About Althea Provost

Althea Provost was born with her spiritual gifts intact, a natural clairvoyant with a propensity for precognition, she knew her true home was in the stars.  Althea considers herself a soul traveler on an endless journey through consciousness; drawn in by a sense of wonder for the unknown. A perpetual student with a notepad in hand, she enjoys sharing knowledge gained from direct experience.

As an energetic teacher empowering starseeds, Althea meets you where you are and together, higher self to higher self, provides now moment guidance.  Her company, Thea’s Heart, provides global Starseed Adventures to sacred sites for initiation, activation, and to awaken next level of awareness.  Althea’s YouTube channel, InnerTV, shares conscious conversations with authors, teachers, and starseeds.

Althea Provost Events and Classes

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