About Chara Armon

Chara Armon, Ph.D. is the founder of The School for Humans and Earth. She is a thought leader and teacher who believes we’re ready to renew Earth and heal ourselves in the process. Through the Humans & Earth podcast, e-courses, and mentoring, she supports people who are connecting to Earth and discerning their next-level contributions to the thriving of people and the planet. Chara has extensive experience with both her own and clients’ paths of discerning their service, and with the health issues that may be experienced by empaths, sensitives, lightworkers, and those with deep connections to nature. Clients are drawn to her empathy, intuition, and ability to see the value of their calling. She is a flower essence practitioner certified through Woman Rising, and a writer, gardener, permaculturist, wife, and mother. She holds three humanities degrees, including an Ivy League Ph.D., and brings her expertise in the history of the human-Earth relationship to her work of mentoring its regeneration.

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