwavering commitment to surrender all previously held belief systems, and to dive with playful abandon into the process she humbly presents as Brain Bliss.

Mahalia Michael Events and Classes

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