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Lowell Johnson

I can’t remember ever having the need to draft a bio that wasn’t career or professionally centered before. Looking back as a Hospitality professional, I had always been willing to assume leadership roles that were industry and/or community related in every area of the country I lived. I have had the opportunity to present and speak publicly many times at events over the course of six decades. I was busy chasing things, earning recognition and rewards – like most others are conditioned to do by society, family, etc. But … I always yearned to know more about spirituality from the time I was young. My wake up call came in the form of a TIA (mini stroke) in late 2015, and since then has led me down many rabbit holes seeking truth. I have a personal passion for nature, travel and others. After 67 trips around the sun – I have a clear perspective of who I am, what I’m doing here and the truth of the 3rd dimensional world.

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