About Aileta Grace

Aileta Grace is the Higher Self of Deborah Reyes, a retired attorney who is focused on Divine Law and creating awareness, peace and harmony for all humanity and Gaia. As conscious” walk in” she remembers her origins in the Orion star system, Atlantis, and the galactic heritage she shares with many. Encoded in her frequency is the knowledge that she incarnated specifically to assist in the release of war trauma from Gaia. Deborah has been channeling as Aileta Grace for several decades and she works with the spiritual guides of many to share advice on stepping into personal power and the Ascension process with new metaphysical tools and resources.

She has been an open channel from the age of 5 and speaks directly with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Beings, and Planetary logos. From her many years of experience as a “divine lawyer ” she sees into the frequencies of manifesting new earth solutions and templates that contain the codes to bring humanity into the divine graduated states of perfection and LOVE. Aileta hopes to be a bridge by presenting opportunities for people to transform and unify with their highest aspects, abilities and purpose. Deborah has served in many capacities in both public and private sectors, and in her humanitarian and consulting work overseas she shares her heart for the universal continuum of spiritual and quantum growth so we can return to the glory of heaven in all of its loving splendor. In her work with youth and families who have been traumatized by violence, abuse, or who are simply stuck in the energy of conflict , she provides mediation, restorative energy and life coaching services from a quantum perspective so that people can create their own empowered place from which to resolve matters for the highest and best outcomes outside of third density norms.

Aileta hopes to be a helper to bring into our realms of reality greater understanding of the universal spiritual “laws” that apply to the 5th Dimensional Earth to enhance our ability to grow and serve humanity in newer ways, with greater compassion, empathy, self and universal love.

Aileta Grace Events and Classes

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