About Jeilene Tracy

Jeilene Tracey channels light-infused sound and energy to heal, soothe, and balance the emotional, mental, and physical body at all levels. She developed and practices the modality Vibrational Genetics, with guidance from the Mantis Collective and drawing on her training in molecular biology, Reiki, BodyTalk, ThetaHealing, and Shamanism. Combining the guidance of her Mantis guide, Maree with aspects of each of these methods, Jeilene offers a uniquely grounded metaphysical healing experience that is transformative and effective, empowering you to create changes in your life for lasting health and vitality. Jeilene offers private healing sessions, webinars, courses, retreats, meditations, recorded tones, herbs, and a vibrant online community through her Light Vibes Network to support your on-going health and well-being.

Jeilene Tracey Events and Classes

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